Trends in Residential Fencing Materials

Your fence is probably more than a barrier that separates your property from the surrounding plots of land and from the street in front of your home – the fence needs to play a protective as well as an aesthetic role. While the safety provided by your fence depends on the its sturdiness and height, its aesthetic function is governed by design. Here are some of the latest trends in Brighton fence design that you can use for making a modern fence:

  • Green fences – climbing plants can transform any fence into an attractive, organic component of your property. If you decide to start a green fence, be prepared that you will have to wait for at least a year to get a nice fence, but the effort is surely worthwhile;
  • Multicolored fences – you can buy vinyl panels designed especially for mixing colors and create your own, special and unique fence design;
  • Combining materials – wood panels fastened with elaborate metal stripes that play an ornamental role, too or fences that are made from stone or brick on the bottom and from iron or wood on the top are also very trendy fence solutions;
  • Horizontal panels and wood boards – the fences that use panels or boards installed horizontally, rather than vertically are very popular, too.

Brighton fence design

How To Hire A Cost Effective Fencing Contractor

Thornton gate

Many homeowners decide to install their own fences, but in most cases, the project turns out to be more overwhelming than it looked before the first post hole was dug out. Fence installation can also take very long, especially if you are doing it all by yourself and without experience in designing and executing fences and chances are that the results will be less than perfect.

Thornton gateFortunately, there are lots of great Thornton gate and fence contractors out there who can hardly wait for your call – here is how to find a contractor who does a great job for a great price:

  • Get multiple cost estimates for your fencing project – invite at least three contractors to see the future job site and then request a detailed estimate in writing. Choose the fence and gate contractor whose prices are the most reasonable, not the cheapest one – reducing the price too much will prevent the contractor from using quality materials;
  • Ask all your questions – the method that the contractor will use for revealing hidden underground utilities, the way he is planning to do the grading or to incorporate obstacles, such as trees, are all essential for your final decision;
  • Discuss the deadlines – most fencing companies have huge backlogs, so try to get at least a promise about the starting date for the fencing project.

Trends in the Colorado Construction Industry



The Colorado building industry is in the process of continuous growth and expansion, one of the most important trends that can be expected for this year being further growth of at least 7%. Here are some other trends that can be relied on:

  • Further increase in residential construction – Colorado is becoming increasingly attractive for companies in various segments. More companies coming to the state bring more people who move to the state permanently and need a home to live in, so if the process continues, residential construction is likely to continue growing, too. If you are looking at Colorado real estate, know that there are many great companies around to support the buying process – from roof repair to quality fence repair Thornton CO is home to amazing service industries;
  • Sustainability – another important trend that governs Colorado construction is the incorporation of green elements and of sustainable building solutions. Timber construction and the extended usage of recycled materials are just two of the most popular sustainable technologies used;
  • Labor shortage – the rapid growth in demand is matched with the increase in the number of building projects started, but most building companies are continuously struggling to find suitable workforce. Labor shortage affects mostly the level of skilled and unskilled work, but building companies are looking for office staff, managers with or without experience in construction and many other positions, so for people looking for a way to start a career in construction now is the time to make their move.

What Is Security Fencing?

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Brighton fencingSecurity fencing is a type of fencing used mostly on industrial or commercial property with the purpose of providing enhanced protection for the assets, for the storage areas as well as the open areas on the property. To achieve a high level of protection, security fences use additional features, such as razor wires and barbed wire as well as alarm systems, in most cases complete with camera systems equipped with motion sensors. Security fences are also made from sturdy materials – here are a few examples of the most common fence materials used by Brighton fencing for security fences:

  • Timber – the natural material is not only very solid and suitable for being used in security fencing, but also very attractive;
  • Welded wire mesh – this cost-efficient solution is the preferred choice for many industrial facilities, being suitable for security fences due to its strength;
  • Metal railings – usually made from steel, metal railing fences are extremely durable, resistant to any weather, cost efficient and attractive;
  • Chain link fencing – also called hurricane fencing, chain-link Brighton fencing is available in various gauges and can be used for fencing in very large territories while keeping costs to the minimum. Chain link fences are usually combined with other security systems for enhanced protection.

How to Make Your Mom Feel Special this Summer!


If you want to make your mom feel really special, here are some easy and entertaining ways to express your love for her and to make her feel really appreciated:

  • A necklace with a locket that has a photo inside – choose a classy, delicate necklace with a matching locket. You can put a picture of yourself, of yourself and your Mom or of the grandkids inside;
  • Photo pillows – many companies nowadays offer personalization services and create prints on fabric. Pick a few pictures of yourself, of your kids or of the entire family together and have them printed on plain white pillow cases, your Mom will love her new decoration items;
  • Spend the day together – the best gift you can offer your mom is your time, so take your Mom to a special spa day, then invite her to dinner to her favorite restaurant or to a place that she will like. If your Mom prefers to stay at home, spend the day in the family home with her, but don’t let her do any housework – do the cooking and the cleaning for her or convince her to just enjoy the time you spend together.

gardeningHelp your mom do chores around her house. Call professional Westminster fencing pros to do a fence inspection and complete repairs if needed. Help her clean windows, complete lawn maintenance, and other diy home projects.

Fun Yard Games to Play This Summer



The summer is for spending time outdoors and time spent outdoors is for playing games – here are some of the funniest games that you will want to play all summer long:

  • The lawn twister – you can use some eco-friendly paint and stencils to draw the circles on your lawn or, if you don’t want to paint your lawn, you can use an old twister set or a game board. Whichever your choice, you and the members of your family or your friends joining the game will love twisting their bodies on the soft lawn;
  • Dodgeball with water-filled balloons – this is the perfect game for really hot summer days, when the water on your clothes can dry in a matter of minutes. Playing dodgeball with balloons that have water inside will refresh and entertain everyone, just throw that balloon;
  • Lawn darts made from soft, spongy material – lawn darts used to be popular decades ago, but then so many people got injured that the game was withdrawn. It is now back in a safe version, without any pointed or sharp edges, made from safe and soft material, giving you all the fun without posing any dangers for the players or for the people standing around the players.

However you choose to spend your time this summer, the experts at Arvada fencing wish you a safe, relaxing, and happy summer!

Where Do Chain-Link Fences Get Installed?

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Chain link fences can be installed anywhere on the perimeters of a property, on the front side, where the property needs to be delimited from the road or from the street as well as in the back, to delimit the property from the surrounding properties.

Westminster chain link fencingChain link fences can also be used to delimit space on the property, such as for the creation of dog kennels. Chain link fences are suitable for many applications that don’t allow for other solutions – here are some:

  • The need to get a sturdy, but low-cost fencing  – chain link Westminster fencing is a sturdy, resistant, durable and affordable material that can be used anywhere and will stand up to almost any weather;
  • Where visual appeal is not a priority – chain link fence is useful and strong, but not very attractive. However, there are many applications where visual appeal is not very important and where installing a masonry fence or a wood fence would be a waste of money – chain link is just perfect for these applications;
  • Where maintenance-intensive solutions cannot be used – Westminster chain link fences require almost no maintenance. They should be inspected every year to detect any rust, but in most cases, rust appears only after long years of beating taken from the elements and even then, it is an issue that is easy to remedy.

Ideas to Update Your Yard This Summer

summer dyi projects

summer dyi projectsWhen the weather turns warmer and nature comes back to life, we all want to spend more time outside. Winter usually takes its toll on buildings as well as on landscapes, so if you want to make your yard a really pleasant space, you will probably need to do at least a little bit of cleaning. However, while you are at it, there is no reason why you should not add a touch of new design to the space – here are some simple, low-cost ideas for a yard update in spring:
– Refresh your furniture – take a look at your outdoor furniture to see whether the pieces have suffered any severe damage. If there are items that are beyond repair, toss them, but if your pieces are just a little bit worn, clean them and paint them, then add some bright-colored pillows;
– Check out your fencing. Now is a good time to have experienced Arvada fence company contractors repair and replace perimeter or decorative fencing. They will provide excellent quality and service.
– Build a fire pit – you can use inexpensive materials to build the pit or you can have a large masonry fireplace built. You can use the pit not only for making barbeques – you can light a fire and sit around it with friends any time you want;
– Add lights – you can use long LED strings that you wrap around your trees or you can use solar-powered lights on stakes to light the paths.

Great Ideas for Landscaping Near Your Office Building

beautiful employee terrace

beautiful employee terrace

Many office buildings today are large concrete constructions, with concrete parking lots and storage areas all around. However, if there is a little space where you can create a landscape, you will soon start seeing the benefits – giving your employees a little green area where they can relax will boost their productivity and you can also use the space for serving a cup of coffee to your business partners. Here are some tips for creating a great landscape around the office:

  • Get some large planters – they are great even for areas where there is no soil available for planting and they are also very easy to handle, allowing you to replace your plants whenever you want or to decorate them for the holidays;
  • Create an outdoor seating area – a set of outdoor furniture, complete with a coffee table and some seating is not a big investment, but it will make your employees feel appreciated and will help them become more productive;
  • Add water – a small fountain or a tiny waterfall will add the tranquility and peace that only the sound of water can add to your outdoor seating area and it will also make the outside heat more bearable in summer.

For more ideas on improving your residential or commercial property, visit

The Advantages of a Fenced-In Yard

chain link fence installed by a residential fence company

A fenced-in yard is an essential component of a safe, functional and attractive property – here are some of the major benefits of surrounding your property with a suitable fence:

  • Privacy – spending time in a fenced-in yard or garden is more pleasurable than spending time in a space that is open and allows anyone to peep in. Using the right type of fence will make sure that your outdoor space is yours indeed and you can use it the way you want to, without having to worry about being seen by strangers;chain link fence installed by a residential fence company
  • Safety – chain link fences installed by a residential fence company are great for keeping your kids as well as your pets on your property, keeping them safe from the traffic outside and from getting lost in the neighborhood. Your fence will also protect your property against intruders;
  • Noise reduction – a well-chosen fence can keep the noise of the street or of the road outside your perimeters;
  • Curb appeal – if you have a fence, it will be the first thing that your visitors and passers-by will observe when they look at your property, therefore you can use your fence to make a powerful statement about your style and to enhance the appearance of your property.