Guide to Fencing Materials

choosing residential fencing Denver materials

The fence is an element that delimits different areas and may have a protective purpose. But, besides functionality, the fence has an aesthetic role too, adding more personality to your property. In addition, building the fence is not such a demanding project, and with a proper plan, you can get a beautiful fence in no time.

choosing residential fencing Denver materials

How to choose the right type of residential fencing Denver materials and style

Besides its decorative role, the fence is also a safety element for your home. For example, you can choose a high stone fence, which will ensure your privacy, or a modern, rustic or even gothic fence, to meet your preferences and the style of your home and property in general.

Recommended materials for fences

The type of material used for the construction of the fence is one of the main criteria that you must consider before starting the project. Depending on the result you want to achieve, but also your available budget, you can choose between different types of fence materials including:

  • Wooden fences
  • Stone fences (marble, slate, travertine)
  • Brick fences
  • Fences from wooden panels
  • White picket fences
  • Mesh fences
  • Gabion fences
  • PVC fences
  • Concrete fences
  • Metal fences

Why Choose Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl has become increasingly popular in the fencing industry, in recent years. The owners of houses surrounded by such a fence will enjoy its protection even for 50 years, according to specialists. Vinyl fences do not rust, do not fade and must not be painted or treated with special solutions. The only maintenance operation owners must take into account is cleaning their fence with water and detergents, at least now and then.

Westminster vinyl fencing

Compared to their wooden counterparts, the advantages of vinyl fences include increased resistance and durability, as well as ability to withstand weather, insect attack, fungi and rot. Westminster fencing contractors can provide you with additional facts regarding vinyl fencing.

The owners of PVC fences enjoy more advantages even compared to those who have concrete fences, because vinyl does not crack nor it allows mold formation. Additionally, it looks neater and doesn’t lose its aspect in time.

Vinyl fences can be installed quickly – around 35 linear meters per day.

This type of fencing also has a major advantage, namely that it can accurately mimic most other fencing materials. Whether it is stone, wrought iron or wood, a vinyl fence can be designed to reproduce precisely the material that the owner would like to have. In addition, it can have any shape or color, so that it can be matched to various other elements.

Exploring the Most Significant Benefits of Affordable Privacy Fencing Projects

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Privacy fencing is a great idea when you want to have fun with your friends and loved ones and you’d prefer not to have any prying eyes making you feel uncomfortable. Unfortunately, many privacy fencing options can be quite expensive, so most people give up on them before they even explore all their options. With affordable privacy fencing options, you don’t have to deal with that problem at all.

You’ll find that many times the solutions listed on a contractor’s website or those they tell you about upfront when you call them are not the only ones they have to offer. In most cases, Thornton fence company pros can also provide you with a more affordable solution, such as low-cost fencing materials and simpler projects that don’t take so much time and energy to complete.

Thornton fence company

The benefits behind these types of fencing projects are usually very clear: you get a fair quality fence for a price you can afford, and you don’t have to worry about anyone peering into your back yard to see what you’re up to. Moreover, most of the materials used are recycled, so you’ll get your privacy fence while also helping the environment.

Affordable privacy fencing might not be as flashy or intriguing as some of the more expensive options available, but it will get the job done, and it might even take less time than you expected.

Ornamental Fence Designs

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Your garden or yard would not be complete without a fence. Fences contribute to the aesthetics of the outdoor space, so it is necessary to give them due importance, especially if we also consider their practical role.

The living fence – because it is trendy to be “green”

If you want an ecological, natural and very aesthetically pleasing fence, then the living fence is the right choice. Moreover, this alternative to a traditional fence brings with it a number of advantages: it provides protection from wind and even storms, it retains dust and noxious and, at the same time, it transforms the garden into a wonderful place. With little attention and minimal effort you can get all these benefits.

There are countless species combinations for creating a decorative living fence. For example, you can use a combination of trees and shrubs. Thuja occidentalis (white-cedar) is an evergreen specie that you should definitely consider.

ornamental iron fence Denver


Custom metal fences

No, it is not just about forged iron fence designs, although they are always in style, but also about custom fences made from decorative metal panels. These take into account the design desired by the client, the necessary dimensions and the allocated budget. Besides the fact that these fences have a special and even unique decorative role, they also offer the privacy that wrought iron fences do not provide.

Get more ideas on unique fence designs from ornamental iron fence Denver companies.

Why it’s Important to Clear Snow Off Your Fence

protect your fence in winter

A heavy snowfall is just like this: heavy. Sometimes too heavy for a fence that may break under its weight (especially when it comes to a wood fence), or at least become vulnerable to further damage. Besides, snow accumulation also means moisture that affects both wood fences and metal fences, generating rot or rust. This is why clearing snow off your fence is very important, but it must be completed with other operation to make sure your fence can withstand the cold season and its challenges.

protect your fence in winter

Preparing your fence for snow must start with repairing the existing damage before winter arrives. The fence must be inspected carefully, fixings must be tightened, snapped rails must be repaired and rotten or rusted sections – cleaned or replaced. You can add a new layer of paint for further protection (and to improve the fence`s aspect, for that matter!)

You must check the posts and make sure they are secure and stable. Considering that vegetation nearby can be dangerous in the cold season (falling tree branches caused by snow accumulation or winter storms can damage the fence), the best thing is to trim overhanging vegetation.

Finally yet importantly, when you clean the snow from your driveway or pathways, make sure you do not pile it against the fence, as many people do.

If you do find that you need fence repair or replacement, contact the best fence installation Denver company you can find to ensure quality and longevity.

Top Materials for Security Fencing

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Security fencing is a type of structure used for the delimitation of a property that serves mainly practical purposes, such as privacy and the protection of the premises from intruders, the aesthetic role being of secondary importance. The materials used for building security fences need to be strong, durable and resistant to the elements – here are Thornton fence company top choices:

  • Timber fencing – these fences combine strong wood with even stronger steel frames and posts for enhanced durability. Timber fences can be styled to block the view from the exterior completely and their height can be customized to the requirements of the premises;
  • Metal fencing – metal is a strong and versatile material that is used for manufacturing various types of fences. The list of the types of Thornton fence company metal fences used for security is long, the most common being palisade fencing consisting of poles joined by metal connecting elements and used for building tall fences that form very durable defensive structures and apex railings with pegs that are not only durable, but also attractive;

Thornton fecnce company security fencing

  • Mesh fencing – fencing made from metal mesh is a great, economical solution that provides maximum security. There are lots of options when it comes to the density and the style of the mesh, allowing the owner of the propriety to choose the option that works best for the specific requirements of the propriety.

Mistakes Made When Investing in a New Fence

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Fences, and sometimes gates, are necessary property components. But they are not cheap, so you need to be very cautious when picking the material for the fence. Here are some of the most common mistakes made when investing into a new fence and gate:

  • Buying low-quality materials – the initial investment might be smaller if you buy low-quality material, but the decision will compromise the durability of your fence and gate, so it is not worthwhile on the long run; The best advice for gate installation is to use a reputable and trusted Westminster gate installation specialist to provide you with  HIGH QUALITY and long term performance options.

Westminster gate installation

  • Using untreated wood – if your fence has wood components as well, one of the biggest mistakes that you can make is to leave the wood untreated. In lack of protective coating, the wood components can develop rot, they can be damaged by excessive sunshine and temperature changes and they will be defenseless in front of pest attacks;
  • Using fence posts that are too short – getting shorter posts might also seem like a way to reduce the costs, but in fact it is a costly mistake. Fence posts need to go down into the ground to a certain depth to be able to hold the rest of the fence firmly in place; if they are too short, they will not be able to their job and the resulting fence will be a weak one.

The Most Important Benefits of Metal Fencing

ornamental iron fence in Denver

ornamental iron fence in Denver

Metal is one of the most popular fencing materials – whether made from steel, aluminum, iron or some other alloy, metal fences have features that are beneficial for any property. Here are some of the most important benefits:

  • Great cost to value ratio – metal fences are not the cheapest fencing options, but the sturdiness and the durability makes the investment worthwhile;
  • Security – metal fences can endure a lot, protecting the property they are installed on from intruders as well as the elements;
  • Curb appeal – metal is a versatile material that can be shaped into sheets, poles and is suitable for executing even the most sophisticated designs. An elegant ornamental iron fence in Denver may be considered to be the classiest of them all, but the other alloys used for making fences can also feature very attractive designs;
  • Resistance – many property owners dismiss metal fences because they are concerned about the material’s sensitivity to rusting. The truth is that most alloys used in fences don’t rust and even iron fencing components are coated for achieving resistance to rust. To ensure the rust-free longevity of your iron fence, you should reapply the coating, but the process is simple and needs to be carried out only every 3-5 years.

Fence Maintenance Tips for First Time Homeowners

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If you are a first-time homeowner, you are surely overwhelmed by the amount of work that you need to put into your property. Your fence, whatever style it is and whatever material it is made from, is probably a sturdy construction, but if you want to keep it that way, make sure to include it into your home maintenance checklist. Here are the tasks that you should perform:

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  • Regular inspections – perform a detailed health check on your fence at least twice a year as well as after strong storms or other extreme weather events and repair whatever fault you find during the inspection; Should your fence require extensive maintenance, look to a top rated Denver fence company for exceptional repair services.
  • Regular cleaning – perform a thorough cleaning of the fence every six months. Most fences can be cleaned with a mild detergent and some warm water applied with a sponge or with a power washer. In the final phase, remove the soap water residues;
  • Apply protection – fences made from synthetic material are impervious to rot, insects and rust, so they don’t need coating, but wood and metal fences need to be protected from the elements with the right type of surface coating. Always apply the coating on a clean and intact surface, so the cleaning and the repairs should precede the coating process.

Is It Safe for Vines to Grow On Fences?

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Vines can play multiple, beneficial roles when they climb on fences, making the fence not only more attractive, but enhancing its protective qualities and making it more private, too. Unfortunately, vines can also be damaging for the fence – if their growth is not controlled, they can damage the fence. Fortunately, they are easy to keep under control – according to recognized Brighton fence company professionals, here is how to make the vines on your fence safe:

Brighton fence company

  • Choose the right type of vines – certain types of woody vines, such as trumpet vines or wisteria are attractive and have spectacular, fragrant flowers, but they tend to extend their roots too much, damaging fence posts during the process. Invasive species are also dangerous for fences – they tend to acquire the land around, driving out indigenous plant species and damaging built structures on their way, including your fence. The best type of vines to choose for your fence are non-woody species, such as sweet pea, morning glory, nasturtium or moonflower;
  • Manage the vines – regularly trimming the vines and inspecting the fencing underneath is essential for making sure that your fence is safe, undamaged by the vines and that the plants that grow on and around it do not proliferate excessively.