Does My Pool Need A Fence?

swimming pool safety
Taking a splash in the pool in your yard or in your back garden is an excellent way to cool down in the summer heat and a pool is a great addition that will entertain your friends as well. However, swimming pools pose a constant risk of accidents, that’s why most areas in the country have very strict regulations regarding the safety measures that pool owners need to take care of, including the installation of a fence or of a device that permits the closing of the pool.
The fences that need to be installed around pools need to comply with strict regulations as well – here are some key issues:
– The fence must not have gaps that are wide enough for a toddler to climb through;
– The fence must not have any foothold that permits climbing through;
– The fence should be at least 1.2 m tall, with clearance from the ground that does not exceed 100 mm;
– The fence must be sufficiently strong to resist the attempts of a child to force a gap into it;
– The welds of fence need to be strong enough to resist really heavy knocks.
The regulations that pool fences must comply with might be regionally different, so make sure you consult a
child proof pool Denver fence companies expert before you start designing your fence.

How A New Fence Can Help with New Neighbors

According to the old saying, good fences make good neighbors, so if your new neighbors are a curious bunch and you feel watched all the time since they moved in, installing a privacy fence is the best way to restore your privacy. However, maintaining a good relationship with your new neighbor is also essential, so here are a few aspects to take care of to make sure your new fence really works you without offending anyone:
– Inform your new neighbor about your intention to install a new fence – fences are not only blocking out curious eyes, they are also for adding a border to the property, for containing pets and children, for supporting your favorite climbing plant, so you don’t need to be rude to your neighbor by telling him that you want him to stop looking your way, you can cite other reasons for building a fence;

neighborhood privacy fencing

– Agree on the fence type and the material – your new fence will be not only yours, it will also delimit your neighbor’s property, so it is a good idea to discuss and agree on the style of your new fence as well;
– Apologize for the disruption – any fence installation process entails at least some discomfort, so make sure you discuss that issue with your neighbor as well – the gesture will strengthen your relationship with your new neighbor.
Look to neighborhood friendly Westminster gate installation businesses to help you build the best fence and gate to meet your needs and budget considerations.

Climbing Plants That Work with Your Fence

plants growing on fence

Climbing plants look great on fences – they are just what your plain fence needs to turn heads. If you would like to ornate your fences with some attractive, climbing plants, here are top tips from Denver fence company pros:
– Variegatum – also known as variegated jasmine, this medium-sized evergreen works great for fences in sunny locations. The plant has glossy leaves and cute white flowers that turn yellow as they age;
– Trumpet vine – this woody climber can grow really tall and it is a great plant to embellish west-facing fences. The bright orange or red flowers look like tiny trumpets and they are there to admire them from late summer to late fall;
– Ivy of Uruguay – this evergreen climber is a slender, delicate, but a very resistant plant that thrives well in shady areas. Its flowers are not very spectacular, but the black berries that the plant develops following the flowering period look really great;
– Chocolate vine – another great choice for south-facing fences or for fences that get filtered light. It has bright green leaves and fragrant purple flowers that are followed by long purple fruits;
– Morning glory – another vigorous climber that brings spectacular, pink and blue striped flowers all summer.

What to Consider When Getting A Fence for Your Dog

If you have a dog, getting pet friendly fences and gates in Denver is essential for protecting your canine friend. This will help prevent dogs from escaping and for saving from trouble with the neighbors or with passers-by. Here are a few aspects to bear in mind when picking your fence:
– The size of your dog – if your dog is small, the fence you need for containing your pet does not need to be very tall, but large dogs can jump very high, some of them to over six feet high, so you might need a tall fence to prevent him from escaping;
– Your dog’s habits – some dogs like to dig, others like to jump. If your dog is a jumper, make sure your fence is tall enough to form a really efficient obstacle, while digger dogs are best kept on the premises with a fence that has very little or no clearance from the ground or with a fence that rests on a foundation;
– Choose a durable material – dogs like to chew on wood, so a wood fence might not be the best option for you. Aluminum, vinyl or inexpensive chain link fences make a better choice, especially if you have a large and agile dog.
pet friendly fences and gates

Does My Home Need Privacy Fencing?

Any homeowner who wants to make sure that their life is not constantly exposed to the eyes of strangers needs a privacy Westminster fencing consultation to find out the best affordable options for backyard privacy.
privacy fencing
These fences are a special type of fence designed to ensure the homeowner’s privacy by blocking out prying eyes.
The principle role of a privacy fence built around a property being to form a shield between the property it is installed around and the outside world, your fence needs to be tall enough and suitably solid for being efficient. The recommended height is over 4-6 feet and you need to pick a fence style that does not have large gaps between the components. This also means that chain-link fences are excluded, but there are still lots of materials and styles to choose from:
– Vinyl – the most affordable material chosen by many homeowners for their privacy fences for the durability and the attractive appearance offered;
– Wood – another popular, though a bit more expensive fence material that needs regular attention and maintenance, but is excellent for privacy fences;
– Metal – homeowners can choose from among lots of attractive and clever metal fence solutions to ensure the privacy of their property. Metal fences are also durable and they don’t require too much maintenance.

How to Make Your Fence Work with Your Landscape

fencing curb appeal
Fences are essential components of any property, so you probably cannot do without them, but to have a harmonious landscape, you need fences that blend in well with the other items in your garden or yard – here is how to make your fences more attractive:
– Painting – getting fences that harmonize with the color of your building or with the accents on and around the house is the easiest way to integrate the property boundary markers into the overall design of your property;
– Get some climbing plants – most climbing plants recommended for fences grow fast and are very resilient. There are lots of flowering and non-flowering varieties to choose from;
– Mix materials to create a stunning fence – choose different styles, colors and materials to create an attractive fence. You can combine natural stone with stainless steel or wood and mesh;
– Consider using offset wood panels – installing several offset panels made from wood and stained to achieve a color that works well with your building and the type of the landscape in the area to be fenced in is a great way to block the view and to increase the privacy of your property;
– Get inspiration from the other properties in the neighborhood to create a fence that works well not only with your landscape, but with the other homes in your street as well.
Look to the best Westminster fencing companies to help you get the fence that works best with your lifestyle, neighborhood, landscaping, and budget.

Questions to Help You Decide on A Great Fence

Buying a great fence is not easy – there are lots of aspects to bear in mind. Here are a few ideas to guide you:
– Function – fences play several roles, such as design, privacy, security. Some types provide more security, while others are more for adding curb appeal to your property, so try to figure out your priorities before picking the fence style and material;
– Cost – assign a budget to your fence installation project and choose the style that fits into it. Some common fence materials, such as wood, natural stone or cast iron are more expensive, while aluminum and vinyl are more affordable;
– Durability – wood fences need to be regularly inspected, maintained and coated to ensure durability, while metal and synthetic materials are less maintenance-intensive;
– Design – the best fence is one that integrates well with the rest of your property. Try to choose a style that matches the style of your home as well as the fence styles used on the neighboring properties; Specialty designed ornamental iron fence Denver craftsman can help make you design unique and note worthy.

ornamental fencing

– Color – though most fences can be stained or painted any time after the installation is complete, it is a good idea to plan ahead and to figure out what color will work best on your property.

Tips for Stopping Your Dog from Digging under the Fence

fence protection for pets
Dogs love digging under the fence that surrounds their territory for various reasons – they may need some entertainment, they are looking for prey, they are looking for comfort or they might just want to escape. Whatever the motivation behind your dog’s digging habit, if you need to watch your canine pet all the time to prevent him from ruining your fence and from creating dangerous situations, here are a few tips to help you stop him:
– Identify and address the motivation – if your dog’s behavior is motivated by the desire to attract your attention, to find entertainment or to hunt, try to address that motivation first. Try to spend more time with your dog, take him for longer walks, play with him more or try to find out if there are any critters underneath your fence that trigger your dog’s hunting instinct and try to get rid of them;
– Use deterrent substances – pepper spray or capsicum spray are harsh substances that taste and smell very strong, but are not harmful for your dog’s health. Try spraying some in your dog’s favorite digging area to teach him not to go there;
– Add an L-foot to the fence – attach some chicken wire in an L-shape along the base of the fence to prevent your dog from going close to the fence.

Check out Arvada fencing for pet safety solutions. They are happy to help offer you budget friendly options to ensure your pet safety!

Tips for Maintaining Your Wood Fence

Wood fences are popular for many reasons – they are attractive, stylish and durable additions to any property. However, wood can preserve its natural good looks and its qualities only if it is properly taken care of – here is how:
– Staining – apply some stain soon after the fence is installed to protect it against rot and to prevent insect attacks;
– Cleaning – inspect your fence regularly and remove any dirt, such as leaves or mud as soon as you notice the issue. You can clean the fence using a pressure washer and you can use some vinegar to remove the most stubborn spots;
– Remove mildew and mold – regular inspections can help you notice any signs of mildew and mold in time. If you notice the presence of the issue, wash the fence with some soap water, then follow up with some mold removing liquid;
– Painting and resealing – you need to repaint your fence every 3-4 years. Clean the surface of the wood to remove old paint, then apply the fresh coat followed with some sealant for enhanced protection;
Superior Arvada fence company professionals suggest checking regularly for loose, rusty or damaged fasteners – wood expands and contracts all the time, which may cause the nails, the screws or the hinges on the fence to become loose or damaged. Check the fasteners regularly and fix any issues that you notice.

wood fence maintenance

How to Celebrate Special Occasions with Family in Arvada CO

Summer is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate special occasions with family. Arvada, CO offers lots of great entertainment opportunities to celebrate a special day – here are some:
– Visit a Car Show – if you love cars, especially beautifully restored vintage vehicles and you love music and treats too, you will surely love the car show in Arvada. Entry is free for visitors and there is a lot to see and do on the site;
– Run 5k or 10k – if your family us physically fit and you are not out of shape either, you can participate in the 5k run, the 10k or in the fun run, then you can have a beer together to rehydrate;
– Go to a favorite restaurant – Arvada has lots of great restaurants and eateries. Make a reservation and bring all your friends and family together for a birthday, anniversary, or graduation celebration. You can organize the dinner as a surprise to your family.
– Celebrate with a BBQ – if you have a backyard and you love grilling, you can invite the whole family and prepare a barbeque to make the guest of honor happy.

summer fun in Arvada CO

However you choose to celebrate your family, be safe, be kind, and have fun!
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