Mistakes Made When Investing in a New Fence

Fences, and sometimes gates, are necessary property components. But they are not cheap, so you need to be very cautious when picking the material for the fence. Here are some of the most common mistakes made when investing into a new fence and gate:

  • Buying low-quality materials – the initial investment might be smaller if you buy low-quality material, but the decision will compromise the durability of your fence and gate, so it is not worthwhile on the long run; The best advice for gate installation is to use a reputable and trusted Westminster gate installation specialist to provide you with  HIGH QUALITY and long term performance options.

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  • Using untreated wood – if your fence has wood components as well, one of the biggest mistakes that you can make is to leave the wood untreated. In lack of protective coating, the wood components can develop rot, they can be damaged by excessive sunshine and temperature changes and they will be defenseless in front of pest attacks;
  • Using fence posts that are too short – getting shorter posts might also seem like a way to reduce the costs, but in fact it is a costly mistake. Fence posts need to go down into the ground to a certain depth to be able to hold the rest of the fence firmly in place; if they are too short, they will not be able to their job and the resulting fence will be a weak one.

Most Effective Methods of Cleaning A Fence

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Keeping your fence clean is a requirement that has a practical as well as an aesthetic side and is essential for the health and the visual appeal as well. Here is how to do it efficiently:

  • If your fence is covered in stubborn dirt, apply a generous quantity of water on it to soak the grime and make it easier to remove;
  • Fill a bucket with water, get a sponge that has an abrasive surface, inspect the fence inch by inch and scrub off any dirt spots that you find;
  • Use a mix of water and a mild detergent to wash the fence components again – the dirt that gathers on fences is unsightly, but usually not very stubborn, so you don’t need a very harsh chemical for the process;
  • Rinse the fence and let it dry – you can use a garden hose;
  • Apply suitable protection – Arvada fencing professionals suggest that when the fence is clean and dry, it is time for the protective coating. Get a product that is suitable for your fence material and apply it to help your fence stand up to the elements more efficiently. If the fence has an old coat of paint that is damaged or warping, remove the old layer and wash the bare material before you apply the coating.

Simple Ways to Dress Up A Chain Link Fence

Chain link is surely among the best, most durable and most affordable fence materials, but it is kind of lacking when it comes to visual appeal. However, the simple construction of chain link fences make decoration easy – here are some of the best ways to hide or dress up your chain link Westminster fencing:

  • Use it as a trellis – plant some attractive, fast-growing climbing vegetation at the base of the fence and guide the plants to go up on the fence. It might take a couple of years for the pants to cover the fence, but if you are patient, your reward will be a beautiful, natural fence;

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  • Hang small decorations on the fence – you can use colorful pieces of textile, stones, beads or colored glass, your decorations will look great in the sunshine;
  • Add some paint – choose an attractive color that matches your landscape design and the style of your building and paint the fence. The method will highlight the fence, rather than conceal it, so try to prevent any drips or other painting mistakes while you are applying the stain;
  • Install a screen – bamboo screens are cheap and attractive and great for improving your privacy as well.

Tips for Extending the Life of Your Commercial Fence

Whether your commercial fence is made from chain link, metal panels, timber or synthetic material, there is a lot that you can do to preserve it in good condition and to prolong its life. Here are some tasks that will ensure the health of your fence:

  • Inspections and cleaning – ideally, you should have a reputable Arvada fence company perform a detailed inspection of your fence every six months to catch any damage in the early phase. Cleaning is also essential – damage is difficult or impossible to detect if the surface is covered in dirt. While this might be a time-consuming thing to do, especially in the case of very large properties, it is essential for the health of your fence;

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  • Timely repairs – whatever fault you detect during the inspection, fix it right away or very soon afterwards to avoid any aggravation;
  • Apply protective coating – there are lots of great coating products that prevent various types of damage, such as rot, rust and insect attacks. Most of them need to be reapplied only every 3-5 years, so you don’t need to spend time painting your fence after each inspection and repair, but whenever you do apply the coating, make sure you apply it on a completely clean surface.

The Most Important Benefits of Metal Fencing

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Metal is one of the most popular fencing materials – whether made from steel, aluminum, iron or some other alloy, metal fences have features that are beneficial for any property. Here are some of the most important benefits:

  • Great cost to value ratio – metal fences are not the cheapest fencing options, but the sturdiness and the durability makes the investment worthwhile;
  • Security – metal fences can endure a lot, protecting the property they are installed on from intruders as well as the elements;
  • Curb appeal – metal is a versatile material that can be shaped into sheets, poles and is suitable for executing even the most sophisticated designs. An elegant ornamental iron fence in Denver may be considered to be the classiest of them all, but the other alloys used for making fences can also feature very attractive designs;
  • Resistance – many property owners dismiss metal fences because they are concerned about the material’s sensitivity to rusting. The truth is that most alloys used in fences don’t rust and even iron fencing components are coated for achieving resistance to rust. To ensure the rust-free longevity of your iron fence, you should reapply the coating, but the process is simple and needs to be carried out only every 3-5 years.

Reasons Your Fence Gate Might Be Sagging

Gate sagging is among the most common issues encountered with fences. The problem usually appears when the fence reaches a certain age, but it might affect new fences as well. Here are the most common causes:

  • The deformation of the gate posts – strong winds, the erosion of the soil and aging can all cause the gate posts to lean inward, which will lead to the appearance of sagging;
  • An uneven gate frame – the deformations suffered by the frame of the gate can also lead to sagging;
  • Loose hinges – most fence gates are fixed to the frame with hinges. Even if you use the best hinges available, the screws that hold them in place can become lose or damaged, with will let the fence gate down a little bit, too.

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Fortunately, all the above root causes are easy to remedy. In most cases, all you will need for the repair is a screwdriver and some new screws, maybe a hammer. If you have identified the problem that has caused the sagging, dismantle the gate, remedy the problem, then install the gate again. If you find the soil around the base of the gate too loose, compact the soil or pour some cement around it. In some cases, with extreme damage, your best bet is to find a person who specializes in repairing gates in Denver.

Tips for Mending a Broken Fence Post

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Fence posts are usually made from strong material, but even these resilient components can break or get damaged if they are exposed to the elements for too long or if they are affected by other forms of impact. A broken fence post will compromise the strength of the entire fence, so it is very important to have a BBB A+ rated residential fencing company in Denver fix the post right away. If you choose to try to do the repair on your own, here are some suggestions:

Wooden posts – wood is sensitive to moisture, to extreme heat or cold and to insect attacks. If you notice any rot, signs of an infestation with pests or cracking, see whether the damaged part can be removed and replaced with some suitable repair material – if the damage is too extensive, you might have to replace the post. To prevent the recurrence of the problem, apply suitable surface treatment on the repaired post or on the replacement post;

Metal posts – the only things that can get to metal are rust and physical impact. If your post develops rust, remove it with some suitable chemical, then apply rust preventive coating; if the post has been bent by strong winds or animals, straighten it and make sure that the base holds the post firmly in place. If necessary, dig a hole around the post and fill it with cement to ensure stability.

Fence Maintenance Tips for First Time Homeowners

If you are a first-time homeowner, you are surely overwhelmed by the amount of work that you need to put into your property. Your fence, whatever style it is and whatever material it is made from, is probably a sturdy construction, but if you want to keep it that way, make sure to include it into your home maintenance checklist. Here are the tasks that you should perform:

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  • Regular inspections – perform a detailed health check on your fence at least twice a year as well as after strong storms or other extreme weather events and repair whatever fault you find during the inspection; Should your fence require extensive maintenance, look to a top rated Denver fence company for exceptional repair services.
  • Regular cleaning – perform a thorough cleaning of the fence every six months. Most fences can be cleaned with a mild detergent and some warm water applied with a sponge or with a power washer. In the final phase, remove the soap water residues;
  • Apply protection – fences made from synthetic material are impervious to rot, insects and rust, so they don’t need coating, but wood and metal fences need to be protected from the elements with the right type of surface coating. Always apply the coating on a clean and intact surface, so the cleaning and the repairs should precede the coating process.

Tips for Building Sturdy Fences for Your Pets

To keep your pets safe, consult with Metro Fence Company

Fences play not only the role of protecting your property from intruders – many structures are also intended to contain whatever and whoever is within the premises, including pets. However, pets, especially dogs, can be very inventive when it comes to sneaking out, so the pet fence needs to be very sturdy and designed to meet special challenges. Here are some features that pet fences need to have:

  • Identify your pet’s favorite escape method – pets can invent various methods to get out: they can brute-force or chew on the fence, they can dig under it, jump over it or open the latch on the gate;
  • Suitable height and thickness – whatever material you choose for your pet-proof fence, make it tall and thick enough to prevent brute-forcing and jumping over;
  • Suitable material – it is a good idea to choose a fence material that is hard enough to resist strong teeth. Metal and masonry fences work best on properties where there are pets around;
  • Suitable design – if your pet tends to dig under the fence, prevent that by laying concrete under the fence or by making sure there is no gap between the bottom of the fence and the ground, not even a thin gap – pets can start digging if they find even the smallest gap.

Check out https://metrofence.net/ to get an idea of the best fence you can install to keep your pets safe.

Tips for Preparing Your Property for Your New Fence

Installing a new fence on your property requires careful preparation, especially if it involves the demolition of the old fence to make space for the new one. Here are some of the things that you will need to take care of:

  • Establish property limits clearly – take a look at the property drawings and blueprints and make sure that the fence is on your side of the property limits;

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  • Obtain fence repair Thornton CO permits if you need to – find out whether or not the operations you are proposing require a permit. Consult HOA covenants and local building regulations – they will tell you how to apply for a permit if you need one and what type of fences are allowed in the neighborhood;
  • Inform your neighbors about your plans – you are not required by the law to do this, but discussing your plans with your property neighbors will improve your relationship with them;
  • Choose your materials and create the design – choose your material and create the design based on your preferences and the fence repair Thornton CO HOA covenants that informs such choices in your neighborhood as well as based on the terrain on your property and the climate area where your property is located;
  • Clean the area of the installation – de-weeding the area and loosening the ground where it is too hard are also very important.