Lesser Known Gate Installation Pitfalls for Denver Companies to Look Out for

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When it comes to gate installation, there are several lesser-known pitfalls that companies should be aware of in order to ensure both a smooth and successful installation process. Among these potential risks, here are some mentioned by respected Denver fence companies with commercial gate installation and repair experience:

  • Insufficient planning can lead to delays and cost overruns. Before starting the installation, make sure to thoroughly plan and assess the requirements, such as gate type, dimensions, materials, and any necessary permits or approvals.
  • Incorrect measurements can result in a gate that does not align properly or fit the intended space. So you should double-check all measurements before ordering or fabricating the gate.
  • Failing to provide adequate structural support can lead to gate sagging or misalignment over time. Thus, you must ensure that the supporting posts or framework are strong enough to bear the weight of the gate.
  • Inadequate power supply can be another common mistake. Companies should make sure that the power supply to the gate is adequate and meets the specifications of the gate system.
  • If the gate installation involves an access control system, it is crucial to integrate it properly. Failing to coordinate the gate system with the access control mechanism can result in compatibility issues or security vulnerabilities.

Wood vs. Iron Fencing – What You Need to Know

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Regardless of the style you ultimately go for, there are certain factors to ponder when deciding between wood and iron fencing.

Trusted Denver fence companies will affirm that fencing made of wood or iron each has benefits and drawbacks, and which is the better choice depends on your requirements and personal preferences.

The primary benefit of wood fencing is its durability and affordability. Wood fencing is frequently more reasonably priced than iron fencing and is easier to install and keep up. This makes it an excellent alternative for those unwilling to spend time and money on more expensive fencing options. Additionally, wood fencing can be a fantastic option for anyone who favors a more natural aspect and feel to their fencing.

On the other hand, iron fencing has strength and elegance that other options cannot match. Iron fencing is not only more secure, but it also provides a modern, classic look to any home. Iron fencing can be especially beneficial if your home is in a state with extreme heat because the coating on the iron helps reflect heat, protecting it from weathering away over time.

In terms of cost, iron fencing is significantly more expensive than wood fencing. It also requires more maintenance, which can be a critical consideration for many people. Additionally, it can take longer to install than wood fencing, making installation time a review.

The choice between iron and wood fencing depends on your needs, preferences, and financial constraints. It depends on which one best meets your particular demands and preferences.

What Should You Consider Prior to a Commercial Fencing Installation?

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Installing a fence on your commercial property comes with undeniable benefits. But before a completing a fence installation, commercial Denver fence companies recommend you consider the following:

Check your local policies

Make sure to consider your zoning codes as well as the community bylaws. A fence installation that is not compliant will only get you into trouble, which may cost you a lot. If necessary, get confirmation from your city hall about the exact property lines. You must also call for professional utility line location services before you can start digging for your new fence installation.

Put safety first

A nice fence is excellent, but protecting a business from intruders is THE reason why business owners opt for installing a fence in the first place. Therefore, you should consider details, including the fencing material, the height of the fence, and automation options.

Do not forget about convenience either

You surely do not want to create a sophisticated fencing and security system that becomes a hassle for employees and customers to get in and out.

Aesthetic design

This aspect of a commercial fence is also essential for most businesses. After all, you want to stop the intruders, not the customers! So choose a fence that is aesthetically appealing to your users.

How the Denver Climate Can Influence Your Landscaping Needs 

Denver fence companies

Denver fence companies

Colorado has a dry and warm weather, and this can be challenging if you want to arrange exotic flower beds and bushes on your garden. They may require extensive irrigation and fertilizing – which may prove unsustainable in the long term.

Here are some of the best landscaping ideas to consider:

  1. Make Sure that the Soil Is Prepared for Planting

Healthy soil can nurture plants and make them more pest resistant. You can do this by choosing organic fertilizers and composting any organic waste your household generates. Also, do not use pesticides as a prevention method. Instead, apply them when needed and in the precise spots where you identify weeds and other pests.

  1. Choose Native Perennial Plants

The best way of having a beautiful and sustainable garden is choosing native plant. They are already adapted to the climate and are also very beautiful. Prairies sage, chocolate flower, harebells and bush sunflowers are just a few of the delightful native plants you can choose for your garden.

  1. Plant Trees

Trees are essential for a sustainable ecosystem – especially in dry climate. The falling leaves turn into useful compost, while the roots will stabilize the soil. However, you must remember to water your trees carefully, because you cannot count on rain alone to keep them in good health.

In addition, hire the best Denver fence companies to provide a fence that provides security and privacy, and compliments your garden and property curb appeal as well.


Your Commercial Fencing Checklist for a Durable Fence

Denver fence companies

Denver fence companies

According to commercial Denver fence companies, the most durable type of commercial fencing is vinyl fencing (or PVC) due to its unmatched durability and incredible resistance to the elements. It is also rot-resistant and can endure moisture, extreme humidity and cold temperatures. Moreover, it does not splinter, crack or rust. In addition, it cannot be damaged by: rain, termites, dry rot or fungus. In some cases, it can even withstand high winds due to its strength. Lastly, despite its numerous qualities, vinyl does not require a lot of up-keep because it is a very low maintenance product.

Metal fences are very durable and look both contemporary and classic/timeless at the same time. Wrought iron, for instance, is very ornate and can be designed to any style or shape. Moreover, its elegance and aesthetic appeal can add curb value to any property. Similarly, steel fencing is very durable, but also lighter and more versatile than wrought iron.

Other options include chain link fences that are both durable and affordable. Chain link fences are, usually, made of wood. The types of wood materials that last longer (up to twenty years) are: pressure-treated pine, redwood and cedar. The latter is also as aesthetically pleasing as it is durable and high quality.

Why Wood Fencing is Still Popular for Some Commercial Applications

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There is a perception that, because advanced technology is slowly taking over every aspect of commercial activity, installations that used to be popular, such as wood fencing, would no longer be useful when it comes to enhancing the function and appearance of a commercial building.

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However, that’s not necessarily true, as there are plenty of ways that wood fencing can still be useful in commercial applications:

  • Companies that use multiple fences to provide them with security, aesthetics and privacy can definitely make use of a wooden fence. In most cases, they are either used as ornate, beautifully crafted fences placed either within the property or in areas where they’re easy to see, so that they will enhance the curb appeal of the property.
  • Premier Denver fence companies suggest that wooden fencing installations can also be great as privacy fences. In the case of some commercial properties, depending on their use, a privacy fence is a very important thing to have, as it will prevent prying eyes from looking in on the company’s corporate secrets.
  • In remote areas, in the countryside, or used specifically for certain types of rural or suburban properties, wood fencing can offer a lot of benefits, including better resilience, an eco-friendly approach and greatly improved curb appeal.

Is Wood Fencing Sturdy Enough in the Long Run?

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Well, it really depends on what the wood fencing is exposed to and what does the owner consider a “long run”. For instance, some woods are used because they have nice aesthetics. But that doesn’t mean that they are very resistant. They can last anywhere from a few years to a couple of decades, if tended to the right way. But, in time, their looks may fade and the owner might want to consider replacing them with others.

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On the other hand, there are wood fencing solutions offered by highly recommended Denver fence companies that are made from really hard woods that can last practically for generations. That’s because the wood itself is very resistant and, if treated against water, sun and insects, it can outlast even some other artificial options. That’s because wood is more adaptable than other materials. It can be repaired quicker and cheaper and can be changed really fast, if needed.

One of the main problems wood fencing has is shrinkage. Wood tends to shrink over time. That’s because the wood dries out and starts to contract. But there are ways of combating this. All one needs are the right substances and treatments. This is also applicable to rot. Untreated wood may develop rot or other problems over time. But if maintained regularly, it will be able to withstand the elements for a long time.

The Curb Appeal Factor of Installing a New Fence

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Some may not consider vinyl fencing as a very pretty solution for residential use. They might think that a fence made out of vinyl looks cheap and weak, but that isn’t true. Modern vinyl fences and gates are all but that. That’s because they are made to be flexible when needed. For instance, other fencing solutions, although a tad more exclusive and lavish, aren’t really as strong as vinyl. If you have a fence made out of wood, it will most certainly give when mechanical stress is applied. That’s because wood isn’t as pliable as vinyl. Vinyl, on the other hand, stretches and bends, but doesn’t break. It transfers the kinetic energy all over its surface, rather than concentrating it into a single point.

Denver fence companies

Cost effective Denver fence companies acknowledge that if you want a cheap alternative to using wood for your fence and gate, vinyl is here to help you. Also, vinyl fencing is very customizable. Because of the way it is made, vinyl fences don’t even have to look like vinyl anymore. If you want your fence to resemble a battered old brick wall, vinyl is your best once again. All you have to do is choose the way you want your fence to look, and the vinyl will do the rest.

How Technology Is Changing the Way Denver Businesses Assess Their Landscaping and Fencing Requirements

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Technology has already changed a lot about the state of the world today, and commercial fencing is no exception to that fact. According to successful Denver fence companies, new hi-tech electronic locks and advanced security and surveillance systems are literally embedded in today’s fences to provide better support for keeping intruders out and making sure that anyone who breaches your premises can at least be identified properly.

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As for landscaping, the key word these days is “green.” Sustainable installations such as elaborate watering systems designed for efficiency and less use of water, as well as xeriscaping, has changed and in large part redefined the way that experts look at gardening and landscaping. Also through these methods, you might look at a far lower expense when it comes to energy and water usage, which will work to improve your business’ bottom line a great deal.

Whether you want to install a new green roof aside from your regular garden, or you’re more interested in hi-tech solutions, your business will stand to benefit a lot from what modern technology has to offer. Simply call on your local landscaping, fence installation and gate installation specialists to make sure you can select the best technology for your business and also get some great long term benefits of it.

Is Vinyl Fencing Popular in the Denver Area?

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Whenever you are looking for a better alternative to the classic wood or metal fences, a vinyl fence can be the best choice for your Denver home or commercial building. Vinyl fences can be easily maintained, for instance they can be very easily and thoroughly cleaned with a garden hose. Moreover, you need to spend less money on repairs or replacements in the long run.

Vinyl is very light in weight, but it does not rust or get damaged by pests. Because it is resistant to moisture, a vinyl fence does not rot, peel or blister easily. Due to this fact, vinyl fences can be best used around swimming pools or sprinkler heads, without having to worry about them getting destroyed by humidity.

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Denver fence companies offer vinyl fencing in various colors and shapes. These type of fences can have an ornamental purpose or a more practical one. White and tan shades are among the most commonly used ones for vinyl fences, as these colors can complement mostly any home style.

At the same time, vinyl fences can offer complete privacy, without any gaps or spacing between the pickets. Because of that, vinyl fences are ideal for privacy areas such as backyards, swimming pools, or areas for hiding dumpster or industrial materials.