Does Your Yard Require Multiple Privacy Fences?

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Planning to make your home or business more private is not always an easy thing to do. While you might have installed some of the best security systems, blinds on the windows, a quality metal door and a great looking fence and gate that blocks the view quite well, you might still want to consider one or more privacy fences.

Westminster fencing

One of the reason why multiple privacy fences might be required is that you might want to have outdoor access reserved only to friends and family members, while still keeping an area of your yard where you can allow guests. If that’s the case, you will need at least one good privacy fence, although you might want multiple fences depending on the layout of your property.

Some businesses will likely require multiple privacy fences especially if outdoor work or transport-related activities can allow visitors to gain access to sensitive information about their products or operations. Multiple privacy fences made of metal or vinyl might be required in such instances, in order to make sure that your business activities are entirely secure and protected from prying eyes.

Wood fencing, as well as iron fencing and vinyl fencing can all be used successfully to enhance privacy and also keep your property’s curb appeal intact. Westminster fencing businesses affirm that these materials are considered to be the best for homes and businesses in most of Colorado’s main urban areas.

Installing New Fences and Avoiding Common Disputes with Your Neighbors

Westminster fencing

Westminster fencing

Neighbors can get into disputes really easily when it comes to property lines, yards and other things like that. Especially when businesses are involved. That’s because neighboring businesses will have unavoidable overspill onto each other’s property. But this can easily be solved by installing new commercial fencing in order to properly show where the property ends and the other starts. This way, each neighbor can clearly know how large their property is and what they can do on it.

Also, commercial fencing solves another big problem: protection. Accidents can happen. For instance, a neighbors’ truck can run over stuff found in another neighbors’ yard or court. This is why having a solid Westminster fencing solution is so important. This type of fencing has been specially created in order to withstand almost any kind of mechanical stress and impacts. This way you can be sure that any ill thinking neighbor will stay on his side of the fence.

Another reason why installing commercial fencing in order to help settle disputes among neighbors is because it is a very affordable option. This type of fencing system is usually made out of very widely found materials, like steel wire and posts. This way, even if the fence itself is damaged, it can be easily repaired or even replaced.

The Best Fence Material to Choose for Your Business Premises

Westminster fencing

Westminster fencing

Picking the right commercial fencing is one of the biggest issues somebody owning a business can face. That’s because this fencing solution has to be both very durable, low maintenance and somewhat aesthetically pleasing. That’s why many businesses decide to use steel wire mesh fencing for their property. This is because it is very affordable. In addition, Metro Fence Company builders,, confirm that it is relatively low maintenance, and can also take a lot of wear and tear from both prolonged usage and the elements. Plus, installing this fencing system is pretty straight forward.

Another option when it comes to commercial fencing is palisades. Although they may not really be too aesthetically pleasing, this option is great when it comes to security. That’s because palisades are steel sheets mounted vertically with the use of horizontal rails. Their main advantage is that they don’t really allow for any gaps in the fence, making climbing it nearly impossible. Also, they can reach impressive heights, which is another deterrent for anyone trying to sneak onto your property. Granted, steel plates might be a bit of high maintenance because they most likely can be quickly affected by the rain and snow, but this system is an impressive one when it comes to protecting your business from any unwanted guests.

The Benefits of Installing Vinyl Privacy Fencing on Your Property

Westminster fencing

Westminster fencing

Some people may consider vinyl fencing to be a cheap, and not really too nice of a solution for maintaining your privacy. But it isn’t really like that. That’s because vinyl has come a long way since first being used as a fencing solution.  Cost effective Westminster fencing specialists tell us that one of the best advantages that it has is being very resistant. This fencing solution relies on a number of vinyl sheets pressed together to form strong panels. These panels can then be installed and interconnected anyway the owner wants. Also, they are extremely easy to handle. That means that you can move them from one place to another without having to hire heavy machinery.

Another great advantage of vinyl Westminster fencing is that it can be made to look like anything you want. Vinyl is a very versatile material. It can be customized with any kind of pattern you want. For instance, you can have a vinyl fence that looks exactly like a brick one or even a black marble one. All you have to do is settle on what you want. Also, you can even customize it by using images. If you want your fence to have a rain forest feel to it, or if you are a fan of the desert dunes, then all you have to do is ask for that specific image and it will be done.

Is Wood Fencing a Good Idea for Westminster, CO Commercial Fencing?

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Wood is the most traditional fencing material of them all, wood fencing still being the go-to solution for surrounding property, whether commercial, industrial or residential. While the material requires slightly more maintenance than synthetic or metal options, wood certainly makes an excellent commercial fencing solution.

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Here is why:

  • Affordability – wood being a natural material that is available in abundance, the fences made from the material are affordable, even for large scale projects.
  • Variety – wood fencing is made from a wide variety of options, pine, fir, cedar, spruce being just a few examples. Each wood variety comes with different properties, allowing you to select the solution that works best for you.
  • Design considerations – wood fencing is available in the form of solid boards as well as in other, airier designs, allowing you to choose the appearance that best complements your property. If curb appeal is an important aspect, you can pick a design that allows you to highlight the best features of your property and you can always stain and paint your wooden fence whenever you want. You can even have your own design created by a popular Westminster fencing company, all you need is to gather the ideas that you want to be put into practice.

Has Wood Fencing Fallen Behind the Times?

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Wood fencing is considered old-fashioned by some. However, it can be traditional-looking and innovative if a newer engineering style is employed. Moreover, it has a unique aesthetic appeal provided by its components: vertical posts (used for stability) and horizontal rails spaced six feet apart. In addition, it can last up to thirty years if the wood itself is made water-resistant.

The most common types of wood fencing are wood picket, post and rail, wood lattice, louver, vertical board, and ornamental fences.

Well known Westminster fencing contractors substantiate that wood picket fences are usually the most popular type because they discourage climbers (on account of their pointy pickets) and work best for enclosures and gardens. However, post and rails fences are sometimes preferred due to the fact that they are inexpensive and helpful in enclosing fields as well as boundaries.

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Traditionally, the wood lattice type is used for pools and patios (to obstruct the view of onlookers), and the louver fence is chosen for providing privacy to decks and parking pads. Vertical board fences block the wind and are perfect for noise protection and winter weather. However, none of these match wooden ornamental fences, which are considered the most solid type and resemble wrought iron because they can be painted any color.

Ultimately, composite wood fencing is a blend of plastic and wood posts. Its thirty-year warranty and wood-like colors make its installation more expensive and worthwhile. Similarly, vinyl fencing can be reinforced with wood inside to ensure a lifetime warranty and easy upkeep.

To conclude, wood fencing has undoubtedly not fallen behind the times because it impresses and attracts different types of customers.

What Color Should Your New Westminster Fence Be?

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If you are tired of your old fence and want to change things a bit with your new one, you might be interested in vinyl fencing. Although it might not sound like a good solution to some, this type of fencing gives you more options than others, without costing you a fortune. For instance, you can choose the color of your new fence, and even change it relatively quickly and inexpensively. But choosing the color in the first place may be quite tricky.

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The best way to go about choosing the color of your new vinyl Westminster fencing is to do a bit of research. For instance, even though you might want something with more personality, make sure that you check with your HOA before committing to anything. Some neighborhoods have strict rules regarding the colors people can use on the outside of their homes. If these kinds of restrictions do not apply to you, you can generally just choose whatever you want. Keep in mind though that your fence should not be a very dark color, and should not be highly reflective, as this can pose serious problems for people driving by.

Enhancing Curb Appeal – the Importance of a Good Fence and a Great Landscape

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Your house’s curb appeal is important not only if you intend to sell your house in the near future, but also for improving your whole family’s living environment. Well built Westminster fencing and a beautiful landscape are the key ingredients for creating the best possible curb appeal for mostly any home style.

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In order to create a gorgeous landscape, you can put in plants such as lilac or willow trees. At any rate, making a landscaping plan before making any changes to your already existing elements is essential. In order to obtain the best in terms of appearance, you should certainly have the whole picture in mind. At the same time, it would be useful to note here the fact that there are garden centers which also offer design services to those who decide on buying materials from them.

The iconic image of a picket fence is what many people want for their homes, and it can do a lot to increase curb appeal. At any rate, a white fence does not necessarily have to be built out of wood; it can also be a vinyl fencing system, for example. And you can also choose a bold color for your fence.

How to Integrate Wood Fencing into Your Garden Landscaping

If you happen to have a standard type of fence, it may look as less appealing next to your home and lawn, especially if they have an artistic design. In order to help your fence actually match your design standards without having to replace it, it would be very useful to make certain changes.

For example, you should perhaps do more than just paint your wood fence white. Although this can be a good idea under certain circumstances, in many other cases it does not fit with the rest of your home and it does little to improve your home’s curb appeal.

Zip ties and decorations can certainly do the trick, and thus can help you successfully integrate wood fencing into your garden landscaping. Garden screening attached to your fence may be another amazing option. By simply fixing them into place, you can thus hide your existing fence. Bamboo screening, for instance, can help create a more Asian atmosphere for your garden landscaping.

Ropes can also be used to generate decorative effects. With the help of some rope you can create charming macramé which can make an outstanding impression on your wood fencing system. Creeping plants may also help make your garden fence more interesting.

Reach out to Westminster fencing and landscaping experts for design tips to improve the curb appeal of your home.

Worry-free and Stylish Iron Fencing in Westminster CO

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The fence around your property can fulfill several important functions. For instance, you may need a fence in order to protect your valuables and dear ones from unwanted visitors, as well as noises. Moreover, a fence should definitely look nice.

Apart from the fact that it is one of the most solid fencing materials available on the market, iron is also very malleable. Due to this fact, it can be molded into different shapes, so you can customize it depending on your home’s architecture and style. Because wrought iron has low carbon content, it is very long-lasting.

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Installed by Westminster fencing pros, iron fencing offers safety and security. At the same time, it is very low maintenance. As it is usually powder coated at the factory, it gets a protective layer which keeps it free from rust.

This type of fencing can make your Westminster CO property appear more charming and beautiful. It can also look good around your garden. There are many beautiful craftsmanship ornaments that you can choose for your iron gate, and thus you can increase the general appeal of your living environment.

Adding curb appeal to any home is another great advantage that iron fencing usually brings. Not to mention that the value of your home will also increase due to the security level.