Benefits of Chain Link Fencing

There are various types of fences and each one is used for different purposes: ornamental, protection, security etc.

Chain link Arvada fencing stands out when it comes to enclosing and securing areas. They are frequently used for backyards, penitentiaries, construction sites, government facilities, military bases, industrial properties etc. because they provide significant advantages.

Chain link fencing is cost-effective

Compared with other Arvada fencing options used for the same main purposes, chain link fences are significantly more affordable. This is probably because it is not the most elegant, but do not worry, it is  just as reliable!

chain link Arvada fencingSecurity

Residential, commercial or government properties that require security are typically surrounded with chain link fences – and for a good reason. They can be made as high as needed, and the woven wire mesh between the sturdy steel posts will provide adequate protection that can be even reinforced by using barbed wire.

Durability and easy maintenance

Typically made from galvanized steel, this fencing type is one of the most durable. It withstands most weather conditions, as well as moderate impact and there is no need to do much to keep it as new. If a chain link fence becomes damaged, you must simply cut and replace the area.  Additionally, installation is quite easy, compared to other fencing options.

Improving the Aesthetic Value of Your Building with a New Fence

The aesthetic appeal of a new fence is undeniable. The fence is a very visible exterior element that has the power to create a first impression; it has almost the function of an accessory, so it will largely contribute to the overall aspect of the entire property.

Regardless its type and size, a new fence from Denver Metro Fence Company can improve the aesthetic value of a building, if it is chosen wisely, to match the overall design, in terms of color and style.

Metro Fence Company IncBesides looking beautiful from the outside, a fence can add an accent to the landscaping of a property and even hide unappealing visuals. A vinyl fence can provide a contemporary look, a wooden fence complements very beautifully different rustic properties, while a metal fence can be a gorgeous ornament (if it is made from forged iron) or a great security and protection solution (if it is made from chainlink and maybe reinforced with barbed wire).

Either way, a new fence makes for a more charming and marketable home. It increases the value of a property, being considered an upgrade that most people prefer to have, therefore installing a new fence is an investment that pays off in every way.

How Much Fencing Does Your Business Need?

Before installing a new fence on your commercial property, you must make a plan that should involve confirming your property lines and making some measurements of the area you want to surround. This is very important to avoid ending up by realizing you do not have enough materials to finish the fence or, on the contrary, to buy too many of them.

Luckily, these preliminary steps are not so complicated, as long as you know what you are doing.

Confirming your property lines is a part of the fencing etiquette; if you ignore it, you may step on your neighbors’ property and enter some legal issues. Therefore, consult a land surveyor or your county’s records.

The next step is locating underground utilities and other obstructions. Installing a fence may cause damage to underground utilities, so you are required to mark them before digging for making the foundation.Westminster gate intallationMeasure the perimeter of the area you want to surround with a fence, as well as your fence panels. Divide these numbers and see how many panels you need. Mark the corner posts and then the line posts, to determine how many you are required to install (a line post is placed between two fence panels). Also take into consideration the size and type of the gate you may need as well. Westminster gate installation specialists can help you with measurements and guidelines.

Alternatively, you can use online fence calculators. You can find calculators for different fence materials and they will help you make accurate estimates.

What Commercial Buildings Need Sturdy Fences?

Arvada fence companyA fence is a necessary addition to most commercial properties; office complexes, community lots, restaurants, manufacturing facilities and various other businesses – they all need different degrees of protection and security from Arvada fence company contractors for the property itself as well as for the public, and a fence is a good solution to supplement the other security measures.

There are also commercial properties that only have decorative fences, but in most of the cases commercial building owners prefer sturdy solutions. Metal is the most popular material commercial fences are made from, because it provides many advantages for affordable prices.

Chainlink fencing

Typically made from galvanized steel, this is definitely the most popular option for commercial and industrial properties. It can be designed to have any height and gauge, and the provided protection can be reinforced by adding barbed wire above this type of fence, which will surely keep intruders away.

Wrought iron fencing

Besides offering protection and security, this type of fence also has a beautiful classic look, which provides an ornamental function as well.

Concrete Fencing

This is another type of sturdy fence that owners of commercial properties install frequently for security and privacy. Another significant advantage is the provided sound reduction.


Why Ornamental Iron Fences are so Popular

ornamental iron fence in DenverSurrounding a property with an ornamental iron fence is a modern option adopted by many people, mainly for two reasons: wrought iron is a strong and durable material that provides adequate protection, and the appearance of an elegant ornamental iron fence in Denver properties adds prestige and curb appeal.

Even if it does not offer too much intimacy, unless it has metal sheets or polycarbonate plates behind, a wrought iron fence can radically change the appearance of a property.

Here is a rundown of the pros of this type of fencing.


Wrought iron is resistant to bad weather, impact and the action of time. Along the history, it was used in famous architectural pieces that still exist today, which is a proof of its durability.


Being a tough material, a wrought iron fence can also serve for protecting your property from human and animal intrusions. It is also great for keeping your animals in.


There are so many elegant design options available, so you can let your imagination decide on the style; additional ornamental options are also limitless when you opt for a iron fence.


Finally, maintaining a wrought iron fence is not that difficult. Just make sure to keep rust away by cleaning the fence regularly and adding new layers of paint.

How a New Fence Can Modernize Your Home

A new fence is a great addition to a residential property, as it brings more security, visual impact and ultimately value.

Choosing a fence depends on each property`s characteristics as well as on owners` needs and preferences. The main reasons why people install fences around their homes is to contain dogs and children and keep them safely in.

Other reasons to install a new fence include getting better privacy by delimiting your property from the surrounding environment, adding an extra-layer of security, or simply defining your property.

modern fence designBeing a very visible exterior element, the fence has a huge visual impact and can boost the curb appeal of your home, but it may also crash it. If you want a modern exterior fence installation in Denver, have Metro Fence pros install a new fence with a modern design that matches the overall aspect of your property. The result will be better than you expected and it will surely have a positive impact.

The value of your home will increase, because people are ready to pay for the benefits of a new fence that provides them peace of mind, because this largely perceived as more valuable than the money. Just make sure, when you install the fence, that you know where your property lines are.

Are Wooden Fences Safe in the Snow?

Denver wooden fence companyWood is the oldest fencing material and yes, wood fences are safe in every season and climate, if you provide them proper and regular maintenance. Vinyl or aluminum fences are almost maintenance-free, but wood is organic and just like any organic material, it is affected by moisture and ultimately it rots and disintegrate.

Fortunately, preventing this is not difficult, especially these days, when we have all kind of modern and efficient materials and solutions for ever problem.

When you have Denver fence companies build a wooden fence, make sure to choose the right type of wood and install it properly. Also, that wood must be cleaned annually and sealed with a special paint or varnish for outdoor elements. This way, moisture issues will be prevented.

Before the arrival of the winter, always have Denver fence pros check your wooden fence for softwood and identify the causes. Softwood may be the result of invasive insects that destroy wooden elements. In this case, you may also need to spray the fence with some special substances that will help you get rid of the insects, before patching the wood and apply the sealing solutions.

Tree branches may also crack during winter storms or under the weight of the snow and cause damage to your fence, so you should trim back the largest ones.

Do Fences Need Maintenance in Winter?

In the case of fences, maintenance depends on the materials they are made from.  Regardless the season, a vinyl fence is almost maintenance-free, while for wood and metal fences you must create a maintenance routine, during every season, to be sure that they remain in good shape and nothing affects the protection they provide.

In winter, wood fences that were not cleaned from mold and mildew will start to rot. winter fence maintenanceTo prevent this, you must inspect the fence in the beginning of the season and identify the problematic areas. Have Denver fence company pros replace broken boards, clean the fence properly and apply a protective layer of paint or varnish to seal the wood and preserve the fence. Also look for rotten posts and make sure to seal the gaps that may appear between fence posts and the concrete into which they are set.

A wood fence may also get damaged by falling tree limbs that cracks under the weight of the snow, so make sure to trim back those dangerously looking branches.

As for a metal fence, it must be cleaned and painted before the winter. Any signs of rust must be removed carefully by scrubbing with a wire brush and some elbow grease. When you repaint the fence, make sure to use a rust-resistant paint, designed for exterior elements.