When Should You Re-stain a Fence?

Re-staining is an operation specific to wood fences. They are typically made of pressure-treated pickets and posts in cedar or pine. Wood is a beautiful fencing material; it adds to the curb appeal, while also providing security and a sense of privacy. However, being a natural material, it needs proper maintenance.

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Re-staining is a common operation performed to extend the life of the roof by keeping it in good shape and staving off the effects of time and weather. Fences have to put up with wind, rain, freezing temperatures, snow, and direct exposure to UV radiations. The stain applied on your wood fence is exactly the protective layer standing between the wood and the elements.

The stain you choose will largely determine how often you will need a re-stain job. For example, the lighter the color, the more often you will have to perform re-staining. Medium colors typically last from 3 to five years, while dark colors extend the time further. Fence installation Denver pros can help you chose the stain that will work best for your fence.

Also, fences facing east or west are more exposed to sunlight and may require re-staining sooner.

The frequency of this operation also depends on the type of wood. Cedar is more resistant to moisture than other wood types and will require re-staining less often.