Do Commercial Fences Need a lot of Maintenance?

Commercial fences in Arvada are no different than fences installed on private properties and have the same purposes: defining boundaries, enhancing the exterior aspect of the property, providing privacy and security.

The required maintenance depends on the materials the fences are made from, their age and the degree of damage. Some Arvada fence company contractors offer periodic maintenance work for fences they have installed, but otherwise commercial property owners must find someone to do it and schedule periodic maintenance.fence maintenanceForged iron, vinyl, brick and masonry are materials that require very little maintenance. Basically, these fences must be kept clean and checked for damage, from time to time. On the other hand, natural fences and wood fences require more attention. Natural fences have to be trimmed, while wood fences must be kept clean and periodically treated with solutions that provide protection against moisture and exposure to UV rays. Apply a layer of primer to protect the wood against mold, insects or fungi and then apply a paint or varnish for outdoor use, according to what you prefer: the natural appearance of wood or a certain color.

A well maintained fence will contribute to a positive image of the commercial property it is installed on.

What Type of Fence is Best for your Business?

commercial fence and gate designCommercial fencing in Westminster is important in many ways, considering that a fence can be designed to accomplish different purposes: contribute to the overall exterior aspect of a commercial property, provide security and privacy and marking different land sections and defining boundaries.

There is a variety Westminster gate and fence installation options available for businesses. As a property manager or business owner, you should choose a fence according to your needs and budget.

Popular commercial fences

  • Metal fences

These are typically made from wrought iron, which is a strong material that can be used to create security fences, with controlled access gates. At the same time, wrought iron can also be used to create intricate and beautiful details on fences that will look great on stylish properties.

  • Ornamental aluminum fences

Aluminum fences look great around parks or large commercial estate, as well as around properties situated on coastal areas.

  • Brick or concrete fences

These materials create noise barriers, which makes brick or concrete fences ideal for businesses that promote a private and quiet environment.

  • Vinyl fences

This material is attractive, strong, flexible and maintenance-free, which make it popular for many businesses.

  • Farm fences

Ranchers and farmers prefer wood fences for keeping cattle within a perimeter, as well as wired fences for poultry.

How Much do Fence Replacements Cost?

Fences are a great addition for Denver property owners who like to define their space and keep it away from prying eyes. Fences can also be used with aesthetic or security purposes (mostly in the case of commercial properties).

When a fence is too damaged or too old, it must be replaced. This operation requires an inveornamental iron fencestment that depends on several factors: the length of the fence to be replaced, the material it is made from and the labor costs (unless you install it yourself). For instance, a luxury ornamental iron fence in Denver will most likely be more expensive than a wooden fence.

Another important factor to be taken into account if you replace your fence entirely is the design of the new fence. Maybe you want something different, perhaps higher, which will also affect the price. If you only replace a damaged portion of the fence, take into account only the factors mentioned in the first place.

When it comes to labor costs, different types of repairs have different prices. There are projects that involve replacing some damaged sections of the fence, replacing posts, missing boards or gates and there are more complicated projects that involve replacing a fence entirely with a new one that may require a different foundation and have other and more demanding installation requirements.

Use an online calculator that will help you estimate the cost once you provide the required information.

Innovations in the Fence Building Industry

From the moment people started to have the sense of ownership, they began to delimit their places or the land they used for farming. In this way, the history of the fence must be viewed, above all, from a social point of view. As you probably know, in many places the fence represents a real boundary and is regarded as a property symbol; any unauthorized passage can be interpreted in an aggressive manner by the owner of the property.

fence installationToday, the esthetic aspect of the fences is increasingly important, and so is their ability to provide privacy and protection against street noises.  Experienced fence installation Denver contractors can help you chose what will best meet your needs and budget.

Gabion fencing is becoming more and more popular and an increasing number of construction companies are specializing in building this type of fences. Gabions can be made in a wide variety of sizes and can be filled with various materials – from natural stones to wood pieces. The price of these fences is affordable compared to other well-matched fence types, and their appearance has improved considerably over the time.

Models made of stones of various colors have become the first choice for people who have large yards and appreciate their privacy. Gabions are also a great choice for people who live in heavy traffic areas, where fences are prone to more damage.

Things to Look for in a Reputable Fencing Company

As with hiring any other contractor, when you search for a fencing company, you need to know if it is licensed and insured, with experience and a good reputation. Ask to see the certificates and check the company with the BBB, to see whether there are customer complaints against it.

This preliminary check up is very important because it helps you determine which Arvada fencing companies meet building code requirements and can be hired without fear that they do not meet local building requirements or health and safety codes.

Ask for Arvada fencing references and contact some of the company`s past customers; the word of mouth advertising is much better than paid ads.

fencing building code referencesThe next step is to browse through the Arvada fencing company`s portfolio and see accomplished jobs similar with yours. This is an opportunity to determine whether the company is able to create exactly the fencing project that you have in mind.

Finally yet importantly, you should use the available online resources. Most companies have websites, where you can find more about their services and you can also use some tricks to determine if the company is reliable. For example, it is not too difficult to determine if the contractor passes borrowed images from the internet as its own work.


Why Traditional Fences are Better than Invisible Dog Fences

pet safety fencingInvisible dog fences are electric fences with 3 components:

  • the transmitter, which sends a radio signal received by the dog’s collar, with a warning or correction message
  • the electric wire that is buried in the ground
  • the dog`s collar, with a waterproof radio receiver


  • The dog is protected, he cannot escape, disappear, ingest toxic objects or attack people
  • The electric fence is much easier to maintain than the traditional fence because it is not affected by weather conditions
  • You do not have to worry about the aspect of the fence, about whether it fits with other exterior elements etc.

There are also disadvantages, and for some these are enough to consider that traditional fences are better.

  • It is not advisable to use an invisible fence without training the dog
  • Although it is designed to protect your dog, to prevent him from leaving the enclosed perimeter, foreign dogs or foreign persons can easily enter. That is why we suggest you consult with Westminster fencing pros for pet safety solutions.
  • Some dogs may end up ignoring the transmitted signal and leave the perimeter after all
  • Invisible fences do not work for puppies under 6 months (they have poor understanding of orders)
  • Some people disagree with the idea of an electric fence, although it does no harm to the animal
  • Sometimes the collar may fail and transmit signals for no reason; the batteries of the receiver must be checked periodically.

Common Problems Seen in DIY fences

Some construction projects, such as raising a fence, can be done by yourself, if you have some basic skills. However, if you want to be sure the result will be as you planed it, you must first go through some stages. Choosing inadequate or low quality materials and digging an incorrect foundation are two of the most common problems seen in DIY fences.

You did not choose the right materials

An important tip to avoid making this mistake is to look for materials according to your house`s style.  The functionality and durability of the materials is also important, so make sure to have your residential fence company choose the best option that fits in your budget.vinyl fencingAlthough wood is a very popular material, a wood fence requires regular maintenance to have a long lifespan. On the other hand, stone and brick are much more resistant, but they require more building effort. A practical solution is to have your residential fence company install vinyl fencing.

The foundation does not have enough depth

A correct foundation is the base of a strong fence, so you have to take into account some aspects when you start digging it. The foundation must have about 50 cm depth, and the width of the trench should be between 30 and 40 cm.

At the same time, it is important to know that not all types of fence need foundation. For example, in the case of a wired mesh fence, the galvanized pillars can be fixed directly into the ground, which simplifies the building process.


Is Your Fence Sturdy Enough to Survive Winter?

The answer is not that simple, considering that the resistance of a fence depends on several factors that include the age of the fence, the materials it is made from and the way it has been maintained along the time.

However, a little bit of forethought in the autumn (a close inspection and some maintenance) can make sure your fence is ready for another cold season. If you have a wood fence, prepare yourself for more maintenance work than in the case of a vinyl or metal fence.winter fence maintenanceHarsh winter conditions can seriously damage and weaken a wood fence that has been ignored for too long. Wood is a very beautiful material that provides many advantages, but you must take care of it regularly, otherwise it will be destroyed by moisture which will allow mold, mildew and rot. Fallen tree branches and some other debris can also damage your fence.

What you can do:

  • Make sure the fence is in good shape. Look for soft wood areas, replace damaged boards and patch cracks and holes.
  • Clean your fence with a pressure washer and allow it to dry completely
  • Have Denver fence companies use a waterproof sealer to treat the wood

As for vinyl and metal fences, they are very low maintenance; all you have to do is checking them for any potential mechanical damage and replace broken parts.