Can Fences be Built in Winter?

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You can definitely build a fence in winter, and for a couple of good reasons. First of all, you need to make sure that the earth is not frozen yet, before you embark on any building activity for your fencing system.

One good reason for choosing the cold season to build your fence is the fact that most trees and shrubs go through a period of hibernation. So in case you have trimmed your trees and other plants around your yard, building a fence can be a very good idea. Thus, you no longer have to worry about harming your plants in any way.

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Another great reason is the fact that in demand Westminster fencing contractors can work at a higher speed than in other seasons, because they usually have less work and therefore getting the job done quickly is to their own advantage also.

At the same time, if you build your fence in winter, you are actually preparing your home and household in general for any kind of harsh weather. Once you have your fence installed, you can enjoy your cozy winter season inside your home, no longer having to worry about staying outside, to supervise the job, and help with building your fence, and so on.

How the Rising Cost of Lumber Affects Your Fence Project

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Wood is the oldest material used for most construction project around your home, including your fencing system. Wood is typically associated with the idea of elegance, class and European traditions. Westminster fencing companies near me confirm that the costs of lumber seem to be increasing, which can affect the price and completion of your fence project.

The reason for the rising cost of lumber is that there is a shortage of this type of material on the market. Pressure treated wood has become hard to get, and some have to wait for months on end until they receive their desired products.

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Lumber which is typically used for outdoor projects can come at higher prices, and can also be a bit more difficult to obtain these days. Costs may be fueled by the occurrence of natural disasters, as well as other things such as the current pandemic, which caused many people to have to stay inside their homes instead of working outside.

The biggest concern is the uncertainty of price rising. So many mills got closed during the lockdown, a lot of work remained undone, and therefore many people found themselves facing the unprecedented situation of not being able to finish or even start their fence projects because lumber prices doubled or tripled.

Is it Better to Paint or Stain my Fence?

Westminster fencing company offers pros and cons of painting vs staining fences

Once you have a new fence installed, there are three good options available. Thus, you can leave it natural, paint or stain your fence. Knowledgeable Westminster fencing contractors confirm that each of these alternatives has its benefits and drawbacks.

Westminter fencing company offers pros and cons of painting vs staining fences

Painting a fence remains the classic option for most homeowners. However, it requires more maintenance, because a fence needs to be repainted every 1-3 years. At the same time, when repainting your fence, you should first scrape off all the old paint, prepare the surface for applying new paint, and then finally do the re-painting job.

A vinyl fence can save you a lot of work, in case painting your fence does not sound like an appealing option. Also, you may want to find out more about staining your fence.

Staining requires less maintenance than paint, and because of that it is the preferred version of many people. The initial cost of staining may be higher than in the case of painting your fence, but you will have to re-stain less frequently than in the case of re-painting. Because stain does not crack or peel, staining your fence does not require you do as much work as in case you were painting your fence. Simply by power washing your fence you may have accomplished the preparation stage.

The Top 5 Types of Fences for Colorado

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Among the most popular choices that Colorado homeowners make we could mention: safety fences, fences for enjoying nice views, fences for keeping pets and children safely inside the yard, fences which are easy to maintain and fences which cost less to install.

According to Westminster fencing suppliers, privacy is, perhaps, the most important criterion that Colorado residents have in mind while deciding on the best type of fence for surrounding their home or commercial building.

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In case you want a fence because you need to hide from view certain areas from your yard, such as a pool or a tub, you can choose a partially-private type of fencing system. Thus, you can use panels which provide you with privacy together with types of panels or pickets that allow spaces between them.

Concerning the fences which are built primarily for privacy reasons, the usual heights in Colorado vary from 5’ to 6’ tall. The slope of your yard and that of your roof can also influence the exact size you can choose for your Colorado fence.

Horizontal or vertical boards represent some other popular choices for Colorado property owners. At the same time, people in this region also build fences for preventing pets from escaping their yards.

How to Keep your Yard Fenced-in this Summer

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Keeping your yard fenced-in in the summer can be quite a challenge, especially if you have pets that are likely to escape and put their lives in danger. There is no general solution for this type of problem. However, there are many Westminster fencing options and tips that can help you a lot, providing your yard with safety both for kids and for pets, while also keeping unwanted visitors outside.

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Some fences can be installed easier than others. For instance, pre-fab vinyl Westminster fencing options are obviously easier to install and even maintain  than building a wood fence from scratch. At the same time, pre-fabricated fences generally do not require professional hands; can be done by mostly anyone.

From the aesthetic point of view, it is also best to consider choosing a visual appealing fence also, especially in case you may want to send your home in the future.

At the same time, choosing a resistant material for your fence should be accompanied by choosing strong connection points.

Maintenance issues are also very important. Thus, whereas vinyl fences are easy to clean and do not rust, expand or contract over time, iron fences need to be sanded from time to time, to prevent them from rusting.

How to Pick the Right Fence

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In case you want complete privacy, you should definitely choose a fence without any space between the boards. The height of your fence may depend on the slope of your yard, on the view you want to block or keep available, and so on. Talking to a well known Westminster fencing company about options is a great place to start your search.

Wind shields are perfect for blocking strong breezes while also keep the necessary light. A fence should make you feel secure, while also making your living environment more appealing. At the same time, fences are basically destined for keeping your pets inside, especially dogs.

In case you have dogs, fences that are made of see-through materials can cause them to bark more, as they can get distracted by visual stimuli such as pedestrians, cats, bicycles, cars, etc.

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It is not only dogs that can determine your choice of fence. Also, it may be the fact that you have a pool, and maybe your neighbors’ kids could sneak in, putting their life in danger.

And last but not least, your personal tastes play another major role in picking the right fence for your home or commercial building. Fences should match the general style of your property, including colors, textures and general design.

These are but a few guidelines to help you choose the best fencing for your particular situation.

The Pricing and Qualities of the Cheapest Fences For Your Home

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Although some fencing materials are pricey, like aluminum and vinyl, there are many other materials out there that are less expensive and yet add curb appeal and value to your home. You just have to keep eyeing for materials that are durable, have aesthetics but are also reasonably inexpensive. Here are some of the examples of costs to give you an idea. These are estimates, and it is always important to contact affordable Westminster fencing pros for accurate pricing.

affordable Westminster fencing

  • Treated Pine Wood Fence: Priced between $12 to $19 per linear foot installed, pine wood panels that are chemically or pressure-treated, and can resist rot and pests. Just make sure that you pick the right pine wood panels and ensure that they are not green or damp, because treated wood does tend to twist or warp after installation.
  • Chain link Fence: This is a best option for a smaller budget but larger yard. Chain link fences are very effective in keeping intruders out. However, they offer less privacy and aren’t always appealing. They are priced between $10 to $20 per linear foot.
  • Wrought Iron Fence: Iron is a common metal used for landscape and yard fences. A wrought iron fence, priced between $24 to 32 per linear foot, is very durable, rot and warp-resistant and sure to add aesthetics and value to your property.
  • Hog Wire Fence: This type of fence is mostly used to keep small animals confined or mark property boundaries. The cost is only between $3 to $5 per linear foot.
  • Picket Fence: This is among the best affordable fences for privacy. Priced between $5 to $10 per linear foot, it features a range of decorative picket styles, including pointed and round, and makes for an excellent option overall.


The Most Important Things to Consider Before Choosing the Height of Your Fence

Talk to Westminster fencing about privacy fencing

Fence height is an essential factor when trying to keep your home safe and making sure that you have the adequate amount of privacy as well. Even though you might choose to have great Westminster fencing contractors install a fence made from concrete or metal, which can also keep intruders out, selecting a fence that is too short can prove to be a huge problem – both in terms of security and when it comes to keeping prying eyes away from your home.

Talk to Westminster fencing about privacy fencing height

The height of your fence will depend on what you want to achieve with it. If you live in an area where the crime rate is very low, or if you don’t really have anything worth stealing in your back yard, a smaller fence is fine. However, in that case it’s important to spruce up your security on and around your property through a well-designed alarm and possibly even a set of surveillance cameras.

A taller fence is typically required when you want to discourage anyone from climbing it. Alternatively, however, you can also do that by installing a shorter, concrete or brick fence, along with commercial fence spikes, anti-climb paint or even barbed wire, if it’s legal in your area.

Privacy fencing will also be quite tall in most cases, and that’s a special necessity when you have a lot of activities in your back yard, such as allowing your kids to play there unsupervised or organizing barbecues and pool parties.

Popular Wood Fence Designs vs. Unique and Custom Fencing Options

customized Westminster fencing

customized Westminster fencing

It’s easy to overlook the fact that popular fence designs are usually preferred by almost everyone around you. Trendy designs often make it into specialty blogs and magazines, so the average homeowner will almost immediately get hooked on it and order it, even if three of their neighbors already got the same fence.

A unique and customized Westminster fencing design can actually be a lot more appealing in most cases; and there is good reason for that:

  1. No one else has one, which is kind of the point of buying a custom made fence in the first place.
  2. You have complete creative freedom, so long as your community approves of the design as fitting in with local standards.
  3. There are reliable and experienced contractors who can help you buy a product that will mimic high end materials and expensive designs using only cheap resources like aluminum or vinyl.

Even though a unique, custom designed fence can be somewhat more expensive than the most standard and trendiest fences, it can also improve your home’s curb appeal as well as its value. The result will be that you’ll not only feel much better in your home and garden, but once you decide to sell your house, it might also help you get a more sizable amount on it.

Inexpensive Temporary Fence Ideas

Westminster garden fencing

Westminster garden fencing

Whether it is the backyard, your garden or simply around the house, a temporary fence does not need to cost you too much.

A 4-rail horse fence can be built by non-professionals; can look amazing and cost very little. It is typically used at farms, to provide shelter and safety for animals.

Split-rail fences provided with mesh have a classic appearance and do not obstruct the landscape’s view. The exact size and location for this type of temporary fence should observe local rules and legislation.

With a reasonable budget, you can find temporary Westminster fencing for your garden. This can help you keep your garden safe from any type of predators or unwanted visitors.

In case you have goats, you can create a goat-proof fence. This can take the shape of a wood-frame wire fence. This type of fence is also very useful to keep dogs in certain areas.

A pallet-built fence is another wonderful idea for those who are on a very tight budget. Pallet fencing can actually cost you nothing, except for the amount of work you put into it.

Another amazing option is a pre-fabricated fence. This can save you a lot of time, money and energy.