Considering a Fencing Installation as a First Time Home Buyer

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If you just bought a new home, then it can be important to consider various ways in which you can improve your newly purchased property and make it uniquely your own. Now, there can be many ideas you can think of, including sprucing up your landscaping, installing a new roof, painting your home or even setting up an outdoor kitchen and dining area. However, no other improvement will make a greater impact than setting up a new fence.

Brighton fencing

Your home’s fence is like the perimeter you set up when you discover uncharted territory. It’s “got your back” and it will protect your home, while also creating a unique expression of your individuality – which, although can’t be compared to any military terms as before, is still an important part of what a fence represents.

Now, depending on your new budget and on whether or not replacing the old fence is practically feasible, you might or might not consider it. However, otherwise, installing new Brighton fencing will be a great idea. It will not only improve the appearance of your property, but also add a few upgrades that the old fence didn’t have.

Your new fence can become an appealing part of the neighborhood while also representing your own unique image and expression. So setting it up once you move to your new home can definitely pay off.

The Average Lifespan of a Fence

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If you are currently in the process of choosing the best material for your fence, it is important to find out how long you can expect your fence to protect your property. Here is what the most common Brighton fencing materials offer in terms of longevity:

  • Wooden fences – the most attractive of all available materials is also the shortest-lived. However, with proper maintenance, regular inspections and timely repairs, you can expect your wood fence to stay healthy and solid for about 20 years;

chain link Brighton fencing

  • Chain link fences – these sturdy Brighton fencing constructions are made from wire made from galvanized steel or from other metal alloys and many of these fences use wire that is covered in plastic for even more resistance. Chain link Brighton fencing can be expected to resist for at least 30 years;
  • Vinyl fences – the synthetic material is very popular due to its attractive appearance, its affordability and for the expected lifespan of at least 40 years. Vinyl fences don’t need any special maintenance, but broken components cannot be repaired, so the only way to fix such damage is through replacement;
  • Masonry fences – these constructions are the strongest, most durable of them all: your masonry fence can be relied on for 50+ years without requiring any special attention or maintenance (other than occasional cleaning and inspection, of course).

How to Make your Commercial Fence Last

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Commercial property fences can have both protective and esthetic purposes. If you want your commercial fence to last, you should start by choosing quality materials, have the fence installed by specialists and schedule periodic maintenance.

Here is how maintenance should be done in the case of two of the most popular materials commercial Brighton fencing is made from.

The elegant stone fence

The natural stone fence is solid, sturdy and attractive. A stone fence deteriorates less than fences from other materials, but needs periodic cleaning, followed by a waterproofing treatment, which will improve its resistance.

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Metal fence

Metal fences require very little maintenance. The ones made of quality materials can last for decades. However, they have only one weakness: rust. Even a small portion of rust can compromise the fence’s durability and shorten its lifespan. Ensure that your metal fence is maintained annually, especially if you live in a humid area. Remove any rust using a fine wire brush. Apply a primer, which must be oil-based and designed for metal products. Apply a thin layer of oil-based paint that is suitable for metal. Regularly maintain the hinges with a proper lubricant to ensure smooth operation and to protect them from damage.

What Is Security Fencing?

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Brighton fencingSecurity fencing is a type of fencing used mostly on industrial or commercial property with the purpose of providing enhanced protection for the assets, for the storage areas as well as the open areas on the property. To achieve a high level of protection, security fences use additional features, such as razor wires and barbed wire as well as alarm systems, in most cases complete with camera systems equipped with motion sensors. Security fences are also made from sturdy materials – here are a few examples of the most common fence materials used by Brighton fencing for security fences:

  • Timber – the natural material is not only very solid and suitable for being used in security fencing, but also very attractive;
  • Welded wire mesh – this cost-efficient solution is the preferred choice for many industrial facilities, being suitable for security fences due to its strength;
  • Metal railings – usually made from steel, metal railing fences are extremely durable, resistant to any weather, cost efficient and attractive;
  • Chain link fencing – also called hurricane fencing, chain-link Brighton fencing is available in various gauges and can be used for fencing in very large territories while keeping costs to the minimum. Chain link fences are usually combined with other security systems for enhanced protection.

What are the Best Fencing Materials?

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If you plan a fencing project on your property, your priority is to select quality  materials, in order to create a long lasting fence.

You can choose from many materials, depending on the type and functionality of the fence you want to install. Here are pros and cons about some of the most popular Brighton fencing options.

Metal fences

Brighton fencing

When it comes to metal fences, they are typically made of aluminum, steel,  forged iron and chain-link. Aluminum Brighton fencing is the most versatile, iron fencing is mostly used with automatic gates, to protect properties, while forged iron fences are mostly decorative. Chain-link Brighton fencing is popular in agriculture and industry.

Metal fences are durable and require little maintenance compared to wood fences, but some of these materials can also be very expensive.

Vinyl fences

This is probably the most convenient fencing option, considering the wide range of styles, as well as factors like durability and strength. Vinyl is resistant to weather, as well as to wear and tear and requires almost no maintenance.

Wood fences

These fences are some of the most aesthetically appealing, due to the natural aspect of the wood. However, they also require regular maintenance, which may be quite expensive. Wood has to be treated against moisture and insect attack.