Dog Windows That Work with Your Fence

Dogs just love to stick their heads out between the posts of the fence to see what is going on in the neighborhood and they are constantly searching for a way to see through the fence even if it is made from some solid material. Dog windows are great inventions that can be easily installed into any type of fence – here are a few of the features they offer:
– Appearance and size – ready-made dog windows are nowadays available in most stores that sell construction materials. They come in many style variations, from windows that resemble the circular portholes on ships to wood-framed windows that use wire mesh instead of glass, so you can probably find the style that suits your fence style. If you have checked all the dog windows sold in the stores and you still don’t find the perfect fit, you can easily create your own window as well;
– Size and positioning – the position of the dog window should be determined based on the size of the dog and his favorite place for peering through the fence. The window should be large enough to offer the dog a wide viewing angle, but not large enough for the dog to climb through. A creative Arvada fence company may be able to give you some unique ideas regarding how to create a special pet window within your current fencing.
dog fence window