Is Gate Installation More Complicated Than Fence Installation?

If you are looking not only for a great residential or commercial fencing solution, but also for a gate to go with your fence, you might be wondering which one of the two procedures is more complicated.

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Here are some things to know:

  • Both processes will require some land work – your fence will need poles to stand on, which means that the installation of any fans requires at least a small amount of digging. Your gate will also require you to perform a little excavation, especially if the area where you are planning to install it is not perfectly level.
  • The type of your structures will determine the complexity – a residential fence company that installs gates affirms that some types of fences and gates are easier and more straight forward to install than others. For example, if you have a fence that combines two materials, such as masonry and metal or that features special design solutions, the installation process will probably be more challenging. The complexity of your gate is also a decisive factor, a simple gate consisting of just a door that opens manually is easier to install than an automatic gate equipped with lots of sensors and other features.
  • The option to take one step at a time – if the process of installing your fence along with your gate seems too daunting, you can take things easier, working on the fans first and taking the time to install the gate.


Worry-free and Stylish Iron Fencing in Westminster CO

The fence around your property can fulfill several important functions. For instance, you may need a fence in order to protect your valuables and dear ones from unwanted visitors, as well as noises. Moreover, a fence should definitely look nice.

Apart from the fact that it is one of the most solid fencing materials available on the market, iron is also very malleable. Due to this fact, it can be molded into different shapes, so you can customize it depending on your home’s architecture and style. Because wrought iron has low carbon content, it is very long-lasting.

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Installed by Westminster fencing pros, iron fencing offers safety and security. At the same time, it is very low maintenance. As it is usually powder coated at the factory, it gets a protective layer which keeps it free from rust.

This type of fencing can make your Westminster CO property appear more charming and beautiful. It can also look good around your garden. There are many beautiful craftsmanship ornaments that you can choose for your iron gate, and thus you can increase the general appeal of your living environment.

Adding curb appeal to any home is another great advantage that iron fencing usually brings. Not to mention that the value of your home will also increase due to the security level.

What Should You Do With That Old Fence?

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Perhaps you want to replace your old fence with a new one, and wonder what you should be doing with that stuff after you remove it. There are many ideas for re-using parts of your older fence.

One such idea is to build a wooden clock. Older posts which are no longer part of a fencing system can create a beautifully rustic type of clock, which can also be useful. Colorful birdhouses are yet another great idea for purposefully re-using your old fence.

A rustic coffee table is yet another great option, especially if you put wheels to it, and you add extra ornaments such as a beautiful vase.

Another great idea is to use your old fence for creating direction signs for your most preferred destinations. This can be particularly fun if you live close to the beach.

A high heel rack may be one of the easiest and most efficient ways to re-use an old fence. All you need to do is turn it to one side, so that the slats stay horizontally, and you can use it for storing high-heeled shoes. A towel bar or potting bench can be some other good ideas for re-purposing your fence.

Metro Fence – Thornton can help you tear down and haul away old fencing materials, repair, or replace your fence – whatever is needed. They provide honest and timely services.


Do You Really Need to Remove Your Trees Just So You Can Install a New Fence?

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Installing a new fence can be a difficult prospect. However, if you also have trees around your home and you’d like to keep them, most other homeowners will just tell you to forget all about it or start cutting down your trees. Fortunately, these drastic measures are not really necessary, since in most cases you can actually install a fence without cutting down all or even most of the trees. If you get it right, then your trees will be fine and you’ll have a brand new fence to enjoy.

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The first thing you need to do is determine how far your trees are from the fence and how large they are. The real danger when installing a fence around trees is not that your fence will keep them from growing or block their light (although this can be a risk with smaller trees), but that it might damage their roots. If your trees are farther away than a few feet, and they’re still not very tall, then chances are you’re safe. You can have residential fencing Denver pros erect your fence and nothing will be wrong, since the roots of the trees will simply expand and grow around the part of the fence that goes underground.

However, if the trees are close by, large and numerous, then you’ll want to be more careful. You can then either decide to put your fence elsewhere, or call your local utility experts and tree experts to help you determine where the roots are and whether or not building a fence there will truly harm them.

What Commercial Buildings Need Sturdy Fences?

Arvada fence companyA fence is a necessary addition to most commercial properties; office complexes, community lots, restaurants, manufacturing facilities and various other businesses – they all need different degrees of protection and security from Arvada fence company contractors for the property itself as well as for the public, and a fence is a good solution to supplement the other security measures.

There are also commercial properties that only have decorative fences, but in most of the cases commercial building owners prefer sturdy solutions. Metal is the most popular material commercial fences are made from, because it provides many advantages for affordable prices.

Chainlink fencing

Typically made from galvanized steel, this is definitely the most popular option for commercial and industrial properties. It can be designed to have any height and gauge, and the provided protection can be reinforced by adding barbed wire above this type of fence, which will surely keep intruders away.

Wrought iron fencing

Besides offering protection and security, this type of fence also has a beautiful classic look, which provides an ornamental function as well.

Concrete Fencing

This is another type of sturdy fence that owners of commercial properties install frequently for security and privacy. Another significant advantage is the provided sound reduction.


What is the Longevity that You Can Expect of a Chain Link Fence

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Chain link fences are among the most durable, most versatile and most flexible fencing solutions available today – they can be easily installed on flat and uneven or hilly terrain, they can endure the harshest weather, including extended, heavy rain, snow, winds and harsh sunshine and they are suitable for creating really large fences as well.
Chain link fencing is made from galvanized or specially coated steel wires woven into the characteristic diamond shape. Treated steel being among the most durable materials ever used in construction, you can expect chain link fences to last for at least 20-35 years without problems, but the lifespan of the fence can be prolonged almost infinitely with proper attention and maintenance.
Taking care of your chain link fence is quite easy – if the fence and gate have been installed correctly and the support poles are placed in sufficiently deep holes, you will not need to do any digging and repositioning during the maintenance, all you need to do is clean it regularly, and have Westminster fencing experts inspect for signs of rust and for holes and to repair or replace the damaged sections. It is also important to apply a new layer of protective coating or paint every couple of years – without it, the fence can rust, which will significantly diminish its lifetime.

Things to Know About Fence Toppers

A fence topper is a decorative component installed on the top of the fence that serves the purpose of adding elegance to an otherwise plain fence and to increase the privacy of your property by increasing the height of your fence. You can have Arvada fencing contractors install fence toppers on your existing fence or you can install your new fence with toppers – the range of styles that toppers come in is so wide that you can easily find the type that fits into your project easily.

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You can find fence toppers from any common fence material – wood and metal toppers are just as easy to find as vinyl toppers. They come in the form of panels of various sizes, so before you make the purchase, measure the fence panels accurately to be able to find the best match.
Fence toppers require the treatment recommended for the material they are made from. Maintaining the topper is easier if it is made from the same material as the rest of the fence, whether you have chosen to combine two different materials or the fence and the topper is from the same material, always start any cleaning and coating from the top to the bottom, working on the topper first and moving on to the fence body when the topper is clean.

Low Maintenance Shrubs That Work Along Your Fence

Fence line landscaping is a great way to conceal a fence structure that looks less than perfectly great, but many homeowners worry that getting rid of one problem will generate many more, such as the mess generated by the shrubs planted at the base of the fence or the uncontrollably growing branches. Fortunately, there are lots of attractive and easy to maintain shrubs that can enhance the appearance of an ornamental iron fence in Denver. Even inexperienced gardeners can use these successfully – here are some:
– Rudy Haag burning bush – this slow-growing, compact little bush is green all year, then it turns into an astonishing pink-red color in fall. The shrub loves the sun, but it does not grow high, therefore it is more suitable for low-rising fences;
– Thuja occidentalis – the most common shrub used around fences, Thuja bushes are resistant, easy to trim and to maintain and very attractive as well. They can grow to any height between 3 and 60 meters, so they are suitable for concealing fences of any size. Mature plants take replanting relatively well;
– Japanese boxwood – this evergreen shrub usually grows to the height of around 1 meter, but in some cases they can reach the height of 2 meters or more. It has small, oval, bright green leaves that stay on all year.
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Things You Never Considered About Your Outdoor Fence

Installing a new outdoor fence or repairing your existing fence might pose unexpected difficulties, obstacles that you never thought you would encounter – here are a few things that Denver fence companies suggest you do prior to installing a new fence:
– You will have to check HOA regulations – HOA regulations may change over time and some no longer allow fences made from specific materials, such as wood. Check the current version of the HOA regulations to be sure that you are allowed to use the materials that you want to use;
– Check maps to determine the limits of property exactly – even an inch or two here and there matters when you determine the line where you should put your new fence;
– Alternative fence ideas – you can have wood, metal, stone or chain link fence or, if you want, you can also choose attractive alternative solutions, such as a green fence made from bushes or shrubs or a fence made from reed;
– You might want to discuss your plans with your neighbors – fences are a constant source of conflict between neighbors, but you can easily avoid tension if you sit down with your neighbor to discuss the type and the height of the fence that you want to install.
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The Best Color Stains for Your Fence

Staining your fence is a great, playful and creative way to add a wow factor to your entire property – whether you use bold colors that catch the eye of any passer-by or you use more traditional hues that work well with the color pattern used on your building, Denver fence company reps say a fresh coat of paint can create a fresh appearance. Here are a few stain colors that look grain in any setting:
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– Blue – bright blue is a color that inspires tranquility, yet adds variety and it will make your entire property stand out, starting from its border;
– Gray – whether you use a lighter or a darker shade, gray is a classy, sophisticated hue that is never boring and blends seamlessly into any setting;
– Classic brown – perhaps the most traditional fence color, brown, especially darker hues create an organic appearance and is a color that you cannot go wrong with;
– Classic green – another hue that is often encountered on fences for good reason, the ultimate color of nature can make your property delimiter look great. Try to be bold and choose an unusual hue – all shades of green are comforting, but some make a powerful statement about the owner as well.