When Is It Time to Set Up a Brand New Fence Around Your Denver Home?

Do you feel that your home is overly exposed with your old fence? Do you want to set up a brand new fence that will reflect the style that you used for remodeling your home quite recently? Maybe you just bought a new house, and you want to tear down the old fence and add a brand new one just to make it look new. All these instances are great for considering a brand new fence. However, there’s more.

Deciding on setting up a new fence is not so easy. You have to consider the costs involved and how much time will be required to set up your new fence. Also, which materials are considered to be more durable and less problematic when it comes to maintenance? Finally, it’s a good idea to pay close attention to aesthetics and how you want your fence to look, in order to improve curb appeal. The final point is especially important if you’re looking to sell your home, and you want to get a better price. garden with an old wooden fence Fortunately, you don’t have to make your decision lightly or alone. Plenty of residential fencing company Denver new fence contractors are available to help you out. They can advise you on the best course of action to take and on whether replacing your old fence is a good idea at this time.

Spring Time Maintenance Tips for Obtaining the Perfect Lawn

cute little girl sitting on the grass on a sunny dayAmericans love taking care of their lawns. That has never been a secret. If you’re interested in making your lawn look beautiful, it’s important to consider the appropriate spring time maintenance tasks for the job:

  1. Rake away the thatch. Thatch is essentially dead and dying grass that has to be swept away as swiftly as possible when spring comes. Failure to do so could encourage pests and disease setting in.
  2. Another important thing to do once spring arrives is to test your soil’s pH. Alkaline soil featuring pH levels that are too high can be countered with sulfate and a broadcast spreader for added efficiency. If the pH level is too low (acidic soil), add some lime the same way, but make sure to read up on the amount you have to add.
  3. Lawn enthusiasts love to “weed and feed.” This is one of their most favorite springtime activities, but it’s important to make sure not to overdo it. Pulling only broadleaf weeds and cross-spraying should be enough for ideal results.
  4. Finally, early spring is the best time for seeding your lawn. Whether you’re starting from scratch or not, be mindful of the time required for cold weather grass to grow.
  5. Schedule Arvada fence company maintenance and repair specialists to do an inspection on your perimeter fencing and make needed upkeep changes.

With these quick and simple tips you can get your lawn growing and looking brand new in just a few weeks as spring sets in. Your lawn will be the talk of the town, and your guests will certainly appreciate a tidy lawn that you can show off whenever any visitors arrive.

What Are the Best Types of Fences You Can Buy for Your Pets?

Buying a new fence for your home can be a challenging prospect. But if you have a pet as well, your choices are even more problematic. So how do you go about buying the best fences for pets such as dogs, cats or even guinea pigs and wombats?

smiling yellow labThe trick is to get a fence that can’t be chewed away too easily and that doesn’t have too many holes or gaps. Your pets could use these gaps to leave the premises and make them larger, leading to less curb appeal. At the same time, however, if you have a cat you could still consider a wooden fence, since cats typically find it easier to climb up on the fence and not chew or damage the wood.

Ornate chain link fences, as well as metal, wood or stone fences can all be good if you own a dog. Your dog won’t mind the fence too much, and you can always get an additional dog fence to keep your fur babies away from some of the more fragile areas of the fence.

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to these fences, and you’ll usually find it’s easy to select one that your pet will love. A pet friendly residential fence company can help you chose the fence that works best with your family needs. However, pay close attention to your expenses as well, and make sure you don’t overspend on an overly sophisticated or luxurious fence that your pet might just end up damaging.

A Few Helpful Ways to Dress Up Your Chain Link Fence and Save Money

Dressing up your chain link fence is usually a cheaper and more practical solution than installing a vinyl or wooden fence. If you just bought a new home, and you don’t like the appearance of your chain link fence, you can still retain it, recognizing its practical qualities and the long term durability of the metal. However, if you’re looking for more stylish fencing options, the following ideas should help you out:

  • Consider installing a decorative ornamental iron fence Denver fence builders offer. The look can be beautiful and stunning.
  • Rolled bamboo fencing is one of the best solutions for camouflaging an unsightly chain link fence. Bamboo’s light and bright color and natural texture will improve your home’s curb appeal, while providers will usually offer an excellent price for these fences.
  • You can also try wood fence panels. They can easily be screwed onto a chain link fence, and you can use them for additional safety and support. A wood-enhanced chainlink fence will be aesthetic and more durable at the same time.
  • Finally, get chain link fence slats to improve your appearance of your fence without any expensive add-ons. These slats offer added privacy and improve curb appeal while only requiring the lowest possible price investment.

Decoration items, flowers and covers can also be considered, however, none will make your home look as tidy and welcoming as the options presented above.

What Is Vinyl Fencing and Why Is It an Important Asset to Your Home?

Since PVC fences first appeared on the market, vinyl became remarkably popular. The use of vinyl fences using more advanced manufacturing methods has now become one of the most significant aspect of the market. With vinyl, you get a more affordable material and durable and better overall solutions for your home.

pretty vinyl fencingSo what is vinyl fencing anyway? Also known as a “synthetic” fence, a vinyl or PVC fence is basically made of a type of durable plastic designed for various home improvement applications, such as replacing your roof, siding and yes, even your fence.

A PVC fence is typically made from polypropylene, polythene or nylon. It’s mainly manufactured through a process known as “mono extrusion” which blends all the materials and chemicals to an equal dosage to obtain the best quality PVC.

Vinyl has several advantages over other types of materials. Virgin resin ensures more dependable and durable performance, while the use of titanium dioxide as part of the manufacturing recipe makes the finish brighter and more resilient.

Vinyl fencing offers a great number of options when it comes to customization and texture. Also, many superior vinyl products include additional materials for reinforcement, such as aluminum, which effectively provides them with added strength.

A top Denver fence company representative can meet with you to discuss your fencing needs and help you determine what will work best with your landscaping, home, and budget.

How to Use Fencing in an Artistic Way to Enhance Your Landscaping

Trying to figure out how to set up your fence so it’ll look and feel great? The following ideas should be able to help you start the ball rolling on getting creative with your fencing decorations:

  • A can fence garden would be exceptionally beautiful to have, and it won’t cost you a lot of money. The idea is to have a set of tin cans, paint them, and use them as planting pots for flowers that you suspend on the fence.

very happy family stand together

  • You can use picture frames and pleasant watercolor paintings made by your children as a playful idea to decorate plain wooden fences. This idea has to do with combining the spontaneous creativity of your little ones with the beauty of a traditional wooden fence design.
  • One of the coolest ideas for children who love to draw and write is to set up an outdoor chalkboard and hang it up on your fence. That’s one of the most unique and enchanting ways of decorating your fence and engaging your kids in fun activities at the same time.

You can try many other residential fencing Denver landscaping options as well, such as setting up lights, interesting wooden decorations and hanging plates and ornate pots that you can reuse as hanging decorations. The sky is the limit!

5 Top Ideas for Fun Winter Activities in Denver CO

Visiting Denver during the winter can be one of the most unforgettable trips you’ve ever had. As long as you plan your trip well, you’ll find there are a lot of fun things to do here:

colorado convention centerVisit some of Denver’s beautiful ice skating rinks, such as the Downtown Denver Rink, and show off your skills along with the entire family. It’s free of charge, and it can be a lot of fun!

  1. About 4,000 acres of beautiful parks and parkways make up Denver’s urban wonderland. In the winter, these parks have a special atmosphere, offering great opportunities for walking, practicing nature photography or engaging in activities like sledding and cross-country skiing.
  2. If you’re tired of outdoor activities and staying out in the cold, get warm while visiting the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. If your kids love dinosaurs, this place will be the ultimate treat, especially with the impressive Ultimate Dinosaurs gallery.
  3. The winter day trips in Denver will really make your day regardless of when you visit. You can get to the Denver Botanic Gardens, check out the Red Rocks Amphitheater’s visitor center, and get to the Rocky Mountain National Park all within the same day.
  4. Finally, visiting Denver in the winter opens up a lot of fun possibilities for attending exciting events, some of them even for free. Aside from the Parade of Lights Weekend and the stunning New Year’s Eve fireworks, you can also check out the unique, annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s “Marade” and the famous St. Patrick’s Day parade.

If you are scheduling events in Denver that require security fencing to provide organized entry to an event, or safety solutions, consider calling experienced chain link fence Denver installation experts Metro Fence.

What Are the Absolute Most Useful Fences for Blocking Road Noises?

woman screaming

Imagine wanting to spend a quiet Sunday afternoon at home, perhaps considering a barbecue with the family. What would you do if your neighbor decided to do some renovation work and inadvertently influence your day? This is a common occurrence, and one that just adds to the many different types of road noises and disturbances you might be facing. Fortunately, it can easily be dealt with, if you simply consider looking into road noise Westminster fencing solutions.

Your fence needs to be capable of blocking out a significant portion of the sound that comes from the outside world. Now, this isn’t a feat that you can gain from any old fence. In fact, very few materials will be useful and resilient enough. Also, you won’t, of course, be able to soundproof your home, since the noise will still be heard over the fence.

A stone wall can be a good attempt to block out at least some of the noise coming from the street. Depending on how large it is, you’ll also have some privacy and a good amount of safety. Car noises and a number of other disturbances can easily be eliminated with a 2½ feet tall stone wall.

A barrier fence will also be helpful enough to block out the noise, but only if the material and the structure is thick and sturdy enough to offer at least some soundproof protection. Masonry, brick and stucco-covered concrete are among your best options when it comes to finding alternatives to stone.

How to Achieve Low-Budget Curb Appeal with Little or No Effort

When it comes to redecorating and making sure your home looks great, there are a lot of options if money is not a problem. However, if you’re on a budget, a lot of people would tell you that your possibilities are far more limited. This doesn’t have to be so.

white wooden fenceThe following low-budget ideas for curb appeal improvement will likely surprise you:

  • The first thing to do is simply paint your front door and shutters. This isn’t a costly endeavor, since the paint you need will only have a price of about $30. Moreover, if you find a good provider you can choose among dozens of inviting colors, each more beautiful and enchanting than the one before.
  • Another quick change you can try is to upgrade your mailbox. A brand new mailbox will cost even less than the paint, and it’ll give visitors the impression that your house is well-kept.
  • If you want your house to look beautiful consider adding some plants and trees. A larger tree is great if you have enough space; however, make sure that planting the tree will create a contrasting view that puts the spotlight on the main highlights of your house. Add beautiful ornamental fencing by Metro Fence.
  • A traditional archway or a stained glass transom will also work well to highlight your home and make it appear unique. There is no limit to your creative options in this regard.

What Are the Best and Most Affordable Suburbs of Denver You Can Move to?

There are a lot of places you can move to, both inside Denver and in the city’s immediate vicinity. The following are considered some of the best and most affordable places to buy or rent a house or a small apartment, where you can start a new life, commute to a great workplace or settle down with your family:

  • RiNo – an abbreviation that stands for “River North” – is one of the best neighborhoods you can consider moving to. Home to the River North Art District, it’s basically a former industrial region repurposed to serve art lovers and provide locals with outstanding food places and coffee shops for a unique social experience.
  • If you want to commute and you’re on a tighter budget, Commerce City is one of the best places you can move to. This peaceful neighborhood is also home to Denver’s main soccer field, the Dick’s Sporting Goods Park, where the Colorado Rapids play.
  • Aurora is a more populous place for those interested in something a little more eventful. Its 300,000 inhabitants have access to a huge and expanding space, and Aurora is currently considered the largest affordable neighborhood in the Denver metropneighborhood privacy fencingolitan area. Many of the homes here have fenced yards, allowing for pet safety and family privacy. Fence installation Denver experts will be happy to meet with you to address any fencing installations or repairs needed in Aurora, or any of the neighborhoods discussed here.

Although the median household income in Denver is still somewhat higher than other areas, the expenses of these neighborhoods will not leave you with an empty budget. Aside form affordable housing, the aforementioned suburbs also have lower costs for food and just about everything else you need as you settle in.