Can a Commercial Fencing Contractor Improve the Security of Your Business Perimeter?

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As a business owner, security is essential for your premises. You have expensive equipment and sensitive data inside. Plus, you must make sure that your employees and visitors are safe.

Westminster fencing

An experienced commercial Westminster fencing contractor can help you ensure a high level of security by:

  1. Inspecting and Fixing Your Current Fence

A fence is as strong as its weakest part. Over the years, even an iron fence can become vulnerable, if it was not properly inspected and repaired on time. Thus, the first thing a contractor will do is giving your fence a thorough inspection, marking vulnerable areas and recommending the necessary repairs.

  1. Upgrading Your Fence

In some cases, your commercial property needs a brand new fence. Iron, wood and vinyl fencing are all great options and promise a long useful life if they are properly built and installed. Skilled contractors can complete the task within a short time and with minimal disturbance to your daily business activities.

  1. Installing Smart Locks and Surveillance Systems

Finally, if you need top security on your commercial property, fencing contractors can recommend the best and most advanced locking and surveillance systems. They can be easily integrated into your access points and gates, and will give you the peace of mind you need.

Choosing a Denver Commercial Fencing Contractor for Your Commercial Property 

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Commercial property owners do not leave anything to chance – especially the security of their premises. They need to be assured that the Denver commercial fencing contractor they hire is capable of handling the project to their satisfaction.

The most important things to check before hiring a fencing company are:

  1. Experience in the Field

Commercial fence installation Denver jobs are usually more complex than residential fencing. For this reason, the contractor must show relevant experience in installing fences for businesses like yours.

A commercial fence is usually equipped with specific security features, and the contractor should know how to install these, as well.

  1. Availability for Ongoing Maintenance and Repairs

Businesses owners like to form long-term relationships with suppliers and vendors. They don’t want just a quick installation job, they want the assurance that they can count on the fencing company for regular maintenance and inspection, upgrades to the security system and other tasks related to the care for the fence.

  1. Warranty

A reputable contractor stands by any fence they install. And they offer an adequate warranty for the materials and the workmanship. The longer the warranty, the more reliable the Denver commercial fencing contractor is.

Avoiding Common Mistakes when Installing Commercial Fences

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Installing commercial fences entails a number of difficult choices that have a lot to do with installation: gate material, color option, style, method of opening and automation type. Therefore, gate installation can become a complicated task, which is why it is best to avoid the common mistake of adding automation equipment without experienced Arvada fence company gate installation support. Installing a smart commercial gate without any previous experience will most likely result in damage to the gate.

Before installing a commercial fence, you also have to make sure that you understand how electric gates work. For instance, you need to learn how to control the system by using keypads, card accesses, detectors, radio remotes and intercoms.

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It is best to avoid any mistakes entailing the electric system because failing to use the equipment correctly can invalidate the warranty. As a result, professional installation is more often the best choice. It eliminates any potential mistake from the get-go. A professional installer knows how to avoid mistakes and can also evaluate risks and safety concerns according to local norms and regulations.

To conclude, installing commercial fences can be quite difficult when you do not fully understand the way the equipment works, which is why doing your research diligently beforehand or hiring a professional are the only safe options.

What Should You Consider Prior to a Commercial Fencing Installation?

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Installing a fence on your commercial property comes with undeniable benefits. But before a completing a fence installation, commercial Denver fence companies recommend you consider the following:

Check your local policies

Make sure to consider your zoning codes as well as the community bylaws. A fence installation that is not compliant will only get you into trouble, which may cost you a lot. If necessary, get confirmation from your city hall about the exact property lines. You must also call for professional utility line location services before you can start digging for your new fence installation.

Put safety first

A nice fence is excellent, but protecting a business from intruders is THE reason why business owners opt for installing a fence in the first place. Therefore, you should consider details, including the fencing material, the height of the fence, and automation options.

Do not forget about convenience either

You surely do not want to create a sophisticated fencing and security system that becomes a hassle for employees and customers to get in and out.

Aesthetic design

This aspect of a commercial fence is also essential for most businesses. After all, you want to stop the intruders, not the customers! So choose a fence that is aesthetically appealing to your users.

Your Commercial Fencing Checklist for a Durable Fence

Denver fence companies

Denver fence companies

According to commercial Denver fence companies, the most durable type of commercial fencing is vinyl fencing (or PVC) due to its unmatched durability and incredible resistance to the elements. It is also rot-resistant and can endure moisture, extreme humidity and cold temperatures. Moreover, it does not splinter, crack or rust. In addition, it cannot be damaged by: rain, termites, dry rot or fungus. In some cases, it can even withstand high winds due to its strength. Lastly, despite its numerous qualities, vinyl does not require a lot of up-keep because it is a very low maintenance product.

Metal fences are very durable and look both contemporary and classic/timeless at the same time. Wrought iron, for instance, is very ornate and can be designed to any style or shape. Moreover, its elegance and aesthetic appeal can add curb value to any property. Similarly, steel fencing is very durable, but also lighter and more versatile than wrought iron.

Other options include chain link fences that are both durable and affordable. Chain link fences are, usually, made of wood. The types of wood materials that last longer (up to twenty years) are: pressure-treated pine, redwood and cedar. The latter is also as aesthetically pleasing as it is durable and high quality.

Commercial Fencing- What Options Do You Have?

chain link fence Denver

chain link fence Denver

The kind of fence you select to enclose a commercial property is crucial for delineating and decorating the area, but most importantly, it ensures privacy and protection. In the following, we will outline the primary fence options, along with their benefits and drawbacks, to help make your choice easier.

Wooden fencing – It provides a classic, traditional feel and comes in a variety of styles and designs, allowing you to find just the right fit for your business. The main benefit of choosing a closed design is that it offers a high degree of privacy, making it great if you want to keep prying eyes away from your commercial property. Additionally, the height of the boards that make up the fence can be chosen to offer protection against animals and intruders. As a drawback, wood requires more maintenance over the years compared to other materials,

Metal panel fences – Property owners choose a metal fence because it is durable and easy to install. Metal panels too, can provide a high level of privacy, although they may not give off the same welcoming vibe a wooden fence can. Metal panels are great for storage areas, construction sites and other commercial properties that don’t need much attention to aesthetics and public appeal.

Wire mesh fences – Wire mesh (braided fence mesh or welded fence mesh) is a good option for businesses premises, industries, office buildings, schools, hospitals, sports fields, swimming pools, highways, and railroads. It can also be used to form a fence around a garden. Additionally, animal pens and cages can be built using affordable chain link fence Denver companies recommend. It comes in a wide range of sizes and hues, including green, gray, and black.


Privacy Fencing Solutions for Commercial Properties

Brighton fencing

Brighton fencing

A privacy fence is a type of fencing that visually isolates or conceals the property from the eyes of anyone moving around outside the fence. Privacy fences are commonly used not only around residential properties, but also to delimitate commercial facilities – here are some of the commercial property fencing options available from top notch Brighton fencing pros:

  • Wood fencing – the materials used for creating wooden fences come in a variety of options, including solutions that use solid boards that cannot be seen through. Other solutions include fences made from wooden boards placed in such a way that they create the illusion of an airy structure, but still block prying eyes.
  • Iron fencing – another classic fence material, iron can also be efficiently used for creating privacy fences.  The design options that you can choose from with your new iron fence are practically endless.
  • Vinyl fencing – the synthetic material has been successfully used for creating not only attractive perimeter fencing, but also for privacy fencing that needs to prevent curious eyes as well as to provide the right level of safety and security to the premises.
  • Brick and masonry – probably the most solid solution of them all, brick and other types of masonry fences will provide an efficient barrier to protect the privacy of your business activities.


Your Business Brand Starts with Your Headquarters – Choose the Right Commercial Fencing

fence installation Denver

fence installation Denver

A fence can provide your commercial property with better security, more privacy and also increased curb appeal. Therefore, a well-chosen commercial fence can add more value to your property. The ROI you can actually expect after a fence installation would be that of 65%.

First of all, you should consider the reasons why a fence would be required. Among the many reasons why you would probably need it would be for aesthetic purposes, security or curb appeal. After you decide why you need the fence, you can choose the materials, type of fence and the security measures to rely on.

At the same time, you need to know if you need a fence for keeping intruders outside. Aluminum or steel would a good option for your commercial fencing system. Your gate should be installed at the same moment when you install your fence.

Another good option would be that of installing a vinyl fence. Apart from being long-lasting, this type of fence is also easy to maintain. Warranty options represent another major detail to be considered while choosing the right commercial fence for your business.

You should choose your fencing team based on its reputation, by looking for recommended professional commercial fence installation Denver contractors.


How Often Should You Have Your Commercial Gate Inspected?

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When it comes down to having your commercial gate inspected, it might be essential to do it more frequently depending on where you are and what type of gate it is. Failing to have a proper inspection at least once a year can lead to many unwanted issues, including security threats, as intruders will be more easily able to get past your seemingly sturdy gate.

If you live in a very humid area where there is also a lot of precipitation, experts will recommend that you check on your commercial gate as often as 2-3 times a year. This is primarily because of the impact that these elemental stressors can have on your gate and the possible security risks that a faulty commercial gate can lead to.

On the other hand, sturdier gates made of high grade steel can be inspected less frequently especially in relatively balanced or dry areas where temperature differences are not too great between summer and winter. Once or twice a year will be enough for these cases.

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Ultimately, it’s best to contact your local Denver Metro Fence ( experts so they can assess your gate, make proper recommendations regarding maintenance and provide you with specific insight on how frequently you should have your gate inspected depending on the unique factors that might come into play in your area.

What Are the Main Considerations to Focus On When Purchasing a Commercial Gate?

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Buying a new gate can be helpful when you’re trying to be selective with who you let onto your property. Installing a new gate for your commercial property might not be so difficult as long as you know in advance what to consider specifically before choosing a brand new commercial gate:

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  • What type of material should you consider? Commercial gates Denver fence companies offer come in all shapes and sizes, and many of them are made from sturdy metal, PVC or other materials that are designed to withstand even the strongest impacts. The best choice is generally a material that will help you with that, but that can also be adapted to hi-tech upgrades if necessary.
  • Speaking of technology, high quality commercial gates already come equipped with it. Security tech abounds, and whether you need automated opening systems based on fine tuned sensors or an intricate security system fitted with cameras for keeping track of visitors and intruders, you’ll find that local contractors will be more than happy to help you out with either of these options.
  • Finally, you have to consider the size and pricing of the gate you buy. Does it have to provide vehicles with access to your property, or only people? What amount would be most comfortable to you, and how happy would you be with working on installing the gate yourself rather than hiring someone for the job? Depending on your answers, you might find the ideal type of gate for your commercial fence.