Does A Denver Homeowner Need to Provide A Plot Plan When Having A Fence Installed?

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Denver zoning laws tend to be a little different than the ones for other areas in the state of Colorado. Thus, many parts of Denver are considered to be historical areas. Due to this fact, there are clear-cut rules about what and how it is allowed to build in such areas.

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In order to find out the exact rules you need to observe for your fence in Denver area, you should consult with a residential fence company expert. Such expert can give you the right kind of information for your specific area. Generally, you will, indeed, need to provide a plot plan to get a permit for building your fence.

There can also be certain limitations in terms of the height, style or design for Denver fences. For instance, if your fence will be higher than 4 feet, you may need a special permit to erect it.

At the same time, you may not build a fence if it blocks people from passing through certain areas. In case you decide to consult with a Denver fencing company, you can find out all the necessary details for making sure you can observe the rules.

Apparently, neighbor disputes regarding fences are usually on the topic of boundary lines and trees which are planted in the proximity of a fence. Legal advice can do a lot to help you make sure you are on the right path.

Should You Always Go with the Least Expensive Fence Product?

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In case you intend to build a new fence around your home or commercial property, you will certainly have a lot of variants to choose from. Aluminum, steel, vinyl, wood or chain link are but a few of the numerous options available on the market.

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Trusted Denver fence companies say the in order to make the wisest choice possible, you need to take into account your objectives. In other words, you need to decide on the specific reasons why you would want to build your fence. Maybe you need to keep your dogs safely within your yard, or you are annoyed by the fact that your neighbors have no respect for property lines. Or maybe you want to have the kind of fence you always dreamed of, such as white fence. You need to know what you are looking for before you start your search for fencing products.

In this respect, it may not always be a good idea to go with the cheapest fence products. In fact, you may find yourselves paying more for it in the long run, if the fence gets easily deteriorated or it is hard to maintain.

You need to properly weigh down the initial cost, the long-term costs and the maintenance costs, in order to take the right decisions.

Are There Specific Products Used For Denver Commercial Fences?

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Commercial fences typically use different products than residential fences. Your choice of commercial fence depends on the exact purpose it intends to serve. For instance, you may need a temporary fence, which is meant to keep the public safe from injury.

Backyards, car impounds or other similar areas can benefit from chain link fences. Denver commercial fences can also be built from metal, especially in case the fence needs to have ornamental value.

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The best automatic gates Denver contractors can install is a great idea for commercial properties which need to have security access. At the same time, in the case of public areas, sports netting can be successfully used. Wooden fence can be replaced by vinyl type of fence, which is great in terms of easy maintenance and durability.

Larger properties usually have post and rail fences. At the same time, property lines and areas which require more privacy can have wooden fences.

In case a certain property requires more security, barbed wire fences can be a very good idea for your Denver commercial area. For rural areas around Denver, there is a special kind of wood fence which can deter prairie dogs, deer or other wild animals from entering the spot.

What are the Most Common Issues Homeowners have with Their Wood Fence?

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A beautiful and properly maintained wood fence constructed by Arvada fence company professionals does not only add more beauty and charm to your living environment, but also adds more value to your home.

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In the case of wood fences, one of the most common issues homeowners usually have to deal with is the missing pickets or boards. Missing or deteriorated slats can be another problem that wooden fences may have. This type of issue can generally be caused by high winds or strong impacts. Dogs can also damage slats, if they keep pushing them.

Discoloration may also occur in the case of wooden fences. This can happen due to excessive moisture or rain and is usually very common. In order to fix this issue, one good idea may be to pain the fence in a darker color and give it a wooden shade. This can certainly help you mask any kind of discoloration to your fence. If the discoloration happened to a white wooden fence, the solution is to apply white-wash, which can help camouflage such defects.

Wood fences may also experience insect damage. You can solve this by removing the infested boards, in order to prevent the damage from spreading any further. You can treat the wooden fence with special insect repellent solutions.

What are the Best Materials for Commercial Fencing?

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Depending on your exact type of business, you may not need to build your fence to look too pretty. There is a wide variety of materials available on the market. Commercial fences may be needed for school areas, dog pounds, fencing for military areas or farms, tennis courts, and so on.

Chain link is the most affordable and easiest to install type of commercial fence. Metal fences can be built from wrought iron, aluminum or steel and the can last for a long time if they are properly taken care of.

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Wood is one of the most frequently used Arvada fencing materials. Cedar, redwood or teak are very popular choices because they are long-lasting and also look nice.

PVC can be another great material for your commercial fencing. It is very low maintenance and can last for a long time. At the same time, it can come in various shapes and styles.

Wood fiber and plastic make together a composite material which looks like wood but has the durability of plastic. Apart from the fact that it does not rot, composite fencing is resistant to pests.

Masonry can also be a good idea for your commercial fence. Despite the fact that it is more expensive, it can last for an impressive amount of time.

Do Fences Need to Be Inspected After Time?

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fence installation Denver

Yes, fence inspections do need to be done, and it is very important to get the right information from the right people. In other words, it is more recommended to call your local office, than to merely take on the advice of your neighbors or family, no matter how well-intended they may be.

A reputable fence installation Denver contractor should be able to tell you if you are following any building codes, and whether you are complying with the local regulations.

At any rate, there are certain areas in which fence inspection is always a must. We could refer here to historically important zones, which most often have certain bans regarding the use of fence materials, the style of the fence, and so on. Districts in which flooding is likely to occur also need fence inspection on a regular basis.

Another important question is who organizes the fence inspection. The most unpleasant situation is when a neighbor complains about your fence, and the best one is when you initiate this important procedure by calling on your local contractor. After that, your contractor will notify the building regulations’ office, so that you can get an official inspection of your fence. So the best idea is to have a local Denver fencing company to work with and call on in times of need.

What Should You Expect from A Fence Company?

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Most homeowners are clever enough to leave the fencing job to the professionals. But like mostly any kind of business, fencing companies also have their own ways of dealing with certain issues. Thus, it is important to know what to expect from a fence company before starting to search for one.

Fencing experts are generally divided in two categories, depending on what they will deal with. Thus, there are the estimators, and the actual builders. The estimators generally visit the exterior of your home or commercial building. At any rate, they usually do not perform the estimate on their own; the homeowner needs to be present also.

A  estimator does is to measure the length of your fence. He needs to get your confirmation about the style of your fence, the property line, materials, and so on. After that, the estimator either writes up a contract right there on the spot, or emails the contract to you later on.

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After the estimation, you will need to wait for about 4 to 6 weeks before the builders come. Nevertheless, this period may vary depending on your exact location, on your specific requests or other factors. Make sure you hire a safety conscious Denver fence company who will identify underground buried cables so as to avoid utility lines, before digging to install the posts and start the actual job.

Of the Fence Types – Which One Is Durable and Affordable

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In case you are planning to install a new fence around your property, you may be interested in finding out which is the most durable and cost-efficient type of fence. A Better Business Bureau accredited residential fencing company in Denver suggests that before starting a fencing project, there are certain details you may want to consider. This includes budget, the exact purpose of your fencing system, such as for pet containment, privacy and so on, or the typical climate for your region.

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The most durable type of fencing is masonry wall fencing. In this category we could include brick, stone, stucco, concrete or block. This type of fencing is recommended in a wide variety of climate conditions. At the same time, masonry is renowned for blocking out sounds, so it is recommended in noisy neighborhoods.

Another super strong kind of material is steel. Because they do not bend or bow easily, steel fences cannot be easily damaged or vandalized. Despite the fact that steel fences can rust if they are located on coastal areas, they are usually resistant to outside weather, especially in case they are coated with a layer of zinc.

Aluminum or wrought iron fences are yet some other great options for those who want a durable and relatively affordable type of fencing.

What Product Is Best for Weatherproofing A New Wood Fence

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It is a well-known fact that the outside weather can seriously damage a wood fence, and therefore treating it with special solutions is essential for prolonging its lifespan. According to certain reports, a period of at least 3 weeks of weather exposure can seriously deteriorate a wooden fence.

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In order to use the best kind of treatment for your fence, you need to know the exact type of wood which was used for building it, and how it generally reacts to outside conditions. Denver Metro Fence Company contractors explain that, in this respect, there are certain types of wood which are more durable and resistant against outside weather. In this category we could include black locust, yew and white oak. Some other types of wood which are considered to have high durability are redwood, red oak, Western juniper or Western red cedar. On the other side, among the less resistant types of wood we should mention alder, Douglas fir, pine or white fir.

Regardless of their degree of resistance, all types of wood should be treated with sealants or paints in order to resist outside elements. At the same time, weatherproofing a new fence can add extra beauty and therefore make your whole living environment more appealing.