Top 3 Uses for Chain Link Fences

You are about to install a fence, but which type? Well, this depends on your use for it as well as your location. There are many ways chain link fences are used in Denver, some are decorated for aesthetic reasons and some are specifically there for security. There are so many different ways you can use this material, but below we have found an opinion about the three main uses for it.

When it comes to versatility, chain link fences are the clear winner above all of the other fencing types. It can be used in almost any situation from a quiet backyard in a small town to a high security government installation. Since chain link is in use all over the United States there were a lot to choose from, but the top three uses for chain link were:

  1. Sports fields and facilities – The next time that you go to a football or baseball field, take a look around and notice how much chain link you can see. It is used all over the facilities for a variety of reasons. When you are selling tickets to games it will help to separate the paying from the nonpaying customers. It is often used to help layout the various areas so that the seating areas are kept separate from the player areas.

  2. Industrial buildings and factories – Industrial areas can have a lot of places that are too dangerous to wander around in. So, similar to the sports facilities, chain link fencing is often used to control access. It not only helps to keep trespassers out entirely but it helps to keep workers from going into places that they don’t belong.

  3. High-security facilities – Chain link is usually the first line of defense in a high-security area. It lets people know that they are not allowed beyond a certain area. Plus, if they take the time to try and cut through or climb the fence, it gives security personnel plenty of time to apprehend them.

    Top 3 Uses for Chain Link Fences


4 Tips for Choosing the Best Fence for Your Yard

Homeowners have various fence options to choose from and many things to consider before building a fence. Make sure the fence you pick meets the needs of your home: Is your goal is to keep kids and pets contained, increase privacy or simply boost property value by giving the yard a nice look?

When you are considering a fence for your home, you must take into consideration more than just the initial reason for why you want it. Yards are all built differently and some may contain more hills or corners than others, this is something to take a look at. Each requires different maintenance plans and things like HOA regulations may affect the fence installation process in Denver as well.  Are you installing the fence for security purposes? Aesthetic? This is a decision that has a lot of different moving parts. Read below to help make the decision a little easier.

Homeowners install fences for privacy, visual appeal, or for the safety of pets and children. If done well, fences are one of the key landscaping features that increase property values. Ask yourself why you need a fence and let that answer guide your decision making, Pickens says. Prioritize your needs over your wants, not the other way around, he suggests. Read more suggestions here.


Best Ways To Celebrate Earth Day 2017 In Denver

Coloradans are particularly avid users and supporters of the great outdoors in one of the most outdoorsy states in the country.

When we aren’t busy being your Denver area fencing company, we like to get out into our communities and take care of them! Earth day is upon us (April 22) and this day is a great opportunity to help take care of our planet. Colorado holds such amazing beauty, even within our cities, and this beauty deserves to be maintained. There are many ways you can participate in the celebrations this weekend:

Spend the day learning how you can make saving the environment a year-long practice. At the Lakewood Earth Day celebration, there will be free demonstrations on beekeeping. seed starting and composting for the year-round environmentalist DIY project. Between seminars, enjoy youth poets from the Denver nonprofit Art from Ashes and music by various local artists. Get out and celebrate your community while learning how you can take a bigger role in protecting it.


There’s no better way to observe Earth Day than by volunteering your time and energy to the environment. On Saturday, April 22 at 8 a.m., head out to Bear Creek Lake Park in Lakewood for the Earth Day Volunteer Project. Pitch in on a handful of different projects throughout the 2,600-acre park. Registration for the event is open until April 21 and people can register as individuals or groups. This event is open to all ages so bring the kids along and teach them the importance of volunteerism.


Ideal for children ages 3-10, the 6th Annual Children’s Peace Garden Bee Earth Day Celebration is a free event at Growing Gardens’ Children’s Peace Garden in Boulder. From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., kids can learn about gardening, composting and beekeeping through a variety of activities. Breakfast and lunch will be served at the event by The Wheel & Whisk Roadside Cafe food truck. On the last remaining piece of agriculturally zoned land in Boulder, tour Growing Gardens’ organic farm during the event as well.

See more options here!


Why a commercial fence is important to your business

Protecting your business is as important as protecting your home. It’s your job and your livelihood, so why not surround it with chain link fence or other materials to mark your property line or to ensure your security?

“A high-quality commercial fences can also improve your curb appeal, attracting more clients to your business. In other words, property upkeep matters, while keeping up a good business image. In order to get the results you want out of your commercial fence installation, it is important to hire a professional fence contractor to design and install your commercial fence. You will want the right commercial fencing for your property so you can deter thieves. Read here about popular commercial fences.

When fencing is in place, depending on your industry, you can show your Denver area customers that you really care about protecting your product and/or equipment so you can continue to provide them with the quality service they can trust.

Fence Painting and Staining

There is some debate on whether to paint or stain a fence. Either choice will provide protection from the elements, insects and normal wear to extend the life of your fence. While this is a personal choice, there are some things to consider:

You may have an old fence or you may have just installed a new one, either way, you might be entertaining the idea of painting or staining it. Residential fences around Denver are varied in design and it’s common to see both creatively painted fences as well as beautifully stained ones.

Your fence is an important part of your home. It provides security, privacy, and—with proper care—a great deal of curb appeal. Once you have invested in a fence, routine maintenance can keep it strong and looking good for years. By maintaining the finish, you will be preventing damage from rot and insects and helping to slow decomposition.

Both provide protection from the elements and can increase the fences overall lifespan. Paint allows for vibrant coloring and bold statements. Stains express the woodgrain and soak deep into the boards. Whether you are planning for a project or are simply curious, you can find out more about this process here.

Fencing to Frame Your House

We talk a lot about different types of fencing options and how to maintain them, yet sometimes we need to also look at the design aesthetic of these options during the decision process.

Once you’ve found your perfect home, having focused on the size, space, and location – you may realize you put some aspects of your yard on the back burner. If you’re considering adding a fence, or looking to mark your property line, you can think of a fence as the frame around your picture-perfect haven.

You may want to install a fence for privacy, or to mark an area of your property, and you can achieve the aesthetic you want as well as the functionality you need for your family and property. There are a variety of materials and styles that will suit your taste, needs and budget.

Denver has a rich western history and home design and landscaping can be very distinct here. Installing fences in Denver requires us to look at how it will frame the home or business. We want everything to flow well and smoothly. Adding good aesthetic plus quality functionality creates the look your home needs and one you can be proud of. Read more here about framing your home with your fence.

Fence Line Landscaping

Landscaping around your fence can create a beautiful design flow throughout your yard. Consider your material when thinking of what to plant. Different materials go better with different types of landscaping elements. Take your yard to a new level and truly complete the look with the right design.

Understand that fencing creates a microclimate, and that this has ramifications for your plants — whether good or bad. For example, if the exposure is southerly (and in full sun), this sheltered environment will experience higher temperatures.

Consider softening the look of a security fence by installing complimentary plants. Depending on each situation, there might also be a reason to hide the fence or camouflage it so it blends in better with the backdrop.

Take advantage of Colorado’s natural beauty all while protecting your property. Denver fence companies are very familiar with these types of landscaping ideas, it’s worth the extra effort to landscape in a way that appreciates Colorado’s nature all while creating a stunning yard.

 If you can tie the fence planting in with rest of your landscape, it will look like an integral part of the yard as a whole, rather than an afterthought. You can accomplish such unity by employing the landscape design principle of repetition: i.e., if you have some maiden grass, for example, in a nearby bed, “repeat” with it along your fence to create the sense that one bed flows into the other.


The Right Fence for Your Backyard Makeover

Choosing the right fence for your home is just one component of completing your dream back yard. Landscaping, grills, play sets and more are all part of this decision process. Choosing the right material for your needs can be the difference between a standard yard and an amazing one. Fence installation companies in Denver do see a lot of people choosing wood fencing for their homes because of its versatility. There are so many different things you can add to your yard to emphasize the natural wood look without breaking the bank. Wood is an affordable residential option that will add security and good aesthetics to your home.

There are several components to consider for your outdoor living space makeover: plants, the lawn, a deck, outdoor furniture, a grill, a fire pit and more. However, this space is incomplete without a fence! A fence is an essential component, keeping your backyard private for your enjoyment. But what kind of fence is right for you? Let’s consider your options.

We know there are lots of aspects to consider when making this decision, so we want to help you as much as we can with the process. We offer a variety of materials and each one has its own specific benefit. We have included some materials and their benefits here, please Read more… to learn about other options as well!

Vinyl – Vinyl fencing is available in a range of styles, such as solid privacy, semi-privacy, space picket and post-and-rail fences. This hard-wearing material won’t warp, splinter, rot, split or blister, and doesn’t need to be repainted, leaving it virtually maintenance-free.