Reliable Wood Fencing Options for Smaller Properties

In general, reliable wood fencing is an excellent choice to keep a small property safe. However, there are some considerations to make when selecting the right wood fencing, in order to ensure that it will be able to adequately protect the property.

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What type of wood?

When selecting the type of wood for the fence, the best option is cedar. Cedar is naturally insect – and rot-resistant, durable and strong enough to withstand heavy winds. Cedar also does not require much maintenance – it will age slowly, meaning it won’t need to be replaced often.

Choosing a style

There are three common types of wood fencing styles that smaller properties often employ:

  • Picket fences are a classic and iconic style that is usually constructed with either vertical or horizontal panels.
  • Board fences are a more contemporary-style fence that allow customers to have full privacy along the entire perimeter of the property.
  • Split-rail fences are an affordable, rustic option with a more natural look that are ideal for larger properties or those with unfinished land.

Height and shape

The purpose and size of the property should also be taken into account when selecting the height and shape of the fence. For instance, picket fences are usually three to four feet tall, while board and split-rail fences are typically four to five feet tall. Customers can also choose between a flat or curved top for any fence style they choose.

Cost and installation

Finally, a reliable wood fence is typically more cost-effective than other materials, and most companies offer free estimates that factor in all of the customer’s needs. Reliable wood Westminster fencing companies also provide a warranty, and they typically have the capabilities to install any fence size or style.