What Are the Absolute Most Useful Fences for Blocking Road Noises?

woman screaming

Imagine wanting to spend a quiet Sunday afternoon at home, perhaps considering a barbecue with the family. What would you do if your neighbor decided to do some renovation work and inadvertently influence your day? This is a common occurrence, and one that just adds to the many different types of road noises and disturbances you might be facing. Fortunately, it can easily be dealt with, if you simply consider looking into road noise Westminster fencing solutions.

Your fence needs to be capable of blocking out a significant portion of the sound that comes from the outside world. Now, this isn’t a feat that you can gain from any old fence. In fact, very few materials will be useful and resilient enough. Also, you won’t, of course, be able to soundproof your home, since the noise will still be heard over the fence.

A stone wall can be a good attempt to block out at least some of the noise coming from the street. Depending on how large it is, you’ll also have some privacy and a good amount of safety. Car noises and a number of other disturbances can easily be eliminated with a 2½ feet tall stone wall.

A barrier fence will also be helpful enough to block out the noise, but only if the material and the structure is thick and sturdy enough to offer at least some soundproof protection. Masonry, brick and stucco-covered concrete are among your best options when it comes to finding alternatives to stone.