What Types of Fencing is Best for Colorado

For real privacy, the best thing to do is choose a fence with zero space between the fence boards. In case you can live with a bit less privacy, you can choose pickets that have a bit more space between the boards.

There are nice options to solve your privacy issues by building a semi-private fence. Apart from the distance between boards, you can also offer your privacy by building a high fence.

It is ultimately the style of your entire home that must determine the general aspect of your fence. You can choose between vertical boards and horizontal boards, for instance, depending on the style of your property. While vertical or horizontal boards look great on ranch-style homes, pickets are best for Victorian-style homes.

Chain link or picket fences are ideal in case you have kids and/or pets. Nevertheless, they may become less efficient as the kid or pet increases in size.

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Another important aspect while making the best decisions for your Colorado fence is to make it as low-maintenance as possible. Vinyl fences are among the easiest to maintain, but they offer less privacy and curb appeal. Iron fences designed and installed by ornamental iron fence Denver craftsman can look amazing and last for a long time, but they may not offer much privacy.


The Main Reasons to Choose an Ornamental Fencing Design

Are you looking to improve curb appeal or make your home more likely to get a good offer from a buyer? Choosing an ornamental fencing design might be right up your alley.

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Aside from the aforementioned reasons, however, there might be some additional reasons why you might want an ornamental fence, that you have yet to think of:

  • Ornamental designs will freshen up your house and make it look inviting. An ornamental fence is just the thing you need, if you want to warm up to your neighbors and feel at home in an area you just moved to.
  • Another reason why a lot of people prefer ornamental iron fence Denver artistic designs is the creative freedom it allows them to make their homes stand out. This can be used as a fashion statement, to gain recognition among your peers, or even to increase curb appeal and get a better offer when you decide to sell your home.
  • Finally, an ornamental fencing design can make you feel more at ease and relaxed around your own house. The fence can be made to look aesthetically pleasing from inside and outside your yard, so whenever you get home from a tiresome day at work, it will cheer you up.

Benefits of Installing an Automatic Gate

A safety gate for your property can guarantee the tranquility of your entire family. And in this respect, an automatic gate is probably the best idea available nowadays.

An automatic gate restricts the access to your property, not allowing anyone without your permission. This obviously boosts the safety of your home with all your belongings.

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At the same time, an automatic Thornton gate offers luxury and the safety of gaining entrance to your home without having to get out of your car. This can be especially useful in case you are coming home late at night, when you are unsure about who might be passing by.

Automatic gates are also a great idea in case you have small children. They will protect your kids from potentially-harming intruders, while also not letting small children run into the street. In case you have pets, an automatic gate will keep them inside, where they are safe from oncoming traffic or other animals that might hurt them.

Another excellent thing about automatic gates is that they do not allow people to see inside your house, which may prevent thefts or other unpleasant incidents.

Last but not least, installing an automatic gate is a sure way to increase the value of your property.

Ways to Increase Curb Appeal

One of the first things you notice when you walk past a house is its facade. The small details related to color, material and even how clean it is can make the difference and increase the value of your home on the market. Even if you do not plan to sell your house too soon, an ingenious transformation increases its curb appeal and exhales personality.

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But do not think that you will have to spend a lot of money to renovate the exterior of the house. Some imagination will do. Here are some simple ideas that you can implement quickly and at minimal cost:

  • Plaster that looks expensive, but which anyone can afford. Choose, for example, a model of mineral decorative plaster, which provides a double benefit: besides being decorative, it is also resistant against environmental factors, so it will make your house look beautiful for a long time.
  • Flowers have the power to beautify any decor, and nowadays you can choose plants that will last all year, regardless of the outside temperatures.
  • Work on the exterior appearances! A freshly painted fence, in a lively color that matches the other exterior elements of your property, can also highlight your home. You do not have to spend large amounts of money to replace your fence; just look for inexpensive Denver fence company solutions to transform your existing one.


How a New Fence Design Can Help Jazz Up Your Landscape

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Although the fence represents the first contact of the viewer with the area over which the owner has almost absolute control in shaping and decorating the space according to their taste and skill, it generally remains a detail ignored by most, executed in a hurry and without too many aesthetic considerations.

Unfortunately, the ugliest fences are not necessarily those made with limited financial resources; too many times we see a waste of wrought iron, decorations and expensive stone cladding which, by the opulence and total denial of the neighborhood`s trends, do a categorical disservice to the properties they surround. In each case, the owners should have rather choose simplicity.

The fence must be chosen by taking into account the architecture of the house and the environment. If your home`s style has Mediterranean influences, then you can choose a concrete fence, which can be painted in colors suitable for such a construction. On the other hand, if your home is made of wood or is situated in a mountainous area, then a wooden residential fencing Denver solution is what you need to jazz up your landscape.

Finally, regardless of whether it is a modern or an old property, the shape and characteristics that the fence will have must be established according to local laws, which, at least in some areas, may be quite restrictive.

Helpful Tips on How to Match Your Fence to Your Home

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Installing a fence that matches your home and landscape can get tricky, depending on what you need. While your contractor might be able to help you with your choice, it’s always a good idea to have a clear picture of what you really want for your home as well. Here are a few steps to get started with:

  1. Select Brighton fence company materials that are similar to the materials used in your roof or siding. For instance, a concrete fence goes extremely well with fiber cement siding, while a wooden fence might be great if you have a wood shake roofing system. Matching the materials will give you the right textures and prevent your fence from feeling out of place.
  2. The colors should also match. If your home features predominantly cool colors like light blue, purple or indigo, getting a red or orange fence might not be the best idea. Instead, strive to stick to neutral or cool colors, in order to complement the color palette of your home.
  3. Make sure the design of your fence follows the theme of your home exterior design at least loosely. For instance, if you own a somewhat traditional home, you can only go so far when choosing a modern, edgy design for your fence. Instead, it’s important to keep at least some of the main elements of your fence in line with the design of your house.

How to Decide on the Most Durable Fencing Materials for Your Home

When it comes to choosing the most durable and efficient fencing materials, it’s important to note that physical durability is not the only factor that has to be considered. There’s also a question as to how long the fence can viably be considered a fence before holes appear and the structural integrity of the fence is damaged to an extent where it can no longer offer the privacy and security it used to promise in the past.

That being said, the following options are considered by experts to be the best in terms of selecting fencing materials that can stay strong for a long time to come:

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  • As long as it’s treated properly, metal can withstand the test of the elements for many decades. There are a lot of old homes with metal gates in Denver and with fences still standing, and new metal constructions are also more durable and resilient than the ones used in the past.
  • Concrete and masonry are also great options, and they can be even more durable than metal fences. Moreover, these fencing materials are extremely resilient and can offer improved privacy by blocking out the view completely, depending on the design of the fence.
  • You can also consider a mix of materials. For example, a concrete base can easily house a fancy metal fence and provide it with the support needed to last even more than a regular one.

Different Types of Fencing

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The three broad categories that fences can be classified into based on the type of the property they surround are residential, commercial and industrial, but most fencing materials can be used for all three types of applications, so perhaps categorizing fences by the materials they are made from would be more effective. Per Thornton gate and fencing pros, here are the most common materials used in fences:

  • Timber – the great, affordable material is easy to use and suitable for creating tall and long fences. Made from natural wood, timber panels are sensitive to moisture and pest attacks if they are not treated properly, but with the right amount of attention, the material makes a durable solution;
  • Chain link – the metal mesh might not be very attractive, but it is affordable, easy to install, durable and suitable for fencing in very large areas;
  • Masonry – the solution is not cheap, but very attractive and durable. Masonry can be used for building fences that combine several materials, such as stone and metal or stone and wood;
  • Steel – another strong and durable solution suitable for any application, steel fences can also feature designs that use multiple materials. If this is your choice, don’t forget that the longevity of steel depends on maintenance and you will need to inspect and treat your fence at least once a year.

Why Fences Are Great for Residential Properties

The best way to make your residential property your very own is to install a suitably sized and designed fence around it. Having an attractive fence that provides your household adequate protection comes with lots of benefits – here are some:

  • Curb appeal – a fence that is in harmony with the style of your building and integrates into your landscape as well will impress your visitors and delight your eyes when you look at it;
  • Safety and security – residential fences protect your home, your household assets and your landscape from intruders, such as burglars as well as against vandalism;

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  • Privacy – you probably want to be sure that on your property you can have the privacy that you need to feel comfortable. The best way to achieve that privacy is by installing Arvada fencing made from the right materials and of the right height around your property;
  • Increased value – a solid and attractive fence around your residential property can make your property more attractive for potential buyers and it can also ensure that you can ask a higher price for the property;
  • Defining property limits – delimiting your property is essential for your life as a homeowner and your residential fence is the ultimate tool to achieve that delimitation.

Great Ideas for a Privacy Fence

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With privacy Thornton fencing you can transform your yard into an outdoor living area, because this type of fence will protect you from unwanted sights from traffic or nearby neighbors. A privacy fence is a really great addition especially for those who live near busy roads and in densely populated areas.

Those who opt for such a solution will be able to enjoy sunbathing in their yard and have fun in the pool without worrying about who might take a peek at them.

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Privacy Thornton fencing also offers additional benefits including security, safety for pets and children, as well as increased property value. This type of fence is also very durable due to the strength and thickness of the materials used.

There are many styles of privacy fences, from plain to ornate and made of different materials (the most popular being wood and vinyl).

Horizontal planks are very trendy these days, when it comes to privacy fence designs. They are mostly made of whitewashed western red cedar and provide a modern aspect.

Metal fence solutions are also great as privacy fences and, if you look for a tropical touch, you can opt for bamboo fencing that besides privacy will bring your property into the Boho chic territory.