Spring Time Maintenance Tips for Obtaining the Perfect Lawn

cute little girl sitting on the grass on a sunny dayAmericans love taking care of their lawns. That has never been a secret. If you’re interested in making your lawn look beautiful, it’s important to consider the appropriate spring time maintenance tasks for the job:

  1. Rake away the thatch. Thatch is essentially dead and dying grass that has to be swept away as swiftly as possible when spring comes. Failure to do so could encourage pests and disease setting in.
  2. Another important thing to do once spring arrives is to test your soil’s pH. Alkaline soil featuring pH levels that are too high can be countered with sulfate and a broadcast spreader for added efficiency. If the pH level is too low (acidic soil), add some lime the same way, but make sure to read up on the amount you have to add.
  3. Lawn enthusiasts love to “weed and feed.” This is one of their most favorite springtime activities, but it’s important to make sure not to overdo it. Pulling only broadleaf weeds and cross-spraying should be enough for ideal results.
  4. Finally, early spring is the best time for seeding your lawn. Whether you’re starting from scratch or not, be mindful of the time required for cold weather grass to grow.
  5. Schedule Arvada fence company maintenance and repair specialists to do an inspection on your perimeter fencing and make needed upkeep changes.

With these quick and simple tips you can get your lawn growing and looking brand new in just a few weeks as spring sets in. Your lawn will be the talk of the town, and your guests will certainly appreciate a tidy lawn that you can show off whenever any visitors arrive.