DIY Fence Replacements Gone Wrong

Fencing around your home is no small task and if you don’t have sufficient experience with DIY projects, you can easily make mistakes, too – here are some mistakes that you should avoid:
– Posts that are incorrectly spaced – many homeowners deciding to save a few bucks by leaving longer distance between fence posts regretted their decision later. Longer space between the posts makes the fence weaker, more vulnerable to harsh winds and other types of extreme weather and it is makes it easier for animals to escape;
– Improperly fastened corner posts – another costly mistake that weakens your fence;
– Bumping into unexpected underground utilities – not checking the area where you will build your new fence for buried utilities is a costly and dangerous mistake, even if the posts of the new fence will go into the place from which the old ones have been removed. Underground utilities can be found at any depth, some of them right underneath the surface, so make sure you check the ground for cables and pipes before you start any fencing work;
– Disregarding property limits – mounting your new fence on the property of your neighbor is a huge mistake and you will probably made to remove it and rebuild it on your own property.
chain link fence installation
Count on expert chain link fence Denver installation specialists to install your fence without a hitch.

Things to Know About Staining Your Wood Fence

wood fence
When it comes to building a fence, the material options are extremely varied. It is possible to choose concrete or brick fences, if you need a solid and protective result, stone fences for an elegant aspect, or modern PVC fences. The most popular, however, remain wooden fences.
Wood is a material that has been used since always, it does not cost much, it can be easily processed and comes with a number of advantages. Obviously, it also has some disadvantages, so before making the decision to build such a fence, it is good to be informed.
Being a natural material, it is more prone to damage than other materials. Wood is subject to the action of environmental factors that can destroy it more quickly, especially in the absence of proper maintenance.
The stains on a wooden fence should draw attention because they can indicate problems. Sometimes it is only temporary moisture or dirt, but other times stains are caused by mold or indicate the beginning of the rotting process.
To clean a wooden fence you need
• a water solution based on chlorine, oxygen bleach or liquid soap
• a brush
• a garden hose
Spread the solution over the fence using the brush, allowed to act for 30 minutes, and then rinse it using the garden hose.
If your fence seems beyond stain repair, Denver fence companies offer free quotes, so give them a call and see if you would be better off replacing your fence.

Signs it Might be Time for a New Fence

A new fence is a beautiful accessory to any home and yard, but an old damaged fence loses most of its protective and aesthetic properties. A new fence comes with specific warranties for materials and workmanship, but besides this, there is no way to tell how long it will last, because it depends on various factors such as the materials it is made from, the maintenance and the level of exposure and exploitation.
A fence should be inspected regularly, as well as painted or treated with other protective solutions. There are different types of damage that you must look for and fix as soon as possible; if the fence is old and you notice too many problems, you should consider replacing it.
Broken or missing boards negatively affect the structural integrity of the fence, but also have a negative impact on its appearance. When it comes to wood fences, insects, microorganisms and moisture may attack them and compromise their structure. If you notice holes in the wood, there may be a greater damage that you cannot see yet and you should think about replacing the fence soon.
fence repair
Stains indicating rot and molding are also a common problem, especially in rainy areas. Cracks and splits in a wood fence also indicate that it might fall apart soon enough. Have a residential fencing company Denver free consultation specialist stop by and take a look to see what will work best for your home and budget.

Tips for Maintaining Your Wood Fence

Wood fences are popular for many reasons – they are attractive, stylish and durable additions to any property. However, wood can preserve its natural good looks and its qualities only if it is properly taken care of – here is how:
– Staining – apply some stain soon after the fence is installed to protect it against rot and to prevent insect attacks;
– Cleaning – inspect your fence regularly and remove any dirt, such as leaves or mud as soon as you notice the issue. You can clean the fence using a pressure washer and you can use some vinegar to remove the most stubborn spots;
– Remove mildew and mold – regular inspections can help you notice any signs of mildew and mold in time. If you notice the presence of the issue, wash the fence with some soap water, then follow up with some mold removing liquid;
– Painting and resealing – you need to repaint your fence every 3-4 years. Clean the surface of the wood to remove old paint, then apply the fresh coat followed with some sealant for enhanced protection;
Superior Arvada fence company professionals suggest checking regularly for loose, rusty or damaged fasteners – wood expands and contracts all the time, which may cause the nails, the screws or the hinges on the fence to become loose or damaged. Check the fasteners regularly and fix any issues that you notice.

wood fence maintenance

Essential Fencing Questions: Does Your Fence Really Need a Gate?

The question of whether you should install a gate or not is a common one. While some might feel that a gate would simply obstruct their day-to-day activities, since they move around a lot and they are just looking for a basic privacy fence, a well-designed, sturdy and easy to use gate can still come in handy from a number of different perspectives:

• Gates allow you to designate entry points, so that guests will know where to head when they visit you. In some cases, gates are easily distinguishable from a distance, so your visitors won’t have to worry that the entrance is concealed somewhere in the fence.
• It’s also a thing of aesthetics. If you live in an area where you have lots of neighbors, and you’re interested to make a good impression, then a respectable gate is a must-have.
• Your gate doesn’t have to be fancy, but it does have to be practical. For anyone living in an area where there are lots of burglaries, having a faithful dog, a sturdy fence and a well-designed gate can help discourage burglars and unwanted intruders from lingering too much in front of the gate, trying to get through it forcibly, or trying to climb it.

picket fence gate

Gates are a thing of beauty, and they’re also a practical asset to your home. If you want the best gates that money can offer, simply call on your local premier residential fencing Denver contractor for a quote.

How to Decide Whether You want a Fence for Your Garden

Whether you’re considering closeboard fences, picket fences, screens or traditional lap panel fences, installing a fence that surrounds your garden can be an inspired choice. Garden fences are aesthetically pleasing, and they can offer a beautiful contrasting view to show where your garden ends and the rest of the landscape begins.

garden fencing

Deciding on whether or not you need a garden fence is mostly an issue of preference. You might want clear boundaries to separate areas of your exterior landscape, or you might be interested in keeping pets and children away from your flowers, so that they don’t damage them.

Also, it could be a good idea to install a garden fence to prevent people from getting close to your flowers in case you don’t have a privacy fence around your home. Your garden fence will give a glimpse of how beautiful your garden truly is, but without giving anyone access to it.

Garden fences are typically small and require less material than a privacy fence. If you want your garden’s appealing natural appearance to entrance anyone passing by, you might want to consider the option of getting a fence for your garden. You might also find that visitors and guests will notice your garden even more once your new fence is in place.

Look to knowledgeable Denver fence companies to help you choose the best fence to fit your needs and budget.

How to Easily Match a Fence with Your Yard’s Landscaping

Matching your new fence to your yard’s landscaping is no easy feat. While it seems simple, it is exceptionally important to take note of the colors you use in your yard the most and to create a certain level of harmony and contrast between the garden, the lawn, the static landscaping elements and your new fence.

white fence with gate in garden landscape

The following steps should give you a few clues as to how you can go about matching the color of your fence to your yard:

• Take a good look at your yard. What is most prevalent? Are there more trees, green bushes and grass? Or do you have a dry weather garden with lots of stone, perennial plants and multicolored dry weather plants? Making a note of the colors of your yard is most essential.
• Based on the colors, you’ll find that a better contrast can be obtained by choosing a fence that tastefully marks the boundary of your garden, but also creates some lively differences. For example, brown and white can work great for green fences, while a tan or yellow fence creates better contrast with blue, purple and other cool colored flowers.
• You can also use natural gray and brown colored stone to complement a landscape featuring lots of stone elements such as walkways or a rock garden.

Your professional Arvada fence company can help you decide what will work best with your landscaping and budget.

Curious Home Improvement Facts: Where Did the White Picket Fence Idea Come from?

white picket fence
The concept of a white picket fence is certainly not a new one. The term “picket” dates back to the 1600s, and has its origins in the french word “piquer” which means “to pierce.” The piercing appearance of the pointy shape of the picket is, therefore, aptly named.

White picket fences in and of themselves have been around far longer than most people imagine. More precisely, they have been used since the early colonial days in American history. Also, when the Revolutionary War hit, these types of fences became even more popular because of their simple design, ease of installation and practical construction.

This type of installation, however, has been found in other areas in Europe as well. It has originated in medieval times, and that’s where the idea for the American white picket fence design came from. Medieval palings made from flat strips of wood found locally were a common source of inspiration.

In the case of American cedar picket fences, the price of the fence was usually much higher than the price of other types of fences or fencing materials. This was because the cedar had to be carried in from faraway locations, which also made the journey more dangerous and the wood itself more valuable.

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What Are Some of the Most Impressive Creative Designs for Ornamental Fences?

black ornamental fencingOrnamental fencing has taken off in recent years, becoming one of the most impressive creative displays you can come across when it comes to considering the improvement of curb appeal or the restoration of your old home’s beautiful exterior from your youth. Even though it’s not for everyone, ornamental fence installation Denver specialists can give you a lot of options, and you can basically make it your own:

  • The idea behind an ornamental fence is to make it as ornate and beautiful as possible, focusing almost entirely on aesthetics. One of the newest ideas you can consider is the black vinyl fence, which is perfect for pets, and illustrates just how far you can go to make your grounds look smooth and clean.
  • Curved PVC fences are also neat, but more aesthetic and playful than most regular fence designs. You can use them as a more upbeat alternative to the commonplace white picket fence.
  • If you really want a unique color and texture for your new fence, why not consider a beautiful and exceptionally tall mahogany fence design. It’s perfect as a traditional fence with more of an artistic feel to it.
  • Finally, you can really get that holiday feel with an aesthetic two-color vinyl fence. It will provide you with a high contrast background for your plants, flowers, trees and any inanimate decoration items you might be using, such as statues and rock gardens.

Evaluating Your Fencing Options – Is Custom Fence Fabrication Right for You?

Whether you’re considering home improvement work, or you want to make the environment for your business just perfect, evaluating your needs when it comes to fencing can be a great advantage. However, even though fencing can help a lot of people get their homes and surroundings in order, the question may arise whether Denver fence company custom fencing options would be the right choice for you.

custom designed fence

While a regular fence might be a great choice for general purposes such as improving privacy, safety and the appearance of your premises, a custom fence can serve a more varied set of purposes. Here are a few of the most significant ones that fencing experts would point out:

  • When setting up a custom fence, your contractor can help you find the best way to use the new fence in order to keep pests and critters away from your land.
  • Another clear advantage of custom fencing is that it can include better options for keeping thieves and burglars away from your property.
  • A regular fence won’t go a long way toward helping you maintain property lines, but a custom fence will do wonders in this regard, even if you have a larger property and the line separating your property from that of your neighbor is definitely not straight.

Denver fence company custom fencing options can also include a variety of colors, designs and textures you can choose from, so it’ll be easy to create a custom look and feel to complement the appearance of your home or building.