Choosing the Right Fence Color for Your Exterior

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Colors are very important design components on the interior as well as on the exterior of your property, including the fence. If you are currently looking for the right color to use on your fence, here are some tips from Arvada fence company design specialists for you:

  • Consider durability – transparent, colorless stain lasts for about two years, semi-transparent products last for about a year longer, while solid, pigmented stains can last for up to 5 years;
  • Coordinate with the trim color on your building exterior – this is the best and easiest way to create a consistent design for your entire property;
  • Consider the texture as well – if you have a solid fence, you can choose to create a pattern on the surface that matches the texture of the material used on your exterior walls. You can also choose a color that is a continuation of the wall color, not of the trim;
  • Black, one of the trendiest options right now – black stain or paint is elegant, easy to maintain, it works with any building style and it is also suitable for any landscape design, for gardens with pretty flower beds as well as for landscapes with a lawn, smaller and larger shrubs and trees.

The Most Popular 2019 Fence Design Trends

The fence around your property plays much more than the functional role of protecting your home from prying eyes and intruders – your fence has a very important aesthetic function as well, pulling together the design of your entire property and making a powerful style statement. Like the appearance of any other building and property components, fence installation Denver design is also governed by trends, so here are some of the hottest fence design solutions for the current year:

  • Adding plants – whether you have a low picket fence or a taller fence, integrating florals is a great way to enhance the appearance of the fence. You can choose climbing plants to conceal the fence completely, you can surround the fence with colorful flowers planted in beds or you can install shelves for plants on the fence panels;

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  • Use colors – natural and earth colors are still great to use on fences, but designers recommend stronger colors, such as red, blue, orange or black as well;
  • Combine materials – fences that consist of masonry on the bottom and wood or wrought iron on the top, fences that bring together wood and metal or vinyl and wood in a harmonious unit are very trendy these days.

Choosing the Right Design for Your New Fence

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One of the most common misconceptions about fences is that the sole purpose of the structure is to delimit the property. In fact, your fence is also an essential design component, one that can make or break the image inspired by your property. This also means that good fence design takes into consideration both aesthetic and practical factors – here are some tips from Metro Fence Company Inc on how to create a design that serves both purposes:

  • Think about what you need – the three most important fence types in terms of functionality are picket fences, low-rising structures usually installed in front of the house to delimit the space and to serve as a design element; privacy fences that are usually tall and made from solid material to block the view on the property and boundary fences, used for delimiting the space in areas where efficiency is more important than aesthetics;
  • Think about the material – the purpose of the fence will inform your choice of material. The most common material for boundary fences is chain link, picket fences are usually made from wood, masonry, metal or vinyl, while privacy fences are the most varied in terms of design options and materials;
  • Think about maintenance – from among all the materials used for building fences, wood is the most sensitive to the elements and the most maintenance-intensive, masonry, metal and synthetic materials being more resistant and more durable.


How to Talk To Your Neighbor Before Installing A Fence

Installing a fence to delimit your property may seem simple at first sight – after all, you only need to come up with an attractive design that is suitable for the purpose of the fence, buy the materials, dig holes for the poles and install the fence. While this is true, in essence, there is one more very important step to cover before you even start designing the fence and that is to talk to the owners of the properties next to yours about your intention to build a fence. Here are some tips about how to do it right:

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  • Discuss all the issues related to the territory to be fenced around – your fence should be installed on your property, but it should come right up to the property limit;
  • If there is an old fence around your property, discuss how, when and on whose money it will be removed;
  • Inform your neighbor about how and when the installation process will take place; Let them know you have hired one of the best residential fencing Denver companies to take care of the service.
  • Be polite – strictly speaking, you don’t need the permission of your neighbor to put up a new fence on your territory, but discussing the project in an open and polite manner can only improve the relationship with your neighbors.

What Types Of Wood Is Best for Fences

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A wooden fence make great addition on any property – whatever the style of your building, whatever the layout of your landscape, you can use wood for building not only a picket fence, but a privacy fence as well. However, not all wood varieties are suitable for building fences – per highly rated Denver fence companies, here are the types most commonly used:

  • Pine – one of the most common choices, preferred for its affordability and its longevity. The material is also very easy to work with and it resists quite well to humidity and temperature changes;
  • Cedar – the material is very durable and it also contains compounds that repel insects, so your cedar fence will be avoided by termites and by other critters and it will provide a great solution for the delimitation of your property;
  • Redwood – another wood variety that is avoided by insects and very durable, redwood is the preferred choice for many properties due to its attractive grain pattern and beautiful colors;
  • Cypress – this wood variety is attractive to the human eye, but completely unattractive for insects. The fences made from cypress require very little maintenance and will resist for decades without requiring the owners to repair them all the time.

Signs your Business Needs a Commercial Fence

We tend to associate fences with back yards and neighborhoods, but installing one on your commercial property also has many advantages, especially if you are looking for solutions to increase privacy and restrict or limit access to some areas.

In general, your business needs a commercial fence for different reasons: aesthetics, privacy, access control and, of course, security.

Aesthetics – If you own a business, you know that image is everything, in order to be successful.  A fence can hide less aesthetic things on a commercial property, such as warehouses, protect the entrance or simply complement the building and the surrounding landscape.

Deter trespassers and ensure privacy – People work on a commercial property, so there is no room for unwanted guests. A fence also protects from view and provides security.

Access Control – Some businesses have their properties divided into parts dedicated to different departments. With a fence, the access to these separate locations can be controlled easier.

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Security – Last but not least, security is actually the main reason why most businesses have a commercial fence. A solid industrial Brighton fence prevents vandalism, theft as well as other crimes that may affect your business and make you lose money and reputation.

Best Fence Colors for your Home Exterior

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If you think about changing the aspect of your garden, start with the details that can surprise, such as painting Thornton fencing in a color matching other exterior elements (the roof, the façade etc.), or opt for an unexpected color.


For those who prefer a traditional and rather natural aspect, the green fence is the easiest to fit into the landscape, without turning the attention from the beautiful foliages and flowers you may have in the garden. If you want to break monotony, you can use different shades of green


Came out from classical movies, white fence creates a fresh and comfortable setting.


Opt a shade of orange close to the wood color if you have a wooden fence. In addition, you can match it with outdoor furniture made of the same material, as well as with orange decorations, such as cushions and blankets.


Depending on your preferences, you can either choose a blue to highlight the fence and give a strong personality to the entire garden, or go on a lighter shade, assorted with pool water.


A fence painted in red has a tremendous effect in a garden full of vivid colors.


Dying the fence in many colors is a great and original idea especially if you have a traditional house, in neutral shades. You can go on joining two or more colors, depending on your preference and the message you want to transmit can range from electrifying to relaxing.

How to Make your Commercial Fence Last

Commercial property fences can have both protective and esthetic purposes. If you want your commercial fence to last, you should start by choosing quality materials, have the fence installed by specialists and schedule periodic maintenance.

Here is how maintenance should be done in the case of two of the most popular materials commercial Brighton fencing is made from.

The elegant stone fence

The natural stone fence is solid, sturdy and attractive. A stone fence deteriorates less than fences from other materials, but needs periodic cleaning, followed by a waterproofing treatment, which will improve its resistance.

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Metal fence

Metal fences require very little maintenance. The ones made of quality materials can last for decades. However, they have only one weakness: rust. Even a small portion of rust can compromise the fence’s durability and shorten its lifespan. Ensure that your metal fence is maintained annually, especially if you live in a humid area. Remove any rust using a fine wire brush. Apply a primer, which must be oil-based and designed for metal products. Apply a thin layer of oil-based paint that is suitable for metal. Regularly maintain the hinges with a proper lubricant to ensure smooth operation and to protect them from damage.

Common Fence Repairs

The fence is an important structure on your property, providing privacy, containment and enhancing the curb appeal. Useless to say that the fence must be maintained in the best possible shape to preserve its efficiency… However, a fence is exposed to the elements, thus owners will likely encounter fence-related issues now and then, which are specific to the fence material, but they may also have to do with the age and overall condition of the fence.

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Wood fences are expected to last between 5 years (spruce) and 30 years (cedar); vinyl fences last 20-30 years and most chain-link fences will last about 15-20 years.

Some Thornton fence company common repairs in these types of fences include fixing leaning fences, damaged posts and fallen panels or boards.

To make the necessary repairs, you must first survey your fence and identify what is causing the problem. It is not so difficult to return the posts to their original position, but sometimes you may need the help of a landscaper or drainage professional to address soil issues. Replacing loose and damaged boards or panels is also easy enough and the main challenge is to find or create pieces to match your fence.

Why Your Fence Might be Leaning

Functional Arvada fencing is very important because it is designed to maintain privacy, keep children or animal contained thus safe and it also adds to the overall aspect of the house.

However, regardless the materials they are made from, fences may have different problems. One of them is when they start to lean, which negatively affects their aspect and even make them potentially dangerous to children or pets playing nearby.

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If you have a leaning fence, you have a problem that needs to be repaired.


What is the cause behind this problem?

  • Poor installation

Sometimes the post holes are not dug deep enough to balance the height of the fence, which causes leaning

  • Rotten fence posts

A wood fence cannot withstand forever the exposure to soil, and posts may rot or break over time, weakening the fence.

  • Damage caused by weather

Heavy rain, strong wind as well as snow accumulation also take their toll, causing the fence to become loose and lean.

How to fix a loose fence

A loose fence can be repaired by Arvada fencing repair specialists in most of the cases. The repairs will depend on what is causing the fence to lean and may include replacing fence boards, bolster existing rails, removing leaning posts etc.