How an Inexpensive Vinyl Fence Can Still Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Affordable fencing materials are often frowned upon, as many people believe that they’re not well-suited for improving curb appeal and ensuring that you can get a good offer on your house. That, however, is definitely not the case for vinyl fencing, as its affordable price really doesn’t interfere with its aesthetics, unique designs and ability to make your property look great overall.

One of the first things to consider is that vinyl fencing is available in a range of styles, including picket, privacy, semi-privacy, and ornamental. This means you can choose the style that best suits your property’s architecture and style.

Quality vinyl can enhance your home’s curb appeal by providing a clean, sleek look that complements the appearance of your property just right. It’s also available in various colors, so you can adapt it to fit into the color palette  that best suits your property.

Vinyl fencing requires very little maintenance, which means you won’t have to spend time and money painting or staining it every few years. You can clean it easily with soap and water, and it won’t fade, which keeps it looking brand new for years to come.

An inexpensive vinyl fence can be a good investment as it’s durable and long-lasting. An Arvada fence company that installs vinyl fencing affirms that it is resistant to the elements, such as harsh weather conditions, UV rays, and insects, so you’ll find that it won’t deteriorate quickly. A typical vinyl fence is also relatively easy to install, which means you can save money on installation costs. This also means that you can have your new fence installed quickly, which is essential if you’re trying to sell your home.

How Involved Should You Be in a Fence Installation as a Homeowner?

Home improvement projects can be a real pain if you have to get really involved. But that’s usually a matter of opinion. While some homeowners are happy to engage in some DIY “fun,” others would just prefer to make the problem go away and not have to deal with anything technical.

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When it comes to fence installation, it’s the same thing, except that some aspects have to be addressed no matter how much you’d like to just avoid them:

  • You will need to do a little research and ask your residential fence installation Denver contractor about the various materials used in a new fence. Installing a fence without that knowledge is a setup for failure, as not all fences are a proper choice for every climate and for every situation.
  • There might be issues with the soil that you’ll also have to address. In some cases, you might have to choose between two different types of fences and determine whether it’s worth the risk to install the fence you originally wanted on a type of soil that might not support it properly.
  • You will have to learn about building codes and the boundaries between neighboring properties. These rules differ from one area to another, and not knowing about them could land you in trouble if, for example, it turns out that part of your fence was installed on a neighbor’s property.

How Often Should You Consider Repainting Your Wooden Fence?

One of the main ways that you can keep your fence from succumbing to the elements is by painting it. No matter what color you choose, a good coat of paint and an adequate repainting cycle can easily keep your fence from developing mold and mildew, or from being affected by the intense UV radiation of the sun.

Most fence repair Thornton CO professionals will tell you that you don’t necessarily have to repaint your fence too often once after it was painted for the first time. Of course, if you notice that the paint comes off more quickly (which can happen, if you used a cheaper paint in the first place), then it’s a good idea to repaint it early, as it can offer additional protection.

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However, in most cases, the period you can wait before you repaint your fence can be as long as two or three years. Repainting will increase the lifespan of your fence in most instances, but be careful of the type of paint you use and the material of the fence. Cedar, for instance, might not be able to breathe as easily, so regular paint might cause more harm than good.

If you have a cedar fence or an older fence made from another type of wood, and you’d like to make it last longer than your average fence, staining can also be a good idea. Unlike regular paint, stain is not only inexpensive, but also capable of acting as a protective coating layer that looks more natural and can also slow the growth of mildew and rot, as your fence continues to grow older.

Is it Difficult to Stain a New Fence

No matter if your wooden fence is newly installed or a bit older, it can always benefit from staining. Not only does staining improve the general design of fence, but it also adds years to its life. These are some of the reasons why staining plays such an important role for wooden fencing systems.

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Certain staining products are more recommended than others. It all depends on the exact type of wood, as well as on the general design of the fence, of the yard, and so on. At any rate, it is highly recommended that you use an oil-based type of stain, which is also half-transparent, in order to gain the best results. A semi-transparent stain can underline the natural patina and texture of the wood, adding more charm to your home in general. Stain can protect wood from UV rays and from other natural phenomena such as mildew, algae or fungus.

You also need to thoroughly clean your fence before applying stain to it, and for that you should use professional, good-quality cleaning products. It is not that difficult to do the staining on your own, and you can find helpful tutorials on the Internet. In addition, ask a Denver fence company maintenance expert for excellent advice and services.


Who is Required to Paint the Fence?

In order to make sure you are not breaking the local legislation concerning fences, you should get properly informed from the right sources. For instance, you may be wondering who can paint a fence once it is built.

It is the boundary line that determines how you deal with the fencing part of your general property. Therefore, you need to find out the exact details of your situation, in order to take wise decisions and not upset your neighbors or even be accused of breaking the law.

In case you want to paint your neighbor’s part of the fence, you should ask for permission, even if it is about minor changes such as merely staining or painting a small part of the fence. Your neighbor can refuse your proposal to paint his side of the fence, and you should not do anything without mutual agreement between you two.

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At the same time, you may wonder whether you should do the painting on your own, or hire a professional to do the job. Although it may seem an easy job, the fact that the fence needs prior preparation may imply that professional help is more recommended than DIY.  Brighton fence painting experts can also suggest the best type of weather for painting your fence and schedule their job accordingly.

Paint vs. Stain for Your Home Fence

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No matter whether you decide to stain or paint your fence, the idea is to offer it some protection before the cold season comes and wreaks havoc on your fencing system.

Plain wood may look beautiful, but it cannot withstand the damaging effects of snow, rainfalls, excessive heat or dirt. So it needs to be waterproofed in order to resist in the long run.

The main reason why most people prefer paint is the fact that it can come in a huge variety of options. Nonetheless, paint is prone to cracking and peeling, it takes longer to get applied uniformly, and so on.

As far as stain is concerned, it obviously is something else. First of all, it does not stand at the surface of the wood, but gets in, thus offering it protection from the inside out. At the same time, producers have increased the variety of products, so you can choose the exact hue you prefer for your fencing system.

No matter if your fence is painted or stained, it still needs regular maintenance, in order for it to have a long lifespan. In case you do not know which variant works best for your fence, you should not hesitate and ask for help and advice from fence repair Thornton CO experts.


How to Make Your Fence Last a Lifetime

Perhaps the easiest way to make your fence last for a long time is to build it from a very long-lasting type of material. Such materials may include vinyl, timber or other kinds of robust materials.

No matter how resistant the material may be, it still needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. This can be done simply with the help of a garden hose. At the same time, after extreme weather events, it is very important to check the state of your fencing system also.

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The longevity of your fence has a lot to do with the climate of your region, so it is best to choose from the materials that are most recommended in your area. Local Denver Metro Fence Company representatives can help you chose the best option for your particular needs and budget.

A strong fence has a strong frame, and experienced contractors generally recommend that the posts should be fixed into the ground with concrete, no matter if they are made of wood, vinyl, etc. These posts should be made either of treated timber or of concrete, to keep your fence strong for a longer period of time.

Stainless steel fencing is typically considered one of the most time-resistant kinds of materials used for fences. Despite the fact they are a bit expensive, they can certainly last a lifetime.

Different Materials for Fences

Fences have always been the best way to keep your property safe, while also keeping away undesired visitors. Before installing a fence around your home, there are certain things you may want to know, including the legislation requirements, as well as if there are any conditions from the part of your neighbors for creating your fencing system.

At any rate, there is a huge variety of materials to choose from. The most frequent, typical choice is wood, because it has a beautiful, classic look and is among the most affordable options out there.

A local Arvada fence company contractor suggests that cedar has a long-lasting appearance, and it hardly ever warps or shrinks, which is why many people use it for their fences. It does not only resist decaying, but also insects. Treated wood is less likely to rot after several years. Concrete grounded posts are highly recommended for this type of fence.

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Vinyl fences are still relatively new on the market, and can be a great option for those who want an easier to maintain fence. Thickness plays an important part, ensuring more safety and resistance for your fencing system. At the same time, it is highly recommended that you install your vinyl fence with the help of a professional team.

How to Protect Your Residential Fence from Summer Heat

Residential fences are an important part of your property, and protecting them from outside elements is quintessential to the longevity and safety of your home.

The summer sun can deteriorate mostly any type of fence, but especially wood fences. In order to make sure that your fence is safe and sound in summer, you probably may need to take measures in the previous seasons, starting from the fall and winter of the previous year. Thus, you may need to replace any rotten pickets or rusty hinges, before they get more deteriorated and cause more severe problems to your residential property.

Thornton fence company pros suggest power washing maintenance

Cleaning away any kind of debris or vegetation is also of paramount importance for keeping your residential fence in a good shape. Before preparing for sun proofing procedures, quality Thornton fence company contractors confirm that it is very important to clean your fence properly.  A  pressure washer does an excellent job cleaning and removing chipped paint.

Painting or staining your wooden fence with UV-resistant covering is the next thing to do in order to have a safe and sound fence all throughout the hot summer days.

You can use a brush or a sprayer, depending on the type of product that you are using and on the instructions that are typically printed on the product’s package.

Why Do I Actually Need to Prime My Fence Before Painting?

If you really wanted to get a fence that adds that appealing flare to your home’s landscape, and would also last longer, before painting your fence, you must first give it a coat of primer as an additional protective barrier that will seal the material you’ve used. This will protect your fence from a wide range of problems such as mildew growth, bug invasion and rotting in the case of wood fences, as well as rusting for metal fences.

Before applying any paint to your fence, whether it is made of wood or metal, make sure that everything is completely clean and dry. Just like your paint, Thornton fence company experts say, it is necessary that you use the highest quality primer you can lay your hands on. In many cases, a second coat of primer is necessary to add durability and protection to your fence. Just make sure that you give the first layer of primer plenty of time to dry before you apply the second coat.

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In the case of wooden fences, find out the type of wood that you are going to use. Red species of wood, such as cedar or cedar or Douglas fir wood, would require an alkyd-based or oil-based primer. This type of primer prevents the red particles in the wood from bleeding into the final coat of paint which can result in or muddled coloring. You may use acrylic latex or oil primer for any other types of wood.

Make sure that you cover the surface in its entirety and allow it to completely dry before applying any paint. This will give your fence painting the best result.