Lesser Known Gate Installation Pitfalls for Denver Companies to Look Out for

When it comes to gate installation, there are several lesser-known pitfalls that companies should be aware of in order to ensure both a smooth and successful installation process. Among these potential risks, here are some mentioned by respected Denver fence companies with commercial gate installation and repair experience:

  • Insufficient planning can lead to delays and cost overruns. Before starting the installation, make sure to thoroughly plan and assess the requirements, such as gate type, dimensions, materials, and any necessary permits or approvals.
  • Incorrect measurements can result in a gate that does not align properly or fit the intended space. So you should double-check all measurements before ordering or fabricating the gate.
  • Failing to provide adequate structural support can lead to gate sagging or misalignment over time. Thus, you must ensure that the supporting posts or framework are strong enough to bear the weight of the gate.
  • Inadequate power supply can be another common mistake. Companies should make sure that the power supply to the gate is adequate and meets the specifications of the gate system.
  • If the gate installation involves an access control system, it is crucial to integrate it properly. Failing to coordinate the gate system with the access control mechanism can result in compatibility issues or security vulnerabilities.