Commercial Fence Benefits

Commercial fences certainly have many benefits, not only for protecting, but also for creating and keeping privacy. The most common type of commercial fence is chain link.

First of all, we could speak of the aesthetic element. Thus, a fence can help mask buildings such as warehouses, or make the entrance to your property more appealing.

Peace and quietude are two other things that a commercial fence can guarantee. Thus, you can keep trespassers or unwanted visitors at a distance, so that you can focus on your work and thus make your business grow and prosper.

Privacy can be obtained with a classic wood fence. But in case you need security, metal fences can be an even better option.

A commercial fence can help you control the access to certain parts of your commercial building. You can thus make sure that all your employees are in the right areas, safe and free from unwanted risks and hazards.

Moreover, a commercial fence properly-built by Denver fence companies, can keep your property safe from vandalism, robberies or other similar crimes.

Another great benefit brought by commercial fencing is that it can help delineate your property lines, so that there are no confusions or misunderstandings between you and your neighbors.

Residential Fence Do’s and Don’ts

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Fences can serve many purposes. They do not merely separate two areas from each other, they offer safety and intimacy, and they improve a home’s curb appeal, and solve many other problems. According to a leading residential fence company, the most popular fencing materials include wood, wrought iron, aluminum, steel, and vinyl or chain link.

Among the many do’s, we could mention:

  • Do verify that you have all the necessary parts before beginning the installation.
  • Do make sure you are using a level for the plumb posts.
  • Do remember to decide on where to place the gate, so as to avoid any unpleasant surprises after the fence is installed.
  • Do use crushed stones or gravel at the postholes’ bottom.
  • Do keep your fence in a good state, using proper maintenance procedures, according to the material’s requirements.

As far as the don’ts are concerned, here are some of them:

  • Don’t start installing the fence until you have checked your property lines.
  • Don’t forget about corner bracing.
  • Don’t hesitate to dig deep holes for your posts.
  • Don’t forget to use the post caps. Without them, the posts can get filled with water and therefore get damaged more easily.

These are but a few of the secrets of a long-lasting, beautiful fence.


How To Design A Good Gate For You Fence

No matter if you have a traditional or a contemporary fence, gates certainly play an important part in the whole assembly of a home or commercial property.

You may want to cover a side garden, or simply to keep unwanted creatures outside. No matter the reason why you should get a gate, it certainly is essential to have one.

For instance, in case you have a classic white picket fence, you can still do something to make your gate unique and outstanding, like highlighting the gate part of the fencing system. You can also create a charming gate by using reclaimed wood.

In case you have a hedgerow, you can install a colorful wooden gate, which will certainly make your home look more appealing and welcoming.

Thornton gate

Another good idea would be to go for an artistic Thornton gate and fence combination. You can ask for advice from an artist, you can do the work on your own, or with the help of your kids. A cut-out gate could also do the trick. Shapes such as hearts, keyholes, spades, etc. would certainly look amazing.

Using a cover for your gate may be another interesting idea which is sure to draw positive reactions from passers-by, friends or acquaintances.


New Materials Used by Fence Companies

There is a wide variety of materials for fencing projects that can be used both for residential, and for commercial buildings. Wooden fencing is most popular, but a busy Thornton fence company confirms that there a other types of fences being requested as well.

Thornton fence company

Vinyl can be a great material for most fences. It is extremely durable, it has a clean appearance and very easy to maintain. White certainly is the most commonly used color for a vinyl fence. However, there are plenty more colors to choose from, including faux-wood textures.

Steel fences are typically used for pool or patio areas. Galvanized steel is the most preferable variant in most cases.

Composite materials are another good option offered by fence companies. Composite is a mixture of recycled wood and plastic. They can be made to resemble wood fences, but they are more long-lasting, mainly due to their plastic content. Moreover, they can take several different shapes, to match mostly any style or structure.

PVC is another new material used by fence companies which can last for a long time, thus reducing many costs. Pickets, stakes and post sleeves can all be made of PVC.

Metal fences are another popular trend. The most preferred types of metal include aluminum, chain link fencing and wrought iron. Certain types of metals may need special treatment against rust or other signs of wear and tear.

Is it Smarter to Replace or Repair a Fence?

When faced with the choice of replacing or repairing your Brighton fence,  the best thing to do is make a thorough analysis of the damage. You must accurately estimate the state of your fence in order to decide on the best solutions to adopt. Of course, the exact type of repair needed strictly depends on the type of fence that you have, namely on the material, style, etc.

Brighton fence

Wood fences are among the most beautiful types of fences. However, they are also the least resistant to outside conditions and other often destructive elements. The extent of damage that a wood fence can reach depends on the type of wood. While a spruce fence lasts for 4 to 7 years, a pine fence can last for up to 12 years. Cedar is the most expensive, but also the most resistant type of wood. A cedar fence can last for as long as 30 years.

According to experts’ opinion, a fence may need to be replaced if more than 20% of it requires immediate repairs. A wood fence would probably require only a few pickets at a time to be repaired, whereas in the case of a vinyl fence, whole panel replacements may be necessary.


What Should You Do With That Old Fence?

Thornton fencing repair

Perhaps you want to replace your old fence with a new one, and wonder what you should be doing with that stuff after you remove it. There are many ideas for re-using parts of your older fence.

One such idea is to build a wooden clock. Older posts which are no longer part of a fencing system can create a beautifully rustic type of clock, which can also be useful. Colorful birdhouses are yet another great idea for purposefully re-using your old fence.

A rustic coffee table is yet another great option, especially if you put wheels to it, and you add extra ornaments such as a beautiful vase.

Another great idea is to use your old fence for creating direction signs for your most preferred destinations. This can be particularly fun if you live close to the beach.

A high heel rack may be one of the easiest and most efficient ways to re-use an old fence. All you need to do is turn it to one side, so that the slats stay horizontally, and you can use it for storing high-heeled shoes. A towel bar or potting bench can be some other good ideas for re-purposing your fence.

Metro Fence – Thornton can help you tear down and haul away old fencing materials, repair, or replace your fence – whatever is needed. They provide honest and timely services.


Creative Ideas in Residential Fence Design


Fences play an essential part in the creation of a beautiful curb appeal. They do more than just provide you with safety and security. They also ensure the framework for your garden or other areas in your courtyard. Westminster fencing design specialists say that the best chosen type of fence matches the home’s surroundings and general style.

Westminster fencing

Modern black horizontal slats are minimalist, yet very elegant and stylish. This type of fence is very easy to maintain and very solid.

Rustic-style fences are another popular and charming option in contemporary home design. Cedar tones tend to create a warm atmosphere, while also ensuring the much needed privacy.

Backyard walls can be made of concrete, for a modern look, completed by highest-degree safety and security. Adding geometrical finish lines is the best option in this case.

A vertical timber fencing system looks imposing and powerful. It is the best idea in case you have no problem exposing your yard, while also keeping intruders at a distance.

An etched metal fence door with a unique and interesting pattern is yet another creative idea for your fence design. Bamboo privacy fence can look both beautiful and clean.

A modern gabion wall can be another unique choice for homeowners who are into creative options for their fencing projects.

What are the Most Modern Looking Materials to Use Building a Fence?

Owning a home is a big thing, and you need to make sure you provide it with safety and security as well. Therefore, a fence certainly is an essential part of your living environment, not only for pleasing your eyes, but also for keeping your dear ones and your animals safe from intruders and traffic-related dangers.

Arvada fencing

A modern home calls for a contemporary Arvada fencing design also. The idea is to create a visually fluid impression, not overwhelming for the landscape and also making your architectural style stand out.

Your home’s flora elements beautifully accompany a modern looking fence, which manages to blend in with your living environment, while also being quite visible.

A vertical wood fence can look modern, especially if painted in darker tones, and if it is also complemented by vegetal elements. An alternative to the traditional wood fence is the wood-plastic composite type of fencing. The composite fence material is made from plastic bags and recycled wood. Its great advantage is that it does not buckle, rot, sag, etc. It has a board-on-board type of layout which offers your fence privacy both in and out.

Cedar is a highly popular material for fences these days, especially if it is used for horizontal lines’ type of structures.

Where To Shop for a Gate Installation Company

Before deciding on the gate installation company, there are certain things you should take into account.

Westminster gate installation

First of all, when you call on your gate company, the call should not be generic. In other words, they should answer with the name of the company.

Advertising should always include a valid physical address, so that you can go there in person and find out more about the kind of work they offer. Checking listings with Better Business Bureau, a free service for helping customers, may be another good idea.

Other details which may give you a clue about who to work with include the fact that they put pressure on you to decide quickly, if they pressure you to pay cash, and so on. A professional Westminster gate installation company with integrity will provide you with a written estimate of the total costs for your gate installation job.

Another important thing to check is whether they offer any kind of warranty or guarantee for their work. The costs may vary depending on the exact type of gate. Of course, electric gates are among the most expensive ones, and their installation can cost between 3000 and 12,000 dollars.

Ideas for First Time Home Buyers when Building a Fence

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Fences can make a home look better, while also offering it protection and privacy. Before starting to build a fence, there are some things homeowners should know.

The first thing you could consider is why you may want to build a fence. In case you merely want to protect your children and pets, then the practical chain-link fence may suffice. But if you need a fence for privacy and blocking noise, you need a fence made from more solid materials. In most cases, people have more than just one single reason for building a fence, and because of that, choosing the right style and type of material can be a complex matter.

Astute Arvada fence company representatives suggest that you discuss with your neighbor how costs will be divided for those fences that offer both neighbors privacy and which way the finished side of the fence will face.

Wood fences can look great, but they require more care than vinyl fences, for instance. Bamboo, aluminum, wrought iron or steel are some other low-maintenance options.

Moreover, you need to do a research regarding local codes and legislation before starting your fence building project. Basically, you need to know the distance at which a fence should be placed on a property.