New Materials Used by Fence Companies

There is a wide variety of materials for fencing projects that can be used both for residential, and for commercial buildings. Wooden fencing is most popular, but a busy Thornton fence company confirms that there a other types of fences being requested as well.

Thornton fence company

Vinyl can be a great material for most fences. It is extremely durable, it has a clean appearance and very easy to maintain. White certainly is the most commonly used color for a vinyl fence. However, there are plenty more colors to choose from, including faux-wood textures.

Steel fences are typically used for pool or patio areas. Galvanized steel is the most preferable variant in most cases.

Composite materials are another good option offered by fence companies. Composite is a mixture of recycled wood and plastic. They can be made to resemble wood fences, but they are more long-lasting, mainly due to their plastic content. Moreover, they can take several different shapes, to match mostly any style or structure.

PVC is another new material used by fence companies which can last for a long time, thus reducing many costs. Pickets, stakes and post sleeves can all be made of PVC.

Metal fences are another popular trend. The most preferred types of metal include aluminum, chain link fencing and wrought iron. Certain types of metals may need special treatment against rust or other signs of wear and tear.