Fun Yard Games to Play This Summer


The summer is for spending time outdoors and time spent outdoors is for playing games – here are some of the funniest games that you will want to play all summer long:

  • The lawn twister – you can use some eco-friendly paint and stencils to draw the circles on your lawn or, if you don’t want to paint your lawn, you can use an old twister set or a game board. Whichever your choice, you and the members of your family or your friends joining the game will love twisting their bodies on the soft lawn;
  • Dodgeball with water-filled balloons – this is the perfect game for really hot summer days, when the water on your clothes can dry in a matter of minutes. Playing dodgeball with balloons that have water inside will refresh and entertain everyone, just throw that balloon;
  • Lawn darts made from soft, spongy material – lawn darts used to be popular decades ago, but then so many people got injured that the game was withdrawn. It is now back in a safe version, without any pointed or sharp edges, made from safe and soft material, giving you all the fun without posing any dangers for the players or for the people standing around the players.

However you choose to spend your time this summer, the experts at Arvada fencing wish you a safe, relaxing, and happy summer!