What Is Security Fencing?

Brighton fencingSecurity fencing is a type of fencing used mostly on industrial or commercial property with the purpose of providing enhanced protection for the assets, for the storage areas as well as the open areas on the property. To achieve a high level of protection, security fences use additional features, such as razor wires and barbed wire as well as alarm systems, in most cases complete with camera systems equipped with motion sensors. Security fences are also made from sturdy materials – here are a few examples of the most common fence materials used by Brighton fencing for security fences:

  • Timber – the natural material is not only very solid and suitable for being used in security fencing, but also very attractive;
  • Welded wire mesh – this cost-efficient solution is the preferred choice for many industrial facilities, being suitable for security fences due to its strength;
  • Metal railings – usually made from steel, metal railing fences are extremely durable, resistant to any weather, cost efficient and attractive;
  • Chain link fencing – also called hurricane fencing, chain-link Brighton fencing is available in various gauges and can be used for fencing in very large territories while keeping costs to the minimum. Chain link fences are usually combined with other security systems for enhanced protection.