Tips for Making Your Home’s Fence Stand Out

Choosing the right fence for your property, buying the materials and installing the fence can be a huge and overwhelming task. However, there are great ways to make even the plainest, simplest fence stand out – here are a few tips from Westminster fencing professionals:
– Use color – most fence materials can be stained and painted to any color. Choose a bright hue that matches the style and the color scheme of your property or alternate a bright color with toned-down hues to create a striking, cheerful and attractive look;
decorated picket fence
– Add planters – any fence can be made to look lively with planters that have colorful flowers. You can use wooden boxes, trellises, baskets even tin cans and small buckets to hang on the fence;
– Use a custom gate – if your fence is otherwise simple, you can add some style to it by using an elaborate custom gate that contrasts the simplicity of the fence. A wrought-iron gate installed in a plain vinyl fence or a metal gate in the middle of a wood fence adds curb appeal to any property;
– Add climbing plants – plants that climb on the fence and cover it completely after a while are great for creating a dramatic and mysterious look, but you will need some patience before your green gate will look really great.

Cedar Fences Vs. Vinyl Fences–Which Is Right for You?

While cedar is still among the most popular fencing materials in the nation, recently there is a new material that is quickly gaining popularity: vinyl. If you are searching for the best Arvada fencing, and currently weighing your options and trying to choose the best fencing material for your property, here are a few factors that you should have in mind when you make the final decision:
– Appearance – while vinyl is perfect for the white, painted, traditional picket fence look that many homeowners are looking for, cedar is more versatile in terms of appearance, it offers more customization options, such as the opportunity to stain or paint the material or to add decorative elements;
– Durability and maintenance – wood is a natural material and as such it is susceptible to rot and pest attacks, but vinyl is plastic material, so nothing really gets to it. The durability of wood fences can be efficiently prolonged with regular inspections followed by the repair of the issues found and by the application of protective coating every few years, while vinyl offers a very long lifespan without requiring any painting or coating;
– Costs – you can expect to pay twice as much for a linear foot of installed vinyl fence as for the same amount of cedar fence. cedar vs vinyl fences in Denver

How Sound Barrier Fences Can Help with Your Business

Sound barrier fences, also known as acoustic fences are fencing solutions that use materials such as wood, concrete, various composites, insulating wool, earthwork, steel, plastic or other materials that absorb or reflect sound to reduce noise pollution. Noise barrier fences are extensively used in residential areas and around highways, but their most widespread and most beneficial application is for businesses – Per sound barrier residential fencing company Denver pros, here are a few ways how a good sound barrier fence can help your business:
sound barrier fencing
– Compliance with local regulations – to be able to operate your business efficiently, your business activities need to comply with lots of regulations, including rules related to the level of noise emitted. If the operations on your corporate premises generate too much noise, the only way that you can continue work and comply with the applicable laws is to install noise barrier fencing;
– Easy to use and versatile solutions – the technologies used for making sound barrier fences are in constant development, so nowadays you will find not only permanent fences, but also mobile solutions in the form of sheets made from special, sound insulating material to be hung on your existing fencing. The sheets can be removed when they are no longer needed and they can be installed back again when they are needed again.

History of the Chain Link Fence

playground chain link fence
The chain link is today one of the most common materials used in fences of all kinds, for delimiting residential property as well as for marking the property limits for industrial or commercial facilities. The characteristic diamond-shape pattern made from galvanized or coated steel wire is everywhere nowadays, but how did this great invention come to be and how did it become so popular? Here are some details.
Like so many other ingenious inventions that we use all the time without even thinking of them, chain link mesh is a product of the Industrial Revolution. It was developed in the middle of the 19th century Britain by Charles Barnard, who started mass producing chain link sheets in his own factory in Norwich. The technology was based on the processes used for weaving cloth, only with the linen thread replaced by steel wire. The invention reached the United States in 1891, when the first factory that made chain link mesh was established. The material instantly became the preferred fencing solution for all sorts of applications – the steel mesh is affordable, resistant, durable, flexible, relatively lightweight, easy to install and versatile, features that still make chain link fencing the best pick for short and very long fences alike.
Look into chain link fence Westminster gate installation for excellent fence repair and install services.

Tips for Increasing the Longevity of Your Fence

Fences are property components that are continuously exposed to the elements, yet they need to look their best all the time and they are also expected to be long-lasting. If you want to make sure that your fence performs as expected, Arvada fence company will increase the longevity of your fence. Here are a few tips to increase its longevity:
fence installation
– Regular inspections – whatever material your fence is made from, you can prevent damage to it by performing regular, detailed, inch-by-inch inspection. During the inspections, you will surely find minor issues, such as loose fasteners or loose boards, but in most cases the problems identified during regular inspections are easy to fix;
– Coating – the longevity of metal fences can be increased with the help of anti-corrosive coating or enamel applied every few years, while wood fences can also be made more durable with coatings that protect them against rot and insect attacks;
– Use gravel at the bottom of the posts – water is an insidious enemy of any type of fencing material. Fortunately, improving the drainage in the area around the posts can help prevent water damage. Put 2-3 inches of gravel in the holes for your posts to direct water away and to prevent rot and other types of damage caused by too much contact between your fence and water.

Does Your Outdoor Deck Need a Fence?

Adding a deck to your backyard, a small space attached to your house where you can sip your coffee in the morning, where you can have breakfast on Sunday mornings and where you can entertain your friends is a great way to extend your living space, but only if you feel comfortable on your deck. Calling Metro Fence Company Inc to add a fence to your deck is an excellent way to achieve that comfort and it is a component that can drive many other benefits as well – here are some
– A more structured landscape – a fenced deck provides a space that is better delimited and more comfortable;
– Safety – any type of deck is elevated a little bit and as such, it poses the risk of falling. A properly designed and installed solid fence can prevent accidents and it can also make the fence a place that is safer and easier to use for children and for elderly people who have moving difficulties;
– Extra décor potential – you can add flowers in wooden boxes or you can otherwise decorate the fence to make the deck cozier;
– Enhanced privacy – if your deck is visible for your neighbors or for the people walking by your house, you can enhance your privacy by adding a fence made from solid material or by covering the deck fence with some attractive textile that prevents prying eyes from seeing you on your deck.
fence around deck

Dog Windows That Work with Your Fence

Dogs just love to stick their heads out between the posts of the fence to see what is going on in the neighborhood and they are constantly searching for a way to see through the fence even if it is made from some solid material. Dog windows are great inventions that can be easily installed into any type of fence – here are a few of the features they offer:
– Appearance and size – ready-made dog windows are nowadays available in most stores that sell construction materials. They come in many style variations, from windows that resemble the circular portholes on ships to wood-framed windows that use wire mesh instead of glass, so you can probably find the style that suits your fence style. If you have checked all the dog windows sold in the stores and you still don’t find the perfect fit, you can easily create your own window as well;
– Size and positioning – the position of the dog window should be determined based on the size of the dog and his favorite place for peering through the fence. The window should be large enough to offer the dog a wide viewing angle, but not large enough for the dog to climb through. A creative Arvada fence company may be able to give you some unique ideas regarding how to create a special pet window within your current fencing.
dog fence window

Things to Consider When Investing in A Fence Gate

If you already have a beautifully installed fence around your property and now you are looking for an attractive, matching gate for it or if you want to buy the fence material and the gate to install the entire fence in one go, here are some tips from a local Westminster gate installation company about how to pick the gate:
– Choosing the material – the gate does not necessarily have to be made from the same material as the rest of the fence. An industrial-looking metal fence can be complemented with a rustic wood fence and a vinyl fence can look very good with a wooden gate or a metal door;
– Get a solid gate – it is not only the fence that needs to be able to withstand the weather, the gate also needs to be able to stand up to wind, hail, rain, snow and sun, what’s more, it also needs to stand up to constant usage, to being opened and closed all the time;
– Maintenance – choose your fence gate considering your willingness to do regular maintenance on it. Wood is more sensitive to the weather and needs to be coated regularly, while vinyl and metal are less maintenance-intensive choices;
– Use the best hinges and locks that you can pay for – this is an absolute must if you are to ensure functionality and durability.
fence gate

What to Consider When Creating a Home Meditation Garden

meditation garden
A home meditation garden is an extension of your favorite room in the house, it is practically an outdoor space that should include all the features that have a calming effect on your body, mind and soul. To be able to make the most of your meditation garden, here are a few things to consider during the space arrangement phase:
– Use your imagination and create a list with the items, the colors and the textures that you would love to have in your garden – think about things that you associate with serenity, such as specific colors, textures, such as soft or fluffy fabric, items that you would use for enhancing the privacy if your space;
– Evaluate the existing features of your garden – think about the size, the current distribution of vegetation, noise levels, terrain features, such as the existence of lawn and sloping angles and identify the features that you want to preserve and the ones that you want to get rid off; ask garden residential fencing Denver pros to help you plan for privacy and security.
– Start planning – you can use paper and a pencil or you can use an online application to create a blueprint for your garden. While creating the layout, pay attention to how you can incorporate the existing features of your property to reduce the budget necessary for your meditation garden and also to adding your favorite components.

Is a Wooden Horizontal Fence Right for Your Home?

horizontal fence
A horizontal fence is a great, attractive, modern fencing solution that involves the fence posts mounted horizontally instead of being mounted vertically. Horizontal fences can be made from various materials, but the most popular material, used mostly for fencing around residential properties is wood. Here are a few of the most important features of wooden horizontal fences so you can decide for yourself whether the solution will work for you as well:
– Sleek design – the clean, horizontal lines of these special wooden fences add value and curb appeal to any property and they can complement any building style;
– Showcasing plot length – horizontal wood fences emphasize the length of your property, attracting the beholder’s gaze to follow the perimeter;
– A unique solution – horizontal fences have been around for quite some time, but they are not very common yet, so using the style will make your property look uniquely stylish and will make your home stand out in your street and in your neighborhood;
Before you decide to use a horizontal wooden fence to delimit your property, you must also know that horizontal fences are somewhat more expensive than vertical ones and the installation requires some skill and professional knowledge as well.
Preferred residential fence company contractors will be happy to meet with you to discuss horizontal fence options and costs.