What Is Vinyl Fencing and Why Is It an Important Asset to Your Home?

Since PVC fences first appeared on the market, vinyl became remarkably popular. The use of vinyl fences using more advanced manufacturing methods has now become one of the most significant aspect of the market. With vinyl, you get a more affordable material and durable and better overall solutions for your home.

pretty vinyl fencingSo what is vinyl fencing anyway? Also known as a “synthetic” fence, a vinyl or PVC fence is basically made of a type of durable plastic designed for various home improvement applications, such as replacing your roof, siding and yes, even your fence.

A PVC fence is typically made from polypropylene, polythene or nylon. It’s mainly manufactured through a process known as “mono extrusion” which blends all the materials and chemicals to an equal dosage to obtain the best quality PVC.

Vinyl has several advantages over other types of materials. Virgin resin ensures more dependable and durable performance, while the use of titanium dioxide as part of the manufacturing recipe makes the finish brighter and more resilient.

Vinyl fencing offers a great number of options when it comes to customization and texture. Also, many superior vinyl products include additional materials for reinforcement, such as aluminum, which effectively provides them with added strength.

A top Denver fence company representative can meet with you to discuss your fencing needs and help you determine what will work best with your landscaping, home, and budget.