The Most Common Fence Issues and Repair Methods

Fences are continuously exposed to the elements and each type of fence material has a different reaction to the prolonged stress. Here are some of the most common residential fencing Denver issues, the materials that they affect and the repair methods that should be used:

  • Leaning fence posts, fallen panels – most commonly affecting fences made from chain link, wood and vinyl, the issue is usually caused by high winds, soil erosion or impact. If the fence is damaged by wind or falling objects, the remedy involves only the replacement of the panels and the straightening of the posts, but if the issue is caused by soil erosion, you will need an expert to create a suitable drainage system;
  • Mildew, rot and insect damage – these issues affect wood fences and can be repaired by removing the damaged part of the fence and correcting it with some caulk. You can prevent the issue in the future by applying and reapplying suitable coating and paint;
  • Staining – the issue is mostly encountered on vinyl fences. Fortunately, it is easy to remedy, all you need to do is to clean the affected area with some soap water;
  • Rust – found on chain link and metal fencing, the remedy depends on the extent of the damage. Small spots can be removed with a brush and some rust removal product, but if the rusty area is too large, the panel needs to be replaced. To prevent further rusting, the repair should include the application of a rust prevention coating as well.

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How to Make Your Mom Feel Special this Summer!


If you want to make your mom feel really special, here are some easy and entertaining ways to express your love for her and to make her feel really appreciated:

  • A necklace with a locket that has a photo inside – choose a classy, delicate necklace with a matching locket. You can put a picture of yourself, of yourself and your Mom or of the grandkids inside;
  • Photo pillows – many companies nowadays offer personalization services and create prints on fabric. Pick a few pictures of yourself, of your kids or of the entire family together and have them printed on plain white pillow cases, your Mom will love her new decoration items;
  • Spend the day together – the best gift you can offer your mom is your time, so take your Mom to a special spa day, then invite her to dinner to her favorite restaurant or to a place that she will like. If your Mom prefers to stay at home, spend the day in the family home with her, but don’t let her do any housework – do the cooking and the cleaning for her or convince her to just enjoy the time you spend together.

gardeningHelp your mom do chores around her house. Call professional Westminster fencing pros to do a fence inspection and complete repairs if needed. Help her clean windows, complete lawn maintenance, and other diy home projects.

Your Guide to Quick Fence Repairs

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As a property owner, knowing a few quick fence repairs can be very useful.   Some of these are quite easy to perform and by doing them yourself you can save some money.

Fences are typically durable structures, but they are not infallible and sooner or later they will require repairs. With the right tools and fence components (boards, pickets, rails etc.), you can fix most of the problems and push back the perspective of an all-out replacement.

The first thing to do is making a plan to address the necessary repairs. The operations you will be required to do in the process depend on the material the fence is made of.

  • Repairing a wood fence

Wood is a natural material that wraps, splinters and can be affected by moisture and insects.

  • Repairing a vinyl fence

Vinyl is a truly great material that requires almost no maintenance at all and is very durable. However, it can be damaged by impact, in which case you will have to replace some vinyl panels. Additionally, a vinyl fence should be pressure washed periodically, for a fresh look.

iron fence Arvada fence company

  • Repairing an iron fence

Iron fences are affected by rust. To repair them, it is best to hire an iron fence Arvada fence company you need special tools and cleaning solutions, as well as protective solutions and paint.

What to Do If You Have A Moldy Fence

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Mold can affect not only building interiors – it is quite common on fences as well and, just like in the case of neglected mold in homes, the unsightly, grey and black patches and streaks can damage the surface they proliferate on. Fortunately, removing mold from your fence is not very difficult – here are the steps to follow:Westminster fencing repair

  • Prepare the ground around the fence – spread some plastic foil to avoid plant damage caused by spilling or drips of chemicals, such as detergents or sealants;
  • Clean the fence – use your power washer or give your fence a good wash with a mix of detergent and warm water or, for a deeper cleaning, use a mix of bleach and water. Use a sponge to scrub and to swipe off mold or, if necessary, get an old toothbrush to clean the fence components even more efficiently. Finish the cleaning phase with a thorough rinse using plain, clean water;
  • Fix other issues if necessary – call Westminster fencing pros to fix damage in the cleaned area to avoid having to come back to the fence section later;
  • Apply sealant – wait until the fence dries completely, then apply the right type of sealant on it. Choose a product that contains some sort of fungicide – after all, mold is the result of the proliferation of fungi.