Creative Ideas in Residential Fence Design


Fences play an essential part in the creation of a beautiful curb appeal. They do more than just provide you with safety and security. They also ensure the framework for your garden or other areas in your courtyard. Westminster fencing design specialists say that the best chosen type of fence matches the home’s surroundings and general style.

Westminster fencing

Modern black horizontal slats are minimalist, yet very elegant and stylish. This type of fence is very easy to maintain and very solid.

Rustic-style fences are another popular and charming option in contemporary home design. Cedar tones tend to create a warm atmosphere, while also ensuring the much needed privacy.

Backyard walls can be made of concrete, for a modern look, completed by highest-degree safety and security. Adding geometrical finish lines is the best option in this case.

A vertical timber fencing system looks imposing and powerful. It is the best idea in case you have no problem exposing your yard, while also keeping intruders at a distance.

An etched metal fence door with a unique and interesting pattern is yet another creative idea for your fence design. Bamboo privacy fence can look both beautiful and clean.

A modern gabion wall can be another unique choice for homeowners who are into creative options for their fencing projects.