What are Boundary Fences?

boundry fenceA boundary fence marks a land division or partition. Typically, it is built between two properties, to mark the line where one property ends and the other begins.

These fences are owned by both parts. In these circumstances, both owners are responsible for a boundary fence’s maintenance and repairs, unless they make another arrangement that is convenient to both of them. However, these agreements can only be made between current neighbors; if one of the owners relocates, the agreement is no longer available with the person that buys the property.

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When there are multiple properties delimited by boundary feces, the rules about who owns which fence may vary. Every house may own the fence situated on its right side or on its left side. The vendor who divided the land parcels before selling them individually is the one who assigns boundaries ownership and should specify these details in the conveyance deed. If the vendor forgets about this aspect, people who are interested must look for the information existent in the Seller’s Property Information Form, at the time they bought their property.

In the matter of the responsibility of a boundary fence, the neighbors should do their best to come to an agreement. If this thing is not possible, they have the option to make a legal case and allow the law to decide.

How High Should You Build Your Fence?

Fences are built to delimitate and protect properties from intruders, to keep the animals in an enclosure or simply for aesthetic reasons. The Arvada fence company offers various fence designs and materials to choose from, so each owner can build a fence according to their needs and preferences. However, there are some limits when you build a fence.

things to know about fencesEven if it is on your property, you are not allowed to build a super high fence. You must obtain legal permits to build a fence and common heights include 3 ft for a front yard, 6-8 ft for a backyard, or 4 ft for a pool fence.

Obviously the height largely depends on the purpose and the location of the fence. Fences built to contain certain animals must be high enough so that the animals cannot escape. For example, since most people have dogs, it is good to know that a large dog breed can escape a 4-5 ft fence.

Instead of installing a higher fence, you also have the option to consider extensions that can be fixed on the existing fence, if its structure allows it. They can be custom made to add a decorative touch, besides increased protection.

Common Mistakes Seen in Commercial Fences

Just like residential fences, commercial fences are built for security, protection and aspect. Unfortunately, people make mistakes in designing them, as well as in the process of construction, that may jeopardize the final result.

Denver fence company commercial projectsFirst, know that there are local laws and regulations that must be checked before starting any type of Denver fence company construction project. You might be surprised to learn that the type of fence you want on your commercial property is actually forbidden in your area, or that you need a permit for installing your fence. You should never neglect these aspects, or you will end up with a fine, you will have to start the project again from scratches, not to mention that you may damage underground utilities which will only increase your legal problems.

Another important thing is knowing the exact borders of your property, otherwise you risk installing the fence on someone else`s land and deal with all the legal issues that arise.

Technical mistakes are also common in the construction and installation of a commercial fence, so make sure to find a reliable and experienced contractor, able to take precise measurements, use the right post setting technique to secure the fence properly and take into account the slope of your property to avoid gaps in your fencing.

Preventing Rust on Chain Link Fences

chain link fenceCorrosion and rust are destructive for the aspect and functionality of chain link fences, weakening the metal and making it look dilapidated. The good news is that these are problems that can be avoided through some specific and regular maintenance.
The simplest thing that you should do is keeping your chain link fence clean. Dirt and grime are abrasive and may contain chemical compounds that make the fence vulnerable to rust. Clean your chain link fence in Denver with a soft brush using water and some soap or dish detergent.
If rust and corrosion are already present on some areas of the chain link fence, use fine-grit sandpaper or commercial rust removal products to clean it. This operation must be followed by coating your fence with a rust inhibitor or an outdoor paint that contains rust inhibitors.
Prevention is also a good measure to protect your chain link fence. Make sure to avoid scratching it or any other damage that may expose the bare metal underneath the protective layer. Do not climb the fence, avoid any mechanical shock, do not expose it to moisture by using it to dry rugs and blankets and make sure to prevent tall vegetation from growing on the fence.

What Kinds of Fences Block Road Sounds?

If you live in big cities or close to highly circulated roads, the noise can become a big problem that will affect your life. Few things are worse than not being able to relax in a quiet home… One of the effective solutions that you can consider is installing a fence that blocks road sounds. Do not expect it to be completely soundproof, but make sure it will make your live better!
Such a fence should be tall, as tall as it is allowed by local ordinances, or at least tall enough to prevent you from seeing the source of the noise, because as long as you see it, you will hear it louder. A tall fence will muffle the noise.

noise barrier fencing

Another aspect to consider in the construction of such a fence is to make it compact, using strong materials, such as bricks, concrete or stones, if you can get the legal permits. This way, the noise will not leak through. Natural fences are beautiful and great for privacy, but they are not sound proof, so you should erase them from your list, even if you love them.
A Westminster fencing pro can build a fence that blocks road sound. Once the fence is installed, you can start to enjoy your moments of relaxation.

Why You Should Replace Your Fence Instead of Repair It

You do not always have to replace your fence instead of repairing it, but in some situations, a replacement might be more cost-effective and provide more benefits than investing in repairs that cannot fully restore anymore the functionality and aspect of the existing fence.

fence repair

In these circumstances, it is important to know when it is time for a replacement.
The old fence is too damaged
If your fence`s condition is bad (rotten, broken by harsh weather, very old etc.), it is time to find an Arvada fencing contractor and make a plan for installing a new one.
The existing fence doesn’t meet your needs anymore
You may want to invest in a more solid and secure fence for your property, or maybe you have build a pool in your yard and the existing chain link fence does not provide the privacy you need.
You need to add value to your Arvada property
Being a visible exterior element, a new fence can boost the aspect and the value of your home, which is very useful if you want to sell it quickly and recover your investment.
You prefer a new fence with full warranty
A quality new product will provide you peace of mind for many years while you can forget about paying more money for repairs.

How to Decide How Much Fence You Need

The fence is an element that delimits and protects the property. However, besides these functional aspects, the fence also has an aesthetic role, providing personality to your home. In addition, building the fence is not a difficult project, and with some residential fencing company Denver technical skills and a little help, you can build one yourself.
To determine how much fence you need, you must first decide on the type of fence, the materials you prefer and measure the area you want to surround. The next step is to use the internet and search for online calculators, according to the type of fence that you plan to install. You will find various websites offering free calculators.

calculating fence costs

For example, in the case of a wooden fence, you will have to enter a few required specs (the length and the height of the fence, the number of corners, the number of ends, upright picket width and gap between pickets), in inches or feet, and the wood fence calculator will determine for you exactly how much wood you need for your new fence (required post, rails and boards).
It is recommended to always buy 10% extra materials, just to ensure that you have enough for your construction project.

Tips for Getting your Fence Ready for Winter

The function of a fence is known to everybody, but how to maintain it and provide it an aesthetic role is less common knowledge. The fence is an exterior element of the house and often works as a recognition mark for your guests, especially in neighborhoods with houses built in the same style.
The fences made of wrought iron are in trends these days, both for the elegance they provide to homes build in various styles, as well as for their durability and safety. The forged iron fences are followed by decorated brick fences that represent another safe option for residential fencing in Denver.

residential fencing

If the two types listed so far are easier to maintain and do not require special preparation before the beginning of the winter, if you have a wooden fence, you must consider some maintenance operations. Check its protection layer (paint or varnish) and apply a new layer if necessary, to prevent moisture from affecting the wood. Before actually starting painting or varnishing your fence, clean it and check the condition of the wood. Apply a primer coat to protect it from mold, insects, or fungi, and then use top-quality paint for outdoor elements.
A properly maintained wooden fence has a neat aspect and will make your property look better. If you find this maintenance process too complicated, there are specialized companies that offer their services.

Tips to Create Elegant Ornamental Fence Designs Easily

ornamental fence
Fences serve not only the utilitarian purposes of delimiting properties and providing privacy and protection for the owners of the property – they are also important design components that can make or break the appearance of the entire estate. Fortunately, there are lots of design ideas – look here https://metrofence.net/arvada/ – that can make your fence elegant as well as functional – here are some easy to do ones:
– Use fence decorations – garden art can instantly transform your plain fence into a stylish addition to your property. You can use removable, seasonal decorations, such as wraths for the Christmas season or decorations that have stripes and stars for Independence Day or you can use flower planters that you keep on the fence the year around;
– Add fence toppers – these additions come in many sizes and styles, so you can easily find the toppers that match the design of your existing fence. Toppers offer the additional benefit of making your fence taller, thus increasing your privacy;
– Create a green fence – it will take a while until the shrubs or bushes of choice become sufficiently tall, but there is nothing more elegant than a perfectly trimmed thuja fence or a fence that combines wrought iron or wood with trimmed shrubs.