Who Pays for a Fence When the Property Lines are Shared in a Neighborhood?

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Fences which are located directly on a property line often cause much confusion and many disagreements. This type of fence is usually referred to as a “partition fence”. The question is, of course, who is responsible for maintaining it, replacing it, or doing any kind of necessary interventions on this type of fencing.

Apparently, it all depends on local legislation. So, in case you are confronted with this type of situation, you should get informed about the requirements and provisions of local legal documents. Nevertheless, in many jurisdictions, the commonly accepted approach is to pay equal amounts of money, regardless of the side of the fence your home is located on.

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In other words, in case one of the neighbors decides to build a fence on a property line, he has to pay for half of it. Given the fact that costs for fences are typically measured by square foot, it is important to calculate exactly the amount of money you should pay extra to your neighbor, in case he is the one who has built the fence on your commonly shared line.

At any rate, it is very useful to consult with a local Brighton fencing company in order to get all the details straight before starting your fencing project.

What Types of Fence Products Are Best for a Building Owner?

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If you’re the owner of a commercial building, you might have to think pretty hard before choosing a specific fence. Unlike residential properties, commercial buildings might require added security and protection against intruders. Also, you’ll want to try to avoid spending too much on ornate fences and focus on the practical aspects of fencing as much as possible.

A fence is essentially an installation that tells outsiders where the boundary to your property is. Building owners define that boundary to prevent people from stumbling onto their properties unannounced, and some even install added security measures and hire guards to prevent unauthorized entry through the gate.

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Commercial Denver fence companies suggest that two of the best fence product materials for buildings are metal and concrete. Aside from ensuring that your property is protected, these products can also be erected to custom heights and adjusted to provide you with the ideal level of privacy that you want.

While wood, PVC and stone products can also be used, wood and PVC are considered less practical and less resilient than metal fences, for example. Also, stone can be heavy and difficult to install, as well as costing more. If you want to keep things light, yet ensure that your fence is low maintenance, highly resilient and maybe a little bit fashionable as well, then a metal fence will likely be your best choice.

Are Fences Covered by Insurance?

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Many homeowners wonder whether their fences are somehow covered by insurance. The answer is yes, and there are some other important details to know.

First of all, your insurance company will probably only cover the costs for your fence’s current value, not the ones for the initial work and installation. Much like vehicles and other belongings, fences also tend to depreciate over time. Another important thing to know is that fences usually are referred to in the “other structures” section of your home insurance policy.

There are certain specific situations in which your insurance policy can cover fences also. For instance, it may happen that your fence got vandalized, or it got struck by a car, it may have got damaged by harsh weather events such as storms, hail winds, lightning, fire, and so on.

However, the insurance may not cover the damage done to you due to other types of situations such as floods, earthquakes, termites, sewer backups, etc.

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If your fence is damaged by one of the events talked about above, schedule a meeting with Arvada fencing sales people to see what they recommend, and the estimate of repair costs. This gives you a stronger idea of the financials involved in the insurance company claim. The exact amount of money you can recuperate with the help of an insurance policy in case your fence gets damaged may also depend on the age of the fence, if it already got depreciated or not, and if the fence was kept in good conditions.

Can a Fence Be Installed during The Winter Months?

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Opinions tend to differ, but winter can still be a good time to install a new fence. As long as the ground is still not frozen yet, the job can be done without any problem. Especially since there are many mild periods during the winter time.

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One good reason for installing your fence in winter months is the fact that around this time of the year it is much easier to do landscaping jobs which are often essential for a successful fence installation. The great advantage of choosing this period is that, unlike in the warmer season, you do not need to worry about harming any plants or trees that you care about.

At the same time, you can build such a fence which can offer you privacy even when the trees and shrubs are leafless, and therefore you can no longer rely on them, namely in wintertime.

Spring is the most preferred time for fence installation, and that means that contractors tend to be very busy. But if you decide on winter months for your fence project, this can speed up the working process a lot, and you can enjoy the beauty and safety of a new fence in springtime. Talk to your local Denver fence company about their availability, costs, and best time to plan an installation or repair.

Best Wood for Fencing Your Yard

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A wood fence is an amazing addition to mostly any kind of property. The best wood for fencing your yard depends on a number of factors. Of course, it depends on your climate, on your budget, but also on the curb appeal of your home, and, ultimately, on how long you plan to stay in that particular home.

Another important aspect to bear in mind is the degree to which the wood you are using for your fencing system is vulnerable to insects. In case the wood you decide to use does not naturally repel insects, nor is it specially treated to keep them away, then your fence may get attacked by termites, which can cause it to fall apart easily.

Among the most popular choices we could mention pine wood. Pine is affordable and can last for a long time. At the same time, it is soft, and therefore it is easy to work with. Cypress is insect repellent and it has a pleasant scent.

Brighton fence installation pros recommend Cedar as another great option, because it requires little maintenance and it keeps unwanted bugs at a distance. Redwood can look very nice, and because of that is the preferred choice of many people.


Tips for Buying and Installing a New Fence with a Gate

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There are a number of things to consider before deciding on which type of fence with a gate you want for your home. For instance, there are several big differences between a fence which is built for keeping your dog inside your yard and one that has the purpose of blocking out unwanted noise.

At the same time, you should also be aware of the maintenance issues related to certain types of fences or gates. Maintenance depends on the type of material that you choose for your fence and gate, and also on the quality of that material.

The cost also plays an important role in your decision-making process while looking for the best fence and gate to build around your property. Talk to Arvada Metro Fence Company specialists at https://metrofence.net/ to determine costs and benefits of fence and gate solutions.

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Local rules and regulations certainly have a lot to say while you are taking this step, and you should get familiar with the legislation related to this subject before engaging in any fence installation process.

Acknowledging your neighbors is very important, too. You need to discuss things with them, in order to make sure you will not have problems after your fence and gate are already installed.

Climate is also a very important factor, determining the exact type of fence you can choose for your home.

Protect Your Commercial Fence from Extreme Temperatures

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Protecting your fence from extreme temperatures is very important for keeping your property safe, while also ensuring the fact that your business is also going well.

Wood is one of the most common options for a fencing system, typically because it is less expensive. However, this type of material may be less convenient in case there are extreme weather conditions such as strong winds or excessively hot temperatures. Hot weather can dry out the lumber and scorch it out, making it brittle and causing it to crack easily. But the good news is that, even if your wooden fence can get damaged by summer heat, wooden elements are inexpensive and can be replaced with little effort.

Vinyl is one of the strongest fence materials to withstand harsh weather during the hot season. Plus, Brighton fencing replacement contractors will tell you that it is quite easy to maintain and can look great around your commercial property.

Brighton steel fencingOrnamental metal fencing makes another fine choice for heat-resistant fence. Steel fencing is usually coated with many layers of protective substances which make it highly resistant against the unwanted danger of UV rays.

Chain link makes another good choice in case your commercial building is located in a region with extreme temperatures and summer heat can put your property in danger.

What is the Best Gate for Colorado

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Together with fences, gates are meant to offer safety to your property, while also making it available to people who live in that house. Gates can vary in terms of material, design, colors, and therefore the exact installation costs and duration can also vary.

In order to make a proper estimate, Westminster gate installation experts usually need to check the dimensions of your property, as well as the level of safety your area has. This can help them determine which type of gate is best for your Colorado home or commercial building.

Gates can also differ in terms of size, configurations or openings, with features including vertical or horizontal bracing.

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At the same time, since solar powered devices are becoming increasingly popular, there are such options for your gate also, which is very good news for those who are keen on preserving the environment.

Automatic entry gates are a good choice for Colorado residents, and not only. This may include vehicle sensors for your car, and also for anyone who is willing to visit you. Hydraulic closers or automatic gate openers can help you keep your home safe. But you need to make sure your pets are not sitting on that area, as they may be in danger.

5 Tips to Improve Your Fence

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First of all, you need to define what exactly you want to improve about your fence. It may be its general design, or its functional features. You need to observe local fence repair Thornton CO requirements and regulations, to get informed about the potential costs and perhaps get familiar with technological elements.

Secondly, you need to decide on the exact design you want for your fence. It may be the classic American fence, or a round rail fence. The basic principle here is to find something that works best for the design of your home and to fit the profile of your property.

Thirdly, you need to be informed about what the law permits you to do about your fence. Boundary maps also help you see how your fence can affect your neighbor’s property.

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A good estimate makes another great ingredient for improving your fence. In this respect, you need to know that the money you invest today will determine the maintenance works you will have to do in the future, as well as the general lifespan of your fence.

A fifth tip to improve your fence is finding the type of layout that is most convenient for you in terms of general maintenance.



How to Pick the Right Fence

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In case you want complete privacy, you should definitely choose a fence without any space between the boards. The height of your fence may depend on the slope of your yard, on the view you want to block or keep available, and so on. Talking to a well known Westminster fencing company about options is a great place to start your search.

Wind shields are perfect for blocking strong breezes while also keep the necessary light. A fence should make you feel secure, while also making your living environment more appealing. At the same time, fences are basically destined for keeping your pets inside, especially dogs.

In case you have dogs, fences that are made of see-through materials can cause them to bark more, as they can get distracted by visual stimuli such as pedestrians, cats, bicycles, cars, etc.

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It is not only dogs that can determine your choice of fence. Also, it may be the fact that you have a pool, and maybe your neighbors’ kids could sneak in, putting their life in danger.

And last but not least, your personal tastes play another major role in picking the right fence for your home or commercial building. Fences should match the general style of your property, including colors, textures and general design.

These are but a few guidelines to help you choose the best fencing for your particular situation.