Repurposing Old wood Picket Fences

Old wood picket fences can be used for awesome creative DIY projects, so do not throw them away. Even if they look worn out, you can sand them down and give them a completely new finish using varnishes, paint and other accessories.
We offer you a few ideas to repurpose your old wooden fence boards.
Make a smaller fence for your air conditioner unit
The exterior unit of an air conditioner is not exactly aesthetic, but you can hide it by making a little fence from recycled old boards around it.
Create some serving trays
Wood serving trays are beautiful, elegant and rustic, great for serving coffee cake.
Rustic Signs
You can use them in your garden, but also in your interior living space.
Bathroom cabinets
Why spending money on bathroom furniture, when you can do it yourself, using the same old wooden fence boards? All you need is some metallic accessories.
wood garden fence
Install a plank wall
A plank wall made from recycled picket fence boards will look amazing in your room, being a focal point.
Coffee Table
Old wooden fence boards can be used to create a rustic coffee indoors or outdoors. No matter if you place it indoors or outdoors, it will look amazing.
Look to Arvada fencing specialists for all your fencing services.

Popular Types of Noise Blocking Fences

Because some properties are located in the middle of crowded cities or next to agglomerated highways, noise can be quite a problem. Besides insulation added to the walls and the roof, you can also consider a fence that helps keeping the noise away.
What type of fence is best for absorbing exterior sounds? According to noise blocking Westminster fencing pros, here is additional information on noise absorbing fence material.
noise cancelling fence
A fence intended to act as a sound barrier will usually be thicker, taller and built from heavy materials such as stone or brick / masonry.
On the other hand, if you prefer a wooden fence, make it taller and choose more solid boards that can be installed with no spaces between them. One way to improve the efficiency of a wooden fence in absorbing external noise is to add a sound insulation material called “mass-loaded vinyl”, which is produced in rolls. They are easier to apply on a fence that is in the process of being constructed than on an existing fence.
Berms, also known as walls on earth, are an excellent solution to reduce the noise on your property. They can be built in different ways and are very aesthetically pleasing and eco-friendly. However, they are expensive and installation requires effort.

Most Famous Fences around the World

decorative steel fencing
This may not be something that won’t let you sleep at night, but you might find it interesting to know more about the most famous fences around the world.
Dingo Fence, Australia
Southeast Australia is separated from the rest of the continent by an impressive fence that is over 5,000 kilometers long! It is not only the longest fence in the world but also the most guarded, and its maintenance costs over 10 million US dollars annually. This construction is meant to protect domestic animals from the most dangerous beast in Australia – the dingo dogs. The electric current, passing through the fence, is an additional protection, and is generated by solar panels. This fence also separates the most populated part of the continent from the deserted areas.
Aquarium Fence, Turkey
A businessperson from Turkey built around his villa the most eccentric fence. His luxury home is located in Çeşme, Izmir, and eight years ago, the millionaire replaced the metal fence with a huge aquarium, over 50 meters long and full of hundreds of fish and octopuses. The aquarium fence became one of the main tourist attractions in the region.
Lock Fence
Paris’ famous Pont des Arts has a fence where couples who are in love can fasten a padlock and throw away the key, as a symbol of their eternal love. However, a few years ago, the fence collapsed due to the weight of thousands locks… or so much love perhaps…
While we can’t promise to recreate these famous fences, decorative options at Arvada fence company may surprise you!

Fun Things To Do Outside in Westminster, CO This Summer

summer fun
Westminster, CO, offers many opportunities to have fun during the summer. Here are just a few:
The Butterfly Pavilion
If you want to see something unique and very special, go to this pavilion, which is one of the most popular family attractions in Westminster. You can admire 1,200 free-flying butterflies, including some rare species.
Scooter Rental
If you want to take a tour to Denver and even other parts of Colorado, you can rent a scooter. You will get training to operate the scooter comfortably, as well as recommendations of places to see during your trip.
Hammond’s Candies Factory
Do not miss this visiting this factory! It is the heaven of large candy canes in many flavors, chocolate bars and delicious jelly bellies. You can book an organized tour of the factory, see the production process and, in the end, you can buy a nice souvenir like chocolate stirring spoons, magnets and more.
Downtown Aquarium
This awesome place is actually more than an aquarium, as you will have the chance to see not just fishes, but also animals such as cute otters, sloths and more. You will receive guidance from a very knowledgeable and friendly staff and the overall experience will be one of a kind.
Whatever you choose to do this summer, have fun, be safe, and enjoy! And remember to contact Westminster gate installation and fence contractors for all your fencing services.

Things to Know About Staining Your Wood Fence

wood fence
When it comes to building a fence, the material options are extremely varied. It is possible to choose concrete or brick fences, if you need a solid and protective result, stone fences for an elegant aspect, or modern PVC fences. The most popular, however, remain wooden fences.
Wood is a material that has been used since always, it does not cost much, it can be easily processed and comes with a number of advantages. Obviously, it also has some disadvantages, so before making the decision to build such a fence, it is good to be informed.
Being a natural material, it is more prone to damage than other materials. Wood is subject to the action of environmental factors that can destroy it more quickly, especially in the absence of proper maintenance.
The stains on a wooden fence should draw attention because they can indicate problems. Sometimes it is only temporary moisture or dirt, but other times stains are caused by mold or indicate the beginning of the rotting process.
To clean a wooden fence you need
• a water solution based on chlorine, oxygen bleach or liquid soap
• a brush
• a garden hose
Spread the solution over the fence using the brush, allowed to act for 30 minutes, and then rinse it using the garden hose.
If your fence seems beyond stain repair, Denver fence companies offer free quotes, so give them a call and see if you would be better off replacing your fence.

Does My Garden Need a Fence?

You know you need a new fence for your garden if the old one is not strong enough to provide protection against wildlife, as well as privacy. You can also replace your fence if you are doing a landscaping project, and the existing one is no longer in line with your new plans.
The construction of the fence for your garden may seem easy comparing to more complicated construction projects such as building a house, but that does not mean that it doesn`t raise some challenges.
A first aspect that you must consider when you install a fence for your garden is the material you want it to be made of. Different materials have different costs, as well as different features; some are more aesthetically pleasing, while others provide more protection. You have a choice between wooden fences, metal fences, concrete fences, fences made of stone, brick etc.
The style of your garden fence is dictated by the style of your house and the plans you have for setting up the garden. Your options may include modern fences, rustic fences and more.
• Modern fences
When talking about modern fences, we do not refer to fences made from certain materials, but rather to their appearance. Usually the materials are arranged horizontally, and, in terms of color, they are mostly black.
• Rustic fences
Rustic fences are usually made of wood or stone and match exterior designs in the same natural tone.
Call on garden protective Denver fence company professionals to meet with you, review your needs, and offer suggestions to match your budget and property design.

Signs it Might be Time for a New Fence

A new fence is a beautiful accessory to any home and yard, but an old damaged fence loses most of its protective and aesthetic properties. A new fence comes with specific warranties for materials and workmanship, but besides this, there is no way to tell how long it will last, because it depends on various factors such as the materials it is made from, the maintenance and the level of exposure and exploitation.
A fence should be inspected regularly, as well as painted or treated with other protective solutions. There are different types of damage that you must look for and fix as soon as possible; if the fence is old and you notice too many problems, you should consider replacing it.
Broken or missing boards negatively affect the structural integrity of the fence, but also have a negative impact on its appearance. When it comes to wood fences, insects, microorganisms and moisture may attack them and compromise their structure. If you notice holes in the wood, there may be a greater damage that you cannot see yet and you should think about replacing the fence soon.
fence repair
Stains indicating rot and molding are also a common problem, especially in rainy areas. Cracks and splits in a wood fence also indicate that it might fall apart soon enough. Have a residential fencing company Denver free consultation specialist stop by and take a look to see what will work best for your home and budget.

Tips for Making Your Fence Part of the Landscape

The first things that attract attention to a house are the fence and the entrance door. How do we choose the right fence for our home and garden?
landscape fence design
First you have to decide if the fence will have rather a decorative or protective role. Depending on the functionality of the fence, you will be able to choose the style, dimensions and materials to integrate it harmoniously with the style of the house and the landscape style and design.

Living fence
This type of fence can be made from climbing plants or various ornamental shrubs. You will have to clip them regularly to keep your fence neatly defined.

Wrought iron fence
If you have a beautiful garden in front of the house, and it does not bother you to be admired by people who pass by, you can opt for a wrought iron fence. It is one of the most elegant solutions.

Fence made of brick, natural stone or reinforced concrete
If the fence has to protect you against indiscretions and intruders, the solution is a high fence, made from brick, natural stone blocks, concrete or combinations of them. This option is very useful for fences separating two properties.

Wooden fence
For a rustic style, you can opt for a wooden fence combined with a foundation and columns made from natural stone. To extend its life, a wooden fence must be properly treated.

See landscape design Westminster fencing pros for advice on the best look for your home and budget.

Advantages of Metal Fences

Lately, more and more people choose to build a metal fence due to its special appearance and other features. Metal fence panels can be made of rectangular profiles, aluminum forged metal or wrought iron. Compared to rectangular profiles and aluminum, the most resistant ones are wrought iron fences.
metal fencing
Fences made of forged metal and wrought iron are classic and, at the same time, exclusive fence types to mark a perimeter, combining beauty and aesthetics with durability, functionality and practicality. They protect not only private houses or holiday properties, but also a variety of public buildings.
A metal fence has a lifespan of up to 50 years and is relatively easy to assembly. Costs depend on the type of metal, the design, as well as the size of the perimeter to be used on.
Benefits of metal fences include:
• durability and strength
• long life span
• fast installation
• a wide range of available design options, to meet various styles and needs
• great match with natural materials and polycarbonate, as well as with any environment and landscape
There are also disadvantages, the most significant being the behavior over time of this type of fence. Due to the weather, metal fences are subjected to corrosion, but degradation can be avoided with proper maintenance that includes periodic special treatments.
If you are interested in metal fencing, contact Metro Fence Company for a residential fencing Denver project estimate.

History of the White Picket Fence

white picket fence

Etymologically, “picket” comes from the French verb “piquer” (to pierce), which explains the shape of the picket.
White picket fences are associated with the American identity. Not as if they are a part of the citizenship test, but white fences have been around since colonial times, when they used to symbolize wealth, and they kept standing even after the US gained their independence from Great Britain.
Population continued to grow and fences became more and more necessary to mark the claimed land. Picket fences are relatively simple to create and install, even for those who do not possess woodworking skills, so they become very popular. Using white paint was a way to make these fences more visible and cosmetically pleasing. What used to be a trend became a tradition.
Today, white picket fences are still a common sight especially in the suburbs, marking property boundaries, symbolizing safety as well as mobility. It is the most desirable type of fences due to various reasons:
– it is affordable and aesthetically pleasing
– it can be easily seen by day and by night
– it doesn’t block view toward the outside or the inside
– it is not a tall fence, but it still marks boundaries very well and keeps safely inside what must stay inside.
If you are interested in having a fence around your yard, contact an A+ BBB accredited residential fence company in Denver.