The Most Important Things to Consider Before Choosing the Height of Your Fence

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Fence height is an essential factor when trying to keep your home safe and making sure that you have the adequate amount of privacy as well. Even though you might choose to have great Westminster fencing contractors install a fence made from concrete or metal, which can also keep intruders out, selecting a fence that is too short can prove to be a huge problem – both in terms of security and when it comes to keeping prying eyes away from your home.

Talk to Westminster fencing about privacy fencing height

The height of your fence will depend on what you want to achieve with it. If you live in an area where the crime rate is very low, or if you don’t really have anything worth stealing in your back yard, a smaller fence is fine. However, in that case it’s important to spruce up your security on and around your property through a well-designed alarm and possibly even a set of surveillance cameras.

A taller fence is typically required when you want to discourage anyone from climbing it. Alternatively, however, you can also do that by installing a shorter, concrete or brick fence, along with commercial fence spikes, anti-climb paint or even barbed wire, if it’s legal in your area.

Privacy fencing will also be quite tall in most cases, and that’s a special necessity when you have a lot of activities in your back yard, such as allowing your kids to play there unsupervised or organizing barbecues and pool parties.

The Types of Fencing That Can Easily Improve Curb Appeal

Metro Fence - decorated white picket fence

Although fences are quite affordable, they can usually make your home a lot more appealing and well-regarded. Choosing the right Metro Fence will easily help you improve curb appeal and lead to your home turning quite a few heads on a daily basis:

Metro Fence - decorated white picket fence

  1. White picket fences are some of the most popular fences you will find in the USA and in many other parts of the world as well. Very popular and highly appealing, this type of fence stands out and is often considered to be a symbol of prosperity. It will without a doubt improve your home’s curb appeal.
  2. Privacy fencing is also high on the list among the most popular and well-recognized types of fences that contractors can provide you with. These fences are sturdy and meant to block the view of anyone who might try to see into your back yard.
  3. Aesthetically pleasing metal fences are also highly popular as well as a safe choice, whether you’re worried about burglars or about weather changes. Durable and often featuring beautiful, custom designs, these solid fences will stand out regardless of where you live.
  4. Ornamental fences are often the most appealing when it comes to improving curb appeal. They provide complete creative freedom and allow you to make a real fashion statement without having to invest too much money.

Wood Fence Maintenance Tips

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Denver fence company wood fence maintenance tips include regular cleaning, treatment and painting. Wood is an extremely good material, with excellent properties and beautiful aspect, but being a natural material it is subject to rot, pest attack and degradation. Regular maintenance will ensure that you will not have to replace your fence too soon.

Denver fence company

For a good adhesion of the substances you are going to  use to treat the wood, you must clean the fence with water and detergent and then power wash the fence again. Depending on the condition of the boards, you may also need to consider sanding some of them, even if it means for you to spend more time with this maintenance work than you have anticipated. Sanding helps to remove the scratches and the roughness caused by the moisture and allows the varnish/ paint layer to adhere better on the wooden surface. The procedure also has an aesthetic effect: it reveals the natural striations of the wood.

Once you have sanded the fence, do not forget to power wash it one more time and allow it to dry completely before moving to the final maintenance operation: treating the fence boards with several substances that have the role of protecting it from the weather and the action of the pests and to give it an impeccable appearance. The fence will last longer if you use a solution against mildew, then a primer and finally a protective varnish/ paint.

Types of Fencing to Improve Home Value

Installing a fence serves several different purposes. First, it is used to mark your property and, in many cases, it has a decorative role. However, a fence also ensures privacy and even provides security, depending on the materials it is made from, its height etc.

Westminster fencing designs

A fence that offers all these benefits and is also very aesthetic and made from quality materials has the potential to increase the value of a property.  If your home is in a high end neighborhood, having a security gate at the end of your driveway may increase your property value as well. Westminster gate installation specialists can provide you with additional information.

The most appreciated fencing materials are wrought iron, wood, natural stone and brick, due to their classy, natural and authentic aspect. On the other hand, you can be sure that a chain link fence will not contribute to increasing your home`s value, no matter what you do; it will only have a practical value.

However, there is no need to invest in an expensive fence if it doesn’t match the rest of your property. Get informed about how these things work and choose a solution that matches what you already have, because only this way your fence can become a valuable asset.

Finally yet importantly, to make the most of you fence, make sure it is installed professionally and you get warranty for it. Potential buyers could appreciate this detail if you want to sell your house.

How To Refresh Your Wooden Fence

Brighton fence repair contractors

Brighton fence repair contractors

Strong sunshine, rain, snow, heat, cold and pests can all harm your wood fence and natural aging can also take its toll, causing the wood to become dull and weak. However, if you notice the signs of aging or damage on your wood fence, you don’t necessarily need to replace it – here are some things that you can do to refresh it and to make it resistant to the elements:

  • Wash the fence – you can use a power washer set to deliver a mild spray or you can do it manually, applying the cleaning solution with a sponge. Wait until the fence is completely dry before you move on to the next step: inspection;
  • Check the fence inch by inch to identify any damage that needs Brighton fence repair contractor services. Look for signs of mold, mildew, rot, insect attack and cracks – if the damage is not too extensive, correct with some wood preservative and caulk;
  • Apply protective coating on all the wooden components of your fence, on the healthy surfaces as well as on the parts that have been repaired. Wait for the coating to dry completely. If you want to preserve the natural color of the wood, the coating is the last task. If you want to change the color, apply your stain or paint carefully, in a uniform layer without drips.

Tips for Mending a Broken Fence Post

residential fencing company Denver

residential fencing company Denver

Fence posts are usually made from strong material, but even these resilient components can break or get damaged if they are exposed to the elements for too long or if they are affected by other forms of impact. A broken fence post will compromise the strength of the entire fence, so it is very important to have a BBB A+ rated residential fencing company in Denver fix the post right away. If you choose to try to do the repair on your own, here are some suggestions:

Wooden posts – wood is sensitive to moisture, to extreme heat or cold and to insect attacks. If you notice any rot, signs of an infestation with pests or cracking, see whether the damaged part can be removed and replaced with some suitable repair material – if the damage is too extensive, you might have to replace the post. To prevent the recurrence of the problem, apply suitable surface treatment on the repaired post or on the replacement post;

Metal posts – the only things that can get to metal are rust and physical impact. If your post develops rust, remove it with some suitable chemical, then apply rust preventive coating; if the post has been bent by strong winds or animals, straighten it and make sure that the base holds the post firmly in place. If necessary, dig a hole around the post and fill it with cement to ensure stability.

Boosting Curb Appeal with a New Fence

Metro Fence curb appeal

Metro Fence curb appeal

The exterior of the house, whether we are talking about the yard or the garden, is a space that we have to set up in a clever way to enjoy a complete and aesthetic home. An element of particular importance in this sense is the fence, which is unfortunately very often neglected and chosen randomly rather than responsibly.

Fences  – look at – are very important for curb appeal when it comes to the overall aspect of a property. If initially the most common fences were built from wood, today homeowners can choose among many fencing materials to complement any style of building or landscaping.

Here are some reasons why we should not neglect the fence when we want to set up the yard in a special way:

  • The fence is an important element in the aesthetics of a property
  • The fence is a component that ensures your privacy
  • The fences delimits the space of your yard in an interesting way

In order to make an optimal choice and boost the curb appeal, it is advisable to pay special attention to the architectural style of the building, but also to the other exterior elements and the landscaping ideas you want to put into practice.

How Fences Can Help with Your Home Remodel

Westminster gate installation helps with security during home remodels

The fence around your property is as much part of your home as your windows, your doors, your patio or your landscape, so if you are renovating and you want to make sure the appearance of your entire home is harmonious and integrated, you should probably include your fencing into the project as well.

Westminster gate installation helps with security during home remodels

Here are some of the ways how your fence can improve the success of your home remodeling project:

  • Harmony at first sight – your fence is the very first thing that your visitors notice when they approach your property and you surely know how important first impressions are. A renovated, clean and attractive building surrounded by a shabby, warping or damaged fence creates a bad first impression, so your fence cannot be left out of your renovation project if you want to improve the looks of your entire property;
  • Enhanced security for your assets during and after the renovation – most homeowners engaged in extensive remodeling projects store building materials and machines in the yard during the project. Starting the renovation with a Westminster gate installation and secure fence will make sure that your property, your machines and construction materials are safe from burglars and other intruders and a remodeled fence will keep protecting your property after the remodeling project is complete as well.

The Advantages of a Fenced-In Yard

chain link fence installed by a residential fence company

A fenced-in yard is an essential component of a safe, functional and attractive property – here are some of the major benefits of surrounding your property with a suitable fence:

  • Privacy – spending time in a fenced-in yard or garden is more pleasurable than spending time in a space that is open and allows anyone to peep in. Using the right type of fence will make sure that your outdoor space is yours indeed and you can use it the way you want to, without having to worry about being seen by strangers;chain link fence installed by a residential fence company
  • Safety – chain link fences installed by a residential fence company are great for keeping your kids as well as your pets on your property, keeping them safe from the traffic outside and from getting lost in the neighborhood. Your fence will also protect your property against intruders;
  • Noise reduction – a well-chosen fence can keep the noise of the street or of the road outside your perimeters;
  • Curb appeal – if you have a fence, it will be the first thing that your visitors and passers-by will observe when they look at your property, therefore you can use your fence to make a powerful statement about your style and to enhance the appearance of your property.

The Effectiveness of Sound Barrier Fences

soundproof Westminster fencing

If you live in a very busy area and there is a lot of noise coming from the street , you are surely interested in finding solutions to deal with this problem. The one we propose you in this article is rather simple and efficient: installing a sound barrier fence.

Soundproof fences really work, if you build them by taking into account factors like the location of your house, the distance between the fence and the house and the type of sound that cause you discomfort and you want to insulate your property from.

soundproof Westminster fencing

Sound barrier Westminster fencing is typically taller and thicker than regular fences. When you plan to install one, you should check the local regulations about how tall you can actually make it, as there may be some limitations that you need to know about.

When you install a sound barrier fence, make sure that there are more than 20 meters between the fence and the house. The bigger the distance, the better the results.

Carefully consider the materials you use to build your fence. Soundproof fences must consist in compact and hard surfaces, thick enough to absorb the noise or bouncing back to the street.