Tips for Extending the Life of Your Commercial Fence

Whether your commercial fence is made from chain link, metal panels, timber or synthetic material, there is a lot that you can do to preserve it in good condition and to prolong its life. Here are some tasks that will ensure the health of your fence:

  • Inspections and cleaning – ideally, you should have a reputable Arvada fence company perform a detailed inspection of your fence every six months to catch any damage in the early phase. Cleaning is also essential – damage is difficult or impossible to detect if the surface is covered in dirt. While this might be a time-consuming thing to do, especially in the case of very large properties, it is essential for the health of your fence;

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  • Timely repairs – whatever fault you detect during the inspection, fix it right away or very soon afterwards to avoid any aggravation;
  • Apply protective coating – there are lots of great coating products that prevent various types of damage, such as rot, rust and insect attacks. Most of them need to be reapplied only every 3-5 years, so you don’t need to spend time painting your fence after each inspection and repair, but whenever you do apply the coating, make sure you apply it on a completely clean surface.