The Best Type of Fence to Install as a Privacy Fence

A little privacy is something that every homeowner wants in their outdoor living space, and one of the methods to achieve this is by putting up a fence. Despite the wide variety of Brighton fence styles available, some are better suited for a privacy fence than others.

The most apparent type of fence for providing privacy is a tall, solid fence. These fences include wooden, vinyl, and metal fences, ranging in height from 6 to 8 feet or more. Solid fences provide the most privacy since they completely block the view of the space behind them and are challenging to climb.

Another option for a privacy fence is a lattice fence. Unlike the solid fence, a lattice fence is constructed of multiple lightweight panels arranged in a grid pattern, leaving gaps between panels. It is slightly less effective at providing privacy than a solid fence because some gaps are left between the panels. However, a lattice fence still works very well at blocking the view of the space behind it and can be found at various heights and widths.

When choosing Brighton fencing for privacy purposes, consider the construction material. Wooden fences are a popular choice, as they are often considered more aesthetically pleasing than the equivalents made of vinyl and metal. Vinyl and metal fences are chosen due to their resilience and minimal maintenance needs. They suit temperamental climates, where strong winds and bad weather can prematurely damage wooden fences.