Cutting Costs on a New Fence

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The first aspect to consider when you try to cut costs on a new fence is scheduling the installation during winter, because contractors are not so busy and may be even willing to offer you discounts. Fencing in the cold season is possible during clear days with reasonable temperatures that do not interfere with materials used in the process.

an estimate from a residential fencing company in Denver

The cost of a fence install also depends on the materials you choose. Fencing materials are priced by the lineal foot, but a forged iron fence will be more expensive than a PVC or chain link fence. There are also different installation requirements that influence the price. A quality residential fencing company in Denver will be able to give you an estimate based on your specifications.

Another aspect that must be taken into account is related to labor costs. Average fees vary between $30 and $50 per hour, but certain conditions can increase the cost (steep slopes on your land, areas that are hard to access, too many trees, pre-existent structures that must be removed etc.).

You can also cut on some costs if you deal yourself with the marking underground utilities and get the city permits, otherwise the contractor will entail additional costs for all these.

Another consideration that you must know about is that your geographical location may also affect the cost of having a new fence installed on your property.

Reducing Noise with a Sound Barrier Fence

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Some types of fences can be used as sound barriers, by people who live in agglomerated areas, near loud highways or inside busy cities. Wearing earplugs in your own home or yard is not fun, so you should consider solutions for getting the peace and quiet you need on your property.

A sound barrier fence has a few distinct features: it is taller than other fence types and is made of materials that block unwanted noises. Typically, sound barrier fencer are at least 12 feet high, but the taller the better! However, before installing a sky high fence, check the local regulations, because there are limitations.

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When it comes to sound barrier residential fence company materials these fences are made from massive, solid substance. Possibilities include concrete, masonry, brick, stone, concrete blocks, rammed earth, red wood or steel sheets. You can also add more mass to an existing regular fence, by using overlapping sheets of mass-loaded vinyl.

Obviously, a sound barrier fence should not have any gaps or holes, otherwise noise will be able to find its way and the fence becomes almost useless. If you have enough space, you can also opt for an earth berm, which will reflect the noise upward.


When Should You Re-stain a Fence?

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Re-staining is an operation specific to wood fences. They are typically made of pressure-treated pickets and posts in cedar or pine. Wood is a beautiful fencing material; it adds to the curb appeal, while also providing security and a sense of privacy. However, being a natural material, it needs proper maintenance.

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Re-staining is a common operation performed to extend the life of the roof by keeping it in good shape and staving off the effects of time and weather. Fences have to put up with wind, rain, freezing temperatures, snow, and direct exposure to UV radiations. The stain applied on your wood fence is exactly the protective layer standing between the wood and the elements.

The stain you choose will largely determine how often you will need a re-stain job. For example, the lighter the color, the more often you will have to perform re-staining. Medium colors typically last from 3 to five years, while dark colors extend the time further. Fence installation Denver pros can help you chose the stain that will work best for your fence.

Also, fences facing east or west are more exposed to sunlight and may require re-staining sooner.

The frequency of this operation also depends on the type of wood. Cedar is more resistant to moisture than other wood types and will require re-staining less often.


Tips for Preventing Fence Rust

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Iron fences are some of the best solutions for adding security and also enhance the aspect of your property. However, just like other fencing materials, metal has its specific problems, and the word “rust” sums them up. Preventing fence rust is very important for the aspect and durability of the fence.

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An ornamental iron fence in Denver requires periodic maintenance and some special tools, considering that in some cases you will need to remove existing rust first, as well as debris and dirt that interfere with the rust-proofing treatment. Typically, these tools include gloves, goggles, a face mask, a disc sander and sand paper, a wire brush for scrubbing, a rust removing solution and mineral oil.

Start by assessing the condition of your fence and then start cleaning the existent rust and debris. Once you have removed what was possible to remove, apply the rust cleaner, allow it to react and then use a water hose to rinse the cleaner and the remaining loose rust. These steps can be repeated if necessary.

Wipe dry the surface of the fence and apply a special rust proof coating as a primer and then apply a sealer or paint your fence as you wish.

What to Do If You Have A Moldy Fence

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Mold can affect not only building interiors – it is quite common on fences as well and, just like in the case of neglected mold in homes, the unsightly, grey and black patches and streaks can damage the surface they proliferate on. Fortunately, removing mold from your fence is not very difficult – here are the steps to follow:Westminster fencing repair

  • Prepare the ground around the fence – spread some plastic foil to avoid plant damage caused by spilling or drips of chemicals, such as detergents or sealants;
  • Clean the fence – use your power washer or give your fence a good wash with a mix of detergent and warm water or, for a deeper cleaning, use a mix of bleach and water. Use a sponge to scrub and to swipe off mold or, if necessary, get an old toothbrush to clean the fence components even more efficiently. Finish the cleaning phase with a thorough rinse using plain, clean water;
  • Fix other issues if necessary – call Westminster fencing pros to fix damage in the cleaned area to avoid having to come back to the fence section later;
  • Apply sealant – wait until the fence dries completely, then apply the right type of sealant on it. Choose a product that contains some sort of fungicide – after all, mold is the result of the proliferation of fungi.


Tips for Replacing a Fence Post

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Replacing a fence post may seem to be difficult, especially if the initial post was held in place with concrete. However, with the right tools and the right technique, the removal process becomes simple and much easier – here is how to do it:Arvada fence company repair

  • Disconnect the post that you want to remove from any wires and other components that hold it in place or that are held by the post, such as slats and panels – first, detach the fasteners, including the nails, the screws and the bands;
  • Dig a hole around the post to gain access to its foundation;
  • Rock the post back and forth until it becomes detached from the soil surrounding it;
  • Lift the post and take it out – if your post has a concrete foundation, you might need help from 2 or 3 friends, but if it consists of just a piece of wood or metal, without any foundation, you might be able to lift it out on your own. For stubborn posts that are stuck in the ground, you can use a lifting jack as well;
  • Clean the hole before filling it – check the hole for any concrete debris and clean it before you place in the new post or before you fill it up to make sure the soil can safely and efficiently be used for planting.
  • You can always make it easier on yourself and have an Arvada fence company replace the damaged posts for you.

Will Your New Fence Affect the Trees in Your Yard?

Ideally, new fences are installed in a way that does not harm the existing features of the space that the fence will surround, protecting the trees, shrubs and other type of vegetation on the line where the fence will be installed. There are two ways to protect the trees in your yard against damage caused by fence installation:

  • You can either have Denver fence companies install your fence at a distance from your trees, making sure that the installation does not affect the roots of your trees. Tree roots usually extend in a circle the diameter of which corresponds to the edge of the tree’s crown, but to make sure that the installation process causes no damage, it is a good idea to expand the distance between the tree and the fence a couple of inches more;

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  • You can move the trees that grow where your fence will be installed – modern excavation technology allows for safely removing and replanting even large, old trees. You will need some large machines for the process and you will also need to have a large hole dug out for the replanting, but it is a great way for preserving your tree and for having a new fence at the same time.

Garden Landscapes That Work with Your Fence

Denver fence companies

Denver fence companies

Some property owners choose their fence to match the already existing garden, while others create the landscape to match the style of the fence. Whatever you approach, ideally, the fence and the garden work together to create a harmonious space that is functional and is a delight to spend time in. Here are some tips to achieve the goal:

  • Determine the goal of the fence – your fence can delimit the space, it can camouflage your space to protect its privacy, it can add an element of style or it can play all the three roles simultaneously. Chain link fences, for example, serve as space limits, but they hold no aesthetic value, therefore it is a good idea to extend your garden and cover the fence with some climbing vegetation. Wood and stone fences, on the other hand, add style to your garden on their own and they are also great for privacy;
  • Decide on the height – this aspect will determine functionality, privacy as well as the overall style of your outdoor space. Choose the height to match the purpose of the fence – if the fence plays merely an aesthetic role, you can keep it low, but if you need it to provide protection, pick the height based on your needs after consulting with local fence experts at and with local building codes.

Tips for Creating Innovative Fence Designs

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Creating the fence design that provides the right level of protection for your property and works with your building as well as with your landscape is essential for the harmony that you need with your home. Fortunately, you can choose not only to have a traditional fence – there are lots of innovative design ideas by Arvada fencing pros that can make your fence stand out, while also adding functionality. Here are some tips for you:

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  • Use horizontal slats instead of vertically positioned planks – this approach will allow you to save on material costs and to create a fence that is functional and stylish in a minimalist sort of way. You can add even more class to your fence using contrasting colors for the slats and for the posts, the combination of black and white looks stunning;
  • Vertical timbers – thick, chunky timber pieces installed at a small distance from each other, without any horizontal components is a great way to create a fence that is rustic and contemporary at the same time;
  • Combine two materials – natural-colored wood components alternated with etched metal elements or brick elements combined with aluminum also look great, especially if you add some colors, too;
  • A bamboo fence – bamboo is a strong and versatile material, just perfect for organic fences that also feature a dramatic look.

Why Might You Need A Custom Fabricated Fence

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Custom fences, whether made from wood or metal, such as cast iron or aluminum, are great for getting the privacy and security that you are looking for as well as for delimiting your property in a stylish and unique way. Here are the most benefits of custom fences:

  • Personalized security – no two properties are the same and no two property owners have the exact same take on security. Pre-manufactured fences, however, are all the same, therefore only custom fabricated fences can guarantee that all your specific, security-related expectations are met;

Westminster gate installation

  • The availability of custom gates – Westminster fencing offers customized gate options, making sure that your access solution will be the most suitable for your property and will suit your tastes as well;
  • More durability – custom fences are usually more resistant to the elements and more durable than premade solutions. Custom fences are also more expensive, but given the longer lifespan of the fence, the investment is well worth it;
  • Special design solutions available – the makers of custom fences can execute the client’s own design or they can create a unique design based on the client’s instructions, so custom fences are the best way to confer your property unique curb appeal.