Tips for Replacing a Fence Post

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Replacing a fence post may seem to be difficult, especially if the initial post was held in place with concrete. However, with the right tools and the right technique, the removal process becomes simple and much easier – here is how to do it:Arvada fence company repair

  • Disconnect the post that you want to remove from any wires and other components that hold it in place or that are held by the post, such as slats and panels – first, detach the fasteners, including the nails, the screws and the bands;
  • Dig a hole around the post to gain access to its foundation;
  • Rock the post back and forth until it becomes detached from the soil surrounding it;
  • Lift the post and take it out – if your post has a concrete foundation, you might need help from 2 or 3 friends, but if it consists of just a piece of wood or metal, without any foundation, you might be able to lift it out on your own. For stubborn posts that are stuck in the ground, you can use a lifting jack as well;
  • Clean the hole before filling it – check the hole for any concrete debris and clean it before you place in the new post or before you fill it up to make sure the soil can safely and efficiently be used for planting.
  • You can always make it easier on yourself and have an Arvada fence company replace the damaged posts for you.

Best Ways To Celebrate Earth Day 2017 In Denver

Coloradans are particularly avid users and supporters of the great outdoors in one of the most outdoorsy states in the country.

When we aren’t busy being your Denver area fencing company, we like to get out into our communities and take care of them! Earth day is upon us (April 22) and this day is a great opportunity to help take care of our planet. Colorado holds such amazing beauty, even within our cities, and this beauty deserves to be maintained. There are many ways you can participate in the celebrations this weekend:

Spend the day learning how you can make saving the environment a year-long practice. At the Lakewood Earth Day celebration, there will be free demonstrations on beekeeping. seed starting and composting for the year-round environmentalist DIY project. Between seminars, enjoy youth poets from the Denver nonprofit Art from Ashes and music by various local artists. Get out and celebrate your community while learning how you can take a bigger role in protecting it.


There’s no better way to observe Earth Day than by volunteering your time and energy to the environment. On Saturday, April 22 at 8 a.m., head out to Bear Creek Lake Park in Lakewood for the Earth Day Volunteer Project. Pitch in on a handful of different projects throughout the 2,600-acre park. Registration for the event is open until April 21 and people can register as individuals or groups. This event is open to all ages so bring the kids along and teach them the importance of volunteerism.


Ideal for children ages 3-10, the 6th Annual Children’s Peace Garden Bee Earth Day Celebration is a free event at Growing Gardens’ Children’s Peace Garden in Boulder. From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., kids can learn about gardening, composting and beekeeping through a variety of activities. Breakfast and lunch will be served at the event by The Wheel & Whisk Roadside Cafe food truck. On the last remaining piece of agriculturally zoned land in Boulder, tour Growing Gardens’ organic farm during the event as well.

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