Best Gates for Building Security

Security gates are those special types of entrances located near doors and windows, which have the purpose of offering extra protection to a home or commercial building. Basically, security gates keep intruders outside of your premises.

It is, therefore, useful to invest your time in doing a bit of research on this issue, and namely which kind of products is most recommended for your specific needs and expectations.

Of course, the level of security you may need for your gates highly depends on the level of crime typical for the area you live or work in. Thus, in case the building you need to protect is located in a safer area, then it may be enough to ensure that the visual aspects of your security gate can efficiently deter potential intruders. However, in a high-crime area you may need a gate with built-in strength.

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The general design of your security gate is another factor to be considered while choosing the right type of products. Given the fact that a gate can be considered somewhere between a fence and a door, its design should be in accordance with this particular aspect. Westminster gate installation specialists can help you decide which type of gate best provides you with the security and services you need.

A good gate should protect every part of a building, from doors that are facing the street to potentially vulnerable inside areas.

Why Do You Need a Commercial Fence in Denver

The reasons for which you may need a fence around your commercial property in Denver are quite similar to those for which people typically build a fence for their home.

The top issues that are solved by a fence for a commercial building include safety, privacy and visual appearance. A proper fencing system can even help your business develop, so this apparently minor aspect should not be neglected.

The most important reason why people need a fence for their commercial building is the need for security. This can be solved by calling safety expert chain-link fence Denver installers. Chain link fences are the most common choice for business owners. They are affordable, easy to install and can be maintained without any difficulty.

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Ornamental fences can also be efficient in terms of safety. Moreover, a wrought iron fence obviously looks amazing. The only thing is that such a fence is, in general, more expensive than a chain-link fence.

There are certain types of businesses which require more privacy, such as that of lawyers and accountants. In these cases, a wood or vinyl fence can do the trick.

Last but not least, improving the curb appeal of your commercial building may be another sound reason why you may want to install a fence.


Maintenance Tips for Commercial Fencing

Regardless of the material from which commercial Brighton fencing is built, a well-maintained fence will preserve its aesthetic appearance for a long time. The fence is an element that completes the exterior design of a building, and if we are talking about a commercial property, the fence is even more important, as it can catch the attention and interest of potential clients.

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Wrought iron fences are highly appreciated due to their aesthetic appearance, structure and, most importantly, durability. If you opt for an iron fence made of quality materials, you will have it for decades. However, you need to keep an eye on it and help it fighting its biggest enemy: rust. Rust can shorten the life of a metallic A wrought iron fence must be cleaned of rust and repainted periodically.

If you have a fence with an automatic metal door, it is best to schedule an annual checkup performed by experts, to ensure its functionality.

As for the wooden fence, it can have an estimated life of 30 years, but only if it is very well maintained by creating protective layers, through the application of varnishes, paints and other special coating solutions designed for outdoor use.

Tips for Maintaining Your Commercial Fence

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Commercial fences, like any built structure, need maintenance to be able to perform well for the entire lifespan they are warranted for. Here are some efficient maintenance tasks suggested by fencing pros, like those found at Metro Fence Company Inc, that will prolong the life of your commercial fence:

  • Regular inspections and cleaning – the dust, dirt and grime that settles on your fence can be harmful and might weaken your fence, whatever material it is made from. To prevent that from happening, clean the fence every six months and inspect it to see whether any repairs are necessary. Pay attention to the foundation of the posts, too – loose posts can lead to fence sagging and fence leaning, compromising the strength of the entire fence;
  • Timely repairs – if you detect any fault, such as sagging, cracks, rust on metal components, signs of mold, rot, mildew or insect attack on wood components, take immediate repair action to prevent the faults from getting worse;
  • Damage prevention – wood, metal and masonry fences need more protection from the elements than the fences made from synthetic materials. Fortunately, there are lots of great protective coating products available – pick your product and make sure to apply it and reapply it according to the instructions for best results.

Tips for Extending the Life of Your Commercial Fence

Whether your commercial fence is made from chain link, metal panels, timber or synthetic material, there is a lot that you can do to preserve it in good condition and to prolong its life. Here are some tasks that will ensure the health of your fence:

  • Inspections and cleaning – ideally, you should have a reputable Arvada fence company perform a detailed inspection of your fence every six months to catch any damage in the early phase. Cleaning is also essential – damage is difficult or impossible to detect if the surface is covered in dirt. While this might be a time-consuming thing to do, especially in the case of very large properties, it is essential for the health of your fence;

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  • Timely repairs – whatever fault you detect during the inspection, fix it right away or very soon afterwards to avoid any aggravation;
  • Apply protective coating – there are lots of great coating products that prevent various types of damage, such as rot, rust and insect attacks. Most of them need to be reapplied only every 3-5 years, so you don’t need to spend time painting your fence after each inspection and repair, but whenever you do apply the coating, make sure you apply it on a completely clean surface.

Do Commercial Fences Need Permits?

Whether or not the fence you are planning to build around your commercial property needs a permit depends on several factors – here are some:

  • Zoning – if your commercial facility is located in a residential area, you are likely to be required to obtain a permit for your new fence and you will probably need to comply with the neighborhood’s HOA covenants as well. Commercial zones are more relaxed in this respect;
  • The height of the fence – how tall your proposed fence also determines whether it requires a permit. Many neighborhoods allow fences under a certain height to be built without having to take out a permit for it. If you need a permit, be prepared that commercial fence permits usually allow the height of 6-7 feet, a fence that is taller than that can also be authorized, but it takes lots of time and paperwork;
  • The material of the fence – in most cases, the commercial fences made from concrete or masonry need a permit.

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Thornton gate and fencing regulations may vary widely, depending on the city, the town or the neighborhood, so you can find out whether or not you will need a permit only if you consult the applicable regulations. If your property is surrounded by a fence that you want to dispose of, find out whether you need a demolition permit as well.

Signs your Business Needs a Commercial Fence

We tend to associate fences with back yards and neighborhoods, but installing one on your commercial property also has many advantages, especially if you are looking for solutions to increase privacy and restrict or limit access to some areas.

In general, your business needs a commercial fence for different reasons: aesthetics, privacy, access control and, of course, security.

Aesthetics – If you own a business, you know that image is everything, in order to be successful.  A fence can hide less aesthetic things on a commercial property, such as warehouses, protect the entrance or simply complement the building and the surrounding landscape.

Deter trespassers and ensure privacy – People work on a commercial property, so there is no room for unwanted guests. A fence also protects from view and provides security.

Access Control – Some businesses have their properties divided into parts dedicated to different departments. With a fence, the access to these separate locations can be controlled easier.

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Security – Last but not least, security is actually the main reason why most businesses have a commercial fence. A solid industrial Brighton fence prevents vandalism, theft as well as other crimes that may affect your business and make you lose money and reputation.

How to Make your Commercial Fence Last

Commercial property fences can have both protective and esthetic purposes. If you want your commercial fence to last, you should start by choosing quality materials, have the fence installed by specialists and schedule periodic maintenance.

Here is how maintenance should be done in the case of two of the most popular materials commercial Brighton fencing is made from.

The elegant stone fence

The natural stone fence is solid, sturdy and attractive. A stone fence deteriorates less than fences from other materials, but needs periodic cleaning, followed by a waterproofing treatment, which will improve its resistance.

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Metal fence

Metal fences require very little maintenance. The ones made of quality materials can last for decades. However, they have only one weakness: rust. Even a small portion of rust can compromise the fence’s durability and shorten its lifespan. Ensure that your metal fence is maintained annually, especially if you live in a humid area. Remove any rust using a fine wire brush. Apply a primer, which must be oil-based and designed for metal products. Apply a thin layer of oil-based paint that is suitable for metal. Regularly maintain the hinges with a proper lubricant to ensure smooth operation and to protect them from damage.

Why Fences Are Good for Local Businesses

Any Thornton business, whether small or large, needs some sort of fencing to delimit its property and to create a welcoming entrance area for guests and clients. Here is how local businesses, whatever their profile or core activity, can benefit from having fences:

  • Aesthetic aspects – the right fence can contribute to the integrated appearance of your business premises. If your business building faces the street, you can install a welcoming low fence to delimit your entrance area and you can use taller fences to conceal the areas that you want to display, such as your yard or your warehouse;
  • Delimitation on the premises – fences can be used not only to mark the limit between your business property and public areas, but within your premises as well, to control the access of your own team members in specific areas;

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  • Security – keeping intruders away from your premises is probably the most important role that fences fulfill. Before designing security Thornton fencing, perform a detailed assessment of the security needs of your business and decide about the material to use, the length and the height of the fence with those requirements in mind. To make the most of your business fence, determine whether you need extra security measures, such as surveillance cameras or special, sensor-controlled lighting on the fence.

Increasing the Longevity of Your Commercial Fence

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The materials used in commercial fences are all sturdy and durable, but even so, they need some attention and help to be able to perform at their very best and to offer the protection and the looks that property owners expect. Here are some tips from commercial Denver fence companies that can help you increase the longevity of your fence:

  • Regular inspections – whatever the material used for making the fence, regular inspections are the best way to detect any damage and to stop any deterioration on its tracks. Perform an inch-by-inch inspection of your fence at the beginning of each season and address the issues that you find right away;
  • Make sure that the posts are sturdy – posts that are not planted firmly into the ground can expose the fence material to excessive tension and can cause the premature deterioration of the fence. Whenever you inspect your fence, pay attention to the posts, too and refill the holes around them with gravel to prevent water damage and to ensure the stability of the fence;
  • Use coating – if your fence is made from wood or metal, protect it against moisture and other types of damage with the right type of coating. Don’t forget to reapply the coating according to the instructions on the product, usually every 1-3 years.