How Far From the Street Can You Build a Fence?

Many people want to maximize the size of their yard by installing the fence on top of their property line. Is this a good idea? And how far from the street can you build your fence?

It depends on where you live and the regulations specific to your city, county and covenant. If you have doubts, the best thing is to refer to the subdivisions protective covenants, or check with planning and zoning. Your experienced fence provider Metro Fence Company Inc, will be able to help you with this information as well.

Before you have your fence installed, get a survey from your county deed and assessor’s office, if you do not have it already, just to be sure that you do not accidentally put the fence outside your property`s line. If you do not do this and install your fence where it doesn’t belong, you will likely have legal issues and may be forced to rebuild your fence.

Typically, a fence must be set 2-8 inches from the property line. However, a subdivision with large yards is different than an urban row home, and those inches may vary, considering that they can make an important difference. This is why jurisdiction must be respected.

Also, if your home is a part of a homeowner’s association, you must comply with the association`s rules about fence placement.

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Innovations in the Fence Building Industry

From the moment people started to have the sense of ownership, they began to delimit their places or the land they used for farming. In this way, the history of the fence must be viewed, above all, from a social point of view. As you probably know, in many places the fence represents a real boundary and is regarded as a property symbol; any unauthorized passage can be interpreted in an aggressive manner by the owner of the property.

fence installationToday, the esthetic aspect of the fences is increasingly important, and so is their ability to provide privacy and protection against street noises.  Experienced fence installation Denver contractors can help you chose what will best meet your needs and budget.

Gabion fencing is becoming more and more popular and an increasing number of construction companies are specializing in building this type of fences. Gabions can be made in a wide variety of sizes and can be filled with various materials – from natural stones to wood pieces. The price of these fences is affordable compared to other well-matched fence types, and their appearance has improved considerably over the time.

Models made of stones of various colors have become the first choice for people who have large yards and appreciate their privacy. Gabions are also a great choice for people who live in heavy traffic areas, where fences are prone to more damage.

Tips for Increasing the Longevity of Your Fence

Fences are property components that are continuously exposed to the elements, yet they need to look their best all the time and they are also expected to be long-lasting. If you want to make sure that your fence performs as expected, Arvada fence company will increase the longevity of your fence. Here are a few tips to increase its longevity:
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– Regular inspections – whatever material your fence is made from, you can prevent damage to it by performing regular, detailed, inch-by-inch inspection. During the inspections, you will surely find minor issues, such as loose fasteners or loose boards, but in most cases the problems identified during regular inspections are easy to fix;
– Coating – the longevity of metal fences can be increased with the help of anti-corrosive coating or enamel applied every few years, while wood fences can also be made more durable with coatings that protect them against rot and insect attacks;
– Use gravel at the bottom of the posts – water is an insidious enemy of any type of fencing material. Fortunately, improving the drainage in the area around the posts can help prevent water damage. Put 2-3 inches of gravel in the holes for your posts to direct water away and to prevent rot and other types of damage caused by too much contact between your fence and water.

Money-Saving Tips for Your Fence Replacement

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No matter what material you are planning to use for your new fence, fence replacement is not a cheap project, especially if the fence is installed by a team of professionals. However, there is no reason why you could not save some money designing and installing your own fence – here are some ways to reduce the costs with a DIY fence:
– Choose an economical fence type for the backyard – if you need to install a fence around an area that is not directly visible from the outside, such as the backyard, use cheap fencing solutions, like a 4-rail horse fence or a chain-link fence that don’t cost much and can be easily built from scratch;
– Calculate the size right – installing a fence that is too tall is a waste of money and energy and a fence that is too short is also useless and a waste of money, time and energy, so make sure that your calculations meet your requirements in terms of privacy and protection and are perfectly accurate as well;
– Combine materials – a fence that is made from solid wood or stone in the bottom half, but uses a cheaper material, such as wire mesh or hog wire in the top half is a great way to get the sleek, attractive look that you want and to reduce the costs a little at the same time.
If this seems like more than you can handle, look to money saving fence installation Denver contractors to help you install a fence without killing your pocketbook.

Questions to Help You Decide on A Great Fence

Buying a great fence is not easy – there are lots of aspects to bear in mind. Here are a few ideas to guide you:
– Function – fences play several roles, such as design, privacy, security. Some types provide more security, while others are more for adding curb appeal to your property, so try to figure out your priorities before picking the fence style and material;
– Cost – assign a budget to your fence installation project and choose the style that fits into it. Some common fence materials, such as wood, natural stone or cast iron are more expensive, while aluminum and vinyl are more affordable;
– Durability – wood fences need to be regularly inspected, maintained and coated to ensure durability, while metal and synthetic materials are less maintenance-intensive;
– Design – the best fence is one that integrates well with the rest of your property. Try to choose a style that matches the style of your home as well as the fence styles used on the neighboring properties; Specialty designed ornamental iron fence Denver craftsman can help make you design unique and note worthy.

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– Color – though most fences can be stained or painted any time after the installation is complete, it is a good idea to plan ahead and to figure out what color will work best on your property.

How to Clean and Maintain a Wood Fence

Once a residential wood fence installation is complete, it’s easy to not think about it for a long time after. Just as cleaning your filters or gutters is part of a maintenance routine, cleaning and protecting your fence is just as important. We are your Denver fence company who promises safety and security for your home, we want your fence to keep up that security for many years to come. Visit the link below to get some good tips on the correct way to maintain your new or existing wood fence.

“Wood fences need to be cleaned and sealed or stained from time to time to keep them looking good and protect the wood from cracking, warping, or cupping caused by the sun’s UV rays and the weather.” See more…