Do Commercial Fences Need Permits?

Whether or not the fence you are planning to build around your commercial property needs a permit depends on several factors – here are some:

  • Zoning – if your commercial facility is located in a residential area, you are likely to be required to obtain a permit for your new fence and you will probably need to comply with the neighborhood’s HOA covenants as well. Commercial zones are more relaxed in this respect;
  • The height of the fence – how tall your proposed fence also determines whether it requires a permit. Many neighborhoods allow fences under a certain height to be built without having to take out a permit for it. If you need a permit, be prepared that commercial fence permits usually allow the height of 6-7 feet, a fence that is taller than that can also be authorized, but it takes lots of time and paperwork;
  • The material of the fence – in most cases, the commercial fences made from concrete or masonry need a permit.

Thornton gate and fencing

Thornton gate and fencing regulations may vary widely, depending on the city, the town or the neighborhood, so you can find out whether or not you will need a permit only if you consult the applicable regulations. If your property is surrounded by a fence that you want to dispose of, find out whether you need a demolition permit as well.