Reducing Noise with a Sound Barrier Fence

Some types of fences can be used as sound barriers, by people who live in agglomerated areas, near loud highways or inside busy cities. Wearing earplugs in your own home or yard is not fun, so you should consider solutions for getting the peace and quiet you need on your property.

A sound barrier fence has a few distinct features: it is taller than other fence types and is made of materials that block unwanted noises. Typically, sound barrier fencer are at least 12 feet high, but the taller the better! However, before installing a sky high fence, check the local regulations, because there are limitations.

sound barrier residential fence company

When it comes to sound barrier residential fence company materials these fences are made from massive, solid substance. Possibilities include concrete, masonry, brick, stone, concrete blocks, rammed earth, red wood or steel sheets. You can also add more mass to an existing regular fence, by using overlapping sheets of mass-loaded vinyl.

Obviously, a sound barrier fence should not have any gaps or holes, otherwise noise will be able to find its way and the fence becomes almost useless. If you have enough space, you can also opt for an earth berm, which will reflect the noise upward.