The Most Durable Wood Fencing Materials

The main key features and benefits of wood fencing materials are very important for homeowners who plan on installing new fences to increase the curb value of their houses. The most durable wood fencing materials include: cypress, Douglas Fir and pressure-treated pine which can last up to twenty years if properly maintained. Adequate up-keep entails repainting and replacing individual planks or boards as required. However, cedar fences can last twice as much and require very little up-keep. Moreover, cedar is rot-resistant and its natural oils deter all sorts of pests. Similarly, redwood is one of the most durable fencing materials ever used. Despite its high cost, it still remains one of the best options due to its high quality and impressive aesthetic value. Redwood is more expensive than cedar, but it makes a great lengthy investment.

Brighton fencing

The life of any wood fencing material can be extended if the wood is cleaned every three years and if the fence is built with sturdy metal posts. Moreover, preferred Brighton fencing maintenance pros advise that fences should be inspected every two years for possible staining or resealing. In some cases, it is important to also minimize the exposure of the wood to vegetation, moisture and soil.

Finally, scaffold board fencing can also be an affordable and durable solution due to its heavy-duty fence panels that are long-lasting and great for windy areas. This type of fencing requires very little maintenance even though wood preserver should be applied at least every few years.