Really Fun Things to Do for Free in Denver This Winter

Denver is a place where you can always find something exciting to do. Whether visiting one of the numerous museums and venues, or just going for a walk in the City Park, the city has a wealth of opportunities to offer, each more exciting than the one before. Most importantly, if you’re low on cash this winter, or you want to save up for that beautiful new present you’ve promised your spouse, there are also a lot of enjoyable activities you can consider that are completely free of charge:

  • The Denver Art Museum offers free days a number of times per year. Thankfully, one of them is on December the 2nd of this year, so you can consider visiting the museum before Christmas and seeing all of its beautiful galleries and the unique and priceless works of art it houses.
  • Fillmore Plaza will play host to a free community event known as the Winter Fest. Cherry Creek North residents can enjoy anything from ice carving to enjoyable Christmas carols.
  • The Denver Story Trek also provides you with an entirely unique experience. New residents, in particular, will love this engaging and highly educational historic tour, which will inform you and your children on the fascinating stories behind Denver’s majestic landmarks and landscapes.

There are many other interesting activities to consider in Denver this winter. Ranging from the free Denver public art tours to the famous Celestial Seasonings Tour, there are a lot more free opportunities than you can even imagine.

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Moving to the Most Livable and Beneficial Neighborhoods Near Downtown Denver

You might be looking to relocate to Denver with your entire family. Or maybe you’re a single, young employee who just landed a job with one of the more prestigious companies that have settled with their business in Denver. Regardless of the reason, finding the right location for your new home is one of the first choices you’ll have to make.

If you want a Denver neighborhood with a beautiful lake, welcoming locals, family-friendly venues and excellent options for getting around the entire Denver metropolitan area, Windsor should be first on your list. This neighborhood is extremely safe, and it’s also home to some of the largest apartment and townhouse complexes in Denver, so finding an available home will not be a problem.

For anyone who’s a fan of outstanding outdoor areas, it doesn’t get much better than Washington Park. Aside from the large, old trees and huge outdoor spaces in the area, you’ll also find lots of newly designed, modern buildings, and an active community of pet lovers, cyclists and people walking or running just about anywhere. Moreover, Wash Park also has some of the greatest shopping and dining options in the Denver area.

Finally, South Park Hill is a well-rounded community with a low crime rate, excellent schools, good housing options and welcoming bike lanes. There’s something for everyone here, and you can also enjoy easy access to restaurants and pizza places, the Denver Zoo, the Denver Museum of Science and Nature and the City Park.

These are just a few of the many Denver Metro neighborhoods that have lots of opportunities for affordability, lifestyle, and architectural diversity. A Denver real estate agent can best help you find the home that works best for your lifestyle and budget.

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What Are the Best Denver Real Estate Areas to Invest in?

Whether you’re looking for a small house to buy and sell for a profit, or you’re in it for the long haul, with rental properties you can’t wait to manage, the following Denver neighborhoods might have precisely what you’re looking for in terms of a profitable investment:

  • Hilltop is considered one of Denver’s most prestigious neighborhoods. People who manage to buy a house here can enjoy some of the finest classic Denver architecture, a welcoming community, plenty of green spaces and an exceptionally low level of crime.
  • Close to the Denver Tech Center, Hampden South is one of the fastest growing communities in Denver, and with sales price skyrocketing, it’s easy to see why this would be a great place for investing in real estate. The prices, however, are more than justified, since Hampden South features outstanding malls and stores, beautiful views of the foothills and a very safe community.
  • Sloan Lake is a quiet and energetic Denver neighborhood that has recently received upgrades in the form of hi-tech housing units. The area attracts a wide diversity of residents, with younger professionals and families all trying to get a piece of the action in this nature-friendly, yet highly refined area of the Denver metropolitan region.

These are just a few of the best neighborhoods you can consider investing in. While buying a house in some of these areas can be a somewhat expensive investment, recent statistics show that home prices and rents in these areas are expected to rise even more in the next two years.

Rest assured, there are wonderful neighborhoods all around the Denver Metro area that offer diversity in affordability, activities, and lifestyle. Explore the limitless possibilities! And when you find the home of your dreams, please call the best Denver fence companies to complete any landscaping fencing needs you may have! Good luck with your home search.

What Are the Top Colorado High Schools to Send Your Children to?

While you’re in the process of relocating to Colorado with your entire family, finding the right high schools for your children is one of the most important task you have. If you want your teenagers to gain access to the top schools in the state, the following three options should be among your top picks:

  • One of the best and oldest high schools in Colorado is the Boulder High School. Founded in 1875, this is a highly prestigious academic center focused on supporting advanced placement courses in 30 different subjects. In 2015, the high school was responsible for the successful graduation of 105 AP scholars, 50 of which were AP national scholars.
  • Part of the Lewis-Palmer School District #38, the Lewis-Palmer High School is considered one of the safest and most proficient in Colorado. Here you can be sure your children are provided with an excellent education, a fun campus focused on learning and safety, as well as excellent scheduling and good support for students of any ethnicity.
  • Finally, Grandview provides both parents and teens with excellent support, and it’s one of the best high schools to send your children to, if you want them to have a glowing career later in life. With a lot of supplemental programs and good academic assessment practices, this high school will offer your children the best evaluations to keep track of their progress and help them adapt accordingly.

These are just a few of the excellent schools offered in the Denver metro/Boulder area. There will be a school that works best for your family’s needs and abilities.

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