Preparing to Visit Denver in the Winter: Weather Patterns and Climate Conditions

Denver can be one of the most beautiful places you visit during the winter. The season here is remarkable, and from ski resorts to the many impressive urban venues in the center of Denver, there are a lot of things you can see and explore. However, it’s also important to be prepared for what the somewhat unpredictable Denver weather has in store for your stay.

winter in coloradoWhile the highest temperatures in July and May can reach close to 90 degrees, the winter season in Colorado is quite cold. Temperatures in December, January and February can go below 20 degrees, and in some cases even lower. If you want to visit the Rocky Mountains, you can expect snow and freezing temperatures even earlier in the year.

Despite the cold winters, precipitation won’t be much of a problem. The state of Colorado only has about 14 inches of annual precipitation, which leads many experts to consider it an arid state. Because of this, some winters can actually be pleasant, with the sun shining and the weather being perfect for exploring new places.

Metro Fence, leaders in galvanized chain link fence Denver solutions, recommend that if you want to visit Colorado, and most especially Denver, during the winter time, you can rest assured that you’ll enjoy a lot of great sunshine and fruitful exploration time, whether you want to explore the city by foot or just stay in close proximity to your hotel.

Vacationing in Colorado: How to Save Money and Still Have a Great Time

flowers blooming in colorado rocky mountainsColorado is a great place to visit. However, if you’re traveling to the state of Colorado on short notice, or if you want to avoid spending a lot of money on your travels, then it might be best to consider some helpful money-saving advice for your vacation:

  • Consider a less expensive hotel instead of an expensive hotel. In Colorado you’ll have the chance to explore the surrounding wilderness like nowhere else, and instead of a luxury resort or hotel, you’ll find that the adventure and your budget will both have to gain, if you simply register at a local inn.
  • Plan an all-inclusive vacation. There is so much to see in the state of Colorado that it’s hard to decide whether you’d like to spend more time visiting the many impressive local restaurants and venues in Denver, or exploring the legendary Rocky Mountains. An all-inclusive vacation will help you save money while giving you access to some of the best areas in the state of Colorado.
  • You can also save a lot of money by choosing some of the lesser known restaurants and food places in Colorado Springs, Denver or Boulder. Denver in particular has some impressive new restaurants and bars that you’ll want to check out, and many of them can offer budget-friendly service.

Metro Fence, fence installation Denver professionals, wish you happy and safe travels where ever you choose to visit. But of course, we love and hope you enjoy all that Colorado has to offer!

Why Do So Many People Want to Live in Denver?

If you want to move to Denver, you’re definitely not the only one. Colorado’s most important city has been under the spotlight for the past few years as one of the fastest growing cities in the region. And there are a few good reasons why this is so:

  • Denver is a big city. But unlike most larger metropolitan areas in the United States, it’s also extremely safe, civilized and educated. You’ll find a lot of friendly, intelligent neighbors here, and the entire area is remarkably family-friendly, featuring great schools, playgrounds, parks and venues for the entire family. You will find quality Denver fence companies to  help you create beautiful and secure spaces in any neighborhood you choose.
  • If you’re a fan of outdoor areas, Denver is the best place to be. Aside from the many community gardens, parks and other outdoor places, Denver is also close to the Mesa Verde and Rocky Mountain National father hiking with his kids
  • Interested in high quality housing solutions? Denver has no shortage of beautiful houses and luxury apartments for you to consider.
  • Finally, if you want to further your career and find a great job in just about any of the major industries – including construction, architecture, medicine, manufacturing, retail and more – Denver has a growing number of available jobs, as more and more large corporations continue to establish their main bases of operation in or around the city.

With such an impressive list of advantages, it’s no surprise that so many people are flocking to Denver even as we speak. As the area continues to grow and expand, it is also expected to bring a growing number of opportunities when it comes to finding jobs and affordable housing, even for those who don’t have extensive schooling.

The Most Relevant Denver Demographics Information You Have to Know About

With about a million people moving to Colorado in the past decade alone, it’s easy to see why Denver and its respective metropolitan area has enjoyed such an impressive growth rate over the past few years.

Ever since the 1960s, Denver has grown on a steady basis, until it outgrew the entire population of the state of Wyoming in the year 2000. Since then, the Denver metropolitan area has reached a number of 2.5 million individuals, and that number continues to grow as more people are attracted by the improving housing conditions and the impressive work opportunities that this region has to offer.downtown denver as seen from city park Denver is the largest city and one of the only cities that can be considered a true metropolis on a 600-mile radius. For the past 150 years, Denver was a cultural, financial and entertainment capital of the entire state of Colorado, and it certainly doesn’t seem to be losing its reputation today.

A few other important details about Denver’s demographics  has to do with the health and education of its population. 92% of Denver’s adult population has a high school diploma and at least 35% have a bachelor’s degree as well. Compared to the national average, these values are extremely high. Moreover, only about 20% of Denver’s adult population is overweight, compared to  almost half of the entire population of America, according to a recent federal report.

We hope you have found this information helpful. As a residential Denver fence company, we love living in and supporting the Denver community. Call us if you are looking for home or business fencing services.

What’s Happening in Construction in Colorado and How Will Current Projects Shape the Future?

There are a lot of large construction projects currently being underway in Colorado. From Denver’s imposing skyscrapers getting new neighbors to populate the local scenery, to new multifamily housing units being built throughout Denver, Colorado Springs, Boulder and most of the other notable cities in the state of Colorado, there are numerous new projects that are reshaping the future of the state for good.

After Denver was recently associated with the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty’s hall of shame, new measures were taken to protect the homeless in the city and provide them with better shelter. The recent initiative for building a second “tiny home” village for the homeless was crowned with success, and its inauguration for the spring of 2018 looks promising.

Denver city skyline Denver is also launching initiatives to build more restaurants and affordable housing units. In a surprise decision, investors met to sign a deal that would commit $24 million to establishing the Elevation Community Land Trust, which will provide 700 new affordable housing units.

Other cities in Colorado have also taken the initiative to accelerate their building efforts. Downtown Colorado Springs will never be the same, after investors committed more than $600 million to local commercial construction projects, while Boulder construction teams are working around the clock on renovation projects throughout the city, including the Brenton Building, which is one of the largest renovation projects in the entire city.

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