Tips for Making Your Home’s Fence Stand Out

Choosing the right fence for your property, buying the materials and installing the fence can be a huge and overwhelming task. However, there are great ways to make even the plainest, simplest fence stand out – here are a few tips from Westminster fencing professionals:
– Use color – most fence materials can be stained and painted to any color. Choose a bright hue that matches the style and the color scheme of your property or alternate a bright color with toned-down hues to create a striking, cheerful and attractive look;
decorated picket fence
– Add planters – any fence can be made to look lively with planters that have colorful flowers. You can use wooden boxes, trellises, baskets even tin cans and small buckets to hang on the fence;
– Use a custom gate – if your fence is otherwise simple, you can add some style to it by using an elaborate custom gate that contrasts the simplicity of the fence. A wrought-iron gate installed in a plain vinyl fence or a metal gate in the middle of a wood fence adds curb appeal to any property;
– Add climbing plants – plants that climb on the fence and cover it completely after a while are great for creating a dramatic and mysterious look, but you will need some patience before your green gate will look really great.