How to Decide on the Most Durable Fencing Materials for Your Home

metal gates in Denver

When it comes to choosing the most durable and efficient fencing materials, it’s important to note that physical durability is not the only factor that has to be considered. There’s also a question as to how long the fence can viably be considered a fence before holes appear and the structural integrity of the fence is damaged to an extent where it can no longer offer the privacy and security it used to promise in the past.

That being said, the following options are considered by experts to be the best in terms of selecting fencing materials that can stay strong for a long time to come:

metal gates in Denver

  • As long as it’s treated properly, metal can withstand the test of the elements for many decades. There are a lot of old homes with metal gates in Denver and with fences still standing, and new metal constructions are also more durable and resilient than the ones used in the past.
  • Concrete and masonry are also great options, and they can be even more durable than metal fences. Moreover, these fencing materials are extremely resilient and can offer improved privacy by blocking out the view completely, depending on the design of the fence.
  • You can also consider a mix of materials. For example, a concrete base can easily house a fancy metal fence and provide it with the support needed to last even more than a regular one.

Different Types of Fencing

types of fences

types of fences

The three broad categories that fences can be classified into based on the type of the property they surround are residential, commercial and industrial, but most fencing materials can be used for all three types of applications, so perhaps categorizing fences by the materials they are made from would be more effective. Per Thornton gate and fencing pros, here are the most common materials used in fences:

  • Timber – the great, affordable material is easy to use and suitable for creating tall and long fences. Made from natural wood, timber panels are sensitive to moisture and pest attacks if they are not treated properly, but with the right amount of attention, the material makes a durable solution;
  • Chain link – the metal mesh might not be very attractive, but it is affordable, easy to install, durable and suitable for fencing in very large areas;
  • Masonry – the solution is not cheap, but very attractive and durable. Masonry can be used for building fences that combine several materials, such as stone and metal or stone and wood;
  • Steel – another strong and durable solution suitable for any application, steel fences can also feature designs that use multiple materials. If this is your choice, don’t forget that the longevity of steel depends on maintenance and you will need to inspect and treat your fence at least once a year.

Why Fences Are Great for Residential Properties

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The best way to make your residential property your very own is to install a suitably sized and designed fence around it. Having an attractive fence that provides your household adequate protection comes with lots of benefits – here are some:

  • Curb appeal – a fence that is in harmony with the style of your building and integrates into your landscape as well will impress your visitors and delight your eyes when you look at it;
  • Safety and security – residential fences protect your home, your household assets and your landscape from intruders, such as burglars as well as against vandalism;

installing privacy Arvada fencing

  • Privacy – you probably want to be sure that on your property you can have the privacy that you need to feel comfortable. The best way to achieve that privacy is by installing Arvada fencing made from the right materials and of the right height around your property;
  • Increased value – a solid and attractive fence around your residential property can make your property more attractive for potential buyers and it can also ensure that you can ask a higher price for the property;
  • Defining property limits – delimiting your property is essential for your life as a homeowner and your residential fence is the ultimate tool to achieve that delimitation.

Great Ideas for a Privacy Fence

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With privacy Thornton fencing you can transform your yard into an outdoor living area, because this type of fence will protect you from unwanted sights from traffic or nearby neighbors. A privacy fence is a really great addition especially for those who live near busy roads and in densely populated areas.

Those who opt for such a solution will be able to enjoy sunbathing in their yard and have fun in the pool without worrying about who might take a peek at them.

privacy Thornton fencing

Privacy Thornton fencing also offers additional benefits including security, safety for pets and children, as well as increased property value. This type of fence is also very durable due to the strength and thickness of the materials used.

There are many styles of privacy fences, from plain to ornate and made of different materials (the most popular being wood and vinyl).

Horizontal planks are very trendy these days, when it comes to privacy fence designs. They are mostly made of whitewashed western red cedar and provide a modern aspect.

Metal fence solutions are also great as privacy fences and, if you look for a tropical touch, you can opt for bamboo fencing that besides privacy will bring your property into the Boho chic territory.

Understanding Your Property Lines

Denver fence installation

Denver fence installation

Property lines are important because they define our space. More specifically, they represent the boundary where your land ends and the neighboring land begins.

Specifications about them can be found in official documents (the survey received when you brought the property, your property deed) or at the county assessor’s office. Boundary lines are necessary to determine where to legally place structures without using a part of another people`s land and getting into unpleasant situations with your neighbors.

You can also use maps and online mapping tools to find the boundaries. The assessor’s office in your municipality could be of a great help; just ask for local maps available for public viewing and use them for reference when you make the boundary measurements. You will definitely want to know accurate property lines before having Denver Metro Fence Inc in install fencing on your property.

As about your property survey, it is a document that includes property lines and measurements, as well as the distance from the property line to your house and the street. If you do not have such a document, you can always hire a surveyor to do it for you. A surveyor is a professional trained to point out property lines following exact measurements.

A property survey will cost you some money, and their amount depends on factors like lot size, property value and its location.

How to Choose A Fence Style For Your Home

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The fence is an important element, from a social and anesthetic perspective. Most people who own a land and make plans to build a house install the fence right after choosing the architecture for their house. This is a way to mark and clearly delimit the territory.

Thornton Metro Fence Company

It is important that the fence is in complete harmony with the style of the house, as well as with other exterior elements on the property. You must not worry too much about this aspect; with so many fencing materials available on the market and so many design possibilities, you will surely be able to make a choice that will suit your home perfectly. Thornton Metro Fence Company professionals can help you choose the best fence that fits your home style and budget.

A wooden fence is especially suited for rural areas or rustic styles, characterized by simplicity.

Along with wood, forged iron is the next most commonly used material for the construction of fences. Wrought iron fences are very elegant and can easily adapt to houses with a modern architecture as well as to those with a rather special architecture (gothic style etc.)

Brick fences can be simple or designed to bear various decorations. They are versatile and can be designed to match different styles. These fences provide the best protection from indiscreet people, being frequently used to separate two properties.

Why Ornamental Iron Fences are so Popular

ornamental iron fence in DenverSurrounding a property with an ornamental iron fence is a modern option adopted by many people, mainly for two reasons: wrought iron is a strong and durable material that provides adequate protection, and the appearance of an elegant ornamental iron fence in Denver properties adds prestige and curb appeal.

Even if it does not offer too much intimacy, unless it has metal sheets or polycarbonate plates behind, a wrought iron fence can radically change the appearance of a property.

Here is a rundown of the pros of this type of fencing.


Wrought iron is resistant to bad weather, impact and the action of time. Along the history, it was used in famous architectural pieces that still exist today, which is a proof of its durability.


Being a tough material, a wrought iron fence can also serve for protecting your property from human and animal intrusions. It is also great for keeping your animals in.


There are so many elegant design options available, so you can let your imagination decide on the style; additional ornamental options are also limitless when you opt for a iron fence.


Finally, maintaining a wrought iron fence is not that difficult. Just make sure to keep rust away by cleaning the fence regularly and adding new layers of paint.