Tips for Making Your Fence Part of the Landscape

The first things that attract attention to a house are the fence and the entrance door. How do we choose the right fence for our home and garden?
landscape fence design
First you have to decide if the fence will have rather a decorative or protective role. Depending on the functionality of the fence, you will be able to choose the style, dimensions and materials to integrate it harmoniously with the style of the house and the landscape style and design.

Living fence
This type of fence can be made from climbing plants or various ornamental shrubs. You will have to clip them regularly to keep your fence neatly defined.

Wrought iron fence
If you have a beautiful garden in front of the house, and it does not bother you to be admired by people who pass by, you can opt for a wrought iron fence. It is one of the most elegant solutions.

Fence made of brick, natural stone or reinforced concrete
If the fence has to protect you against indiscretions and intruders, the solution is a high fence, made from brick, natural stone blocks, concrete or combinations of them. This option is very useful for fences separating two properties.

Wooden fence
For a rustic style, you can opt for a wooden fence combined with a foundation and columns made from natural stone. To extend its life, a wooden fence must be properly treated.

See landscape design Westminster fencing pros for advice on the best look for your home and budget.