Important Questions to ask your Contractor about Wood Fencing

residential fencing Denver

residential fencing Denver

Wooden fences can be built in a wide range of designs, including those that use boards arranged vertically, horizontally, obliquely, in conjunction with concrete or stone, etc. And if a wooden fence is properly constructed, kept up, and shielded from rain, snow, frost, and heat, it can last for several decades.

If you’re interested in getting a wood fence, here are a few important questions to ask a wooden residential fencing Denver contractor:

Does a wooden fence need a protective layer?

  • Ensure your fence has been specially coated with a layer of protection against moisture and UV rays right away.

When should the wood be painted?

  • To completely cover all sides of the boards, the would should be painted preferably before installing the fence. Paint can be substituted with wood stain if you’d like, but keep in mind that wood stain simply alters the color of the wood; it does not protect it. It’s also necessary to varnish.

What is typically used to clean the wood before painting?

  • If the fence is already constructed, all the boards will be examined by your contractor and it will be cleaned with a brush or cloth and hot water before painting. The ones that are broken will be replaced, and the ones that are detached will be firmly nailed.

Although wood is a noble and natural material, it needs maintenance to keep its attributes and beauty. So one last important question you should ask your contractor about wood fencing is whether they handle maintenance projects as well.

Which Wood Fence Colors are Popular?

residential fencing Denver

Wood residential fencing Denver homeowners say is one of the most popular solutions. And, because of that, there are many options on the market for different styles and different color woods one can choose from. One very popular option is the natural color of wood itself. That’s because wood has a very warm feel to it and keeping it natural only increases that feeling of coziness and hospitality. All anybody has to do is find the right shade they want and then just put a coat or two of clear lacquer on it. This way the natural, usually bright color of the wood and wood grain is emphasized and the fence is also protected from the elements.

residential fencing Denver

Another very popular option when it comes to colors for wood fencing systems is the dark red colors. Mahogany is a very popular choice, especially for those that prefer having a very imposing fence bordering their property. They can also go for cedar or even cherry wood. These colors can also be brought out more by using special lacquers that also protect the wood. Of course, anyone can also choose to paint over their wood fence, but it would be a shame to hide the natural color of the wood.

Denver Solution for a Beautiful Yard and Garden

residential fencing Denver

Making your Denver home look prettier on the outside may be as difficult sometimes as making it be your perfect reflection on the inside. For example, keeping a garden or a yard primed and clean can take a lot of time. And you also should think about a fencing solution that can help you with that. Fortunately, vinyl fencing is here to help. Although some might think that vinyl is just a cheap alternative for other materials, it really isn’t true. That’s because, although more affordable than others, vinyl also offers a lot of options to those who use it.

residential fencing Denver

For instance, vinyl residential fencing Denver companies offer design customization in almost any way one wants. That means that you can make them as tall or as low as you want. Also, you can pretty much make them look like anything you want. For example, if you want your fence to have a wood texture, but don’t want to spend that much money, then vinyl is your answer. Also, if you want to pattern it in any way or arrange it so it stands out against all other fences on your street, then you can certainly do it with vinyl. That’s because the panels are way lighter than other materials.

Colors and Trends for Curb Appeal: Does Your Fence Match Your Siding?

residential fencing Denver

residential fencing Denver

The house’s siding is the material used to surface the exterior of the building, and its color should ideally match the surroundings. Eye-pleasing symmetry among the landscape, fencing, and the house’s exterior can enhance the curb appeal of any property. The siding can be the true focal point of the home’s exterior, and the landscape and outdoor elements should nicely complement its aesthetic. Some colors are easier to integrate with the outdoor focal points (wood or vinyl fencing, sheds, and garden beds). The most popular ones are green, grey, pastels, shades of blue, and earthy, neutral, or muted colors.

Moreover, cool undertones (such as purple) are not preferred for contemporary looks, whereas warm colors like yellow, orange, and pink harmonize better with modern outdoor elements. Pink and orange are striking and vibrant but also surprisingly relaxing. These eye-catching shades can offer a much-needed pop of color. They are also dreamy and provide a party vibe during summer. Soft pink, in particular, creates the illusion of more space, and it is exquisite to look at in the sunshine. It is daring, delightful, and playful, and it offers a refreshing splash of color.

Regardless of the options chosen, seamless cohesion should be what it is striven for. Whether it is wood fencing, iron fencing, or vinyl fencing, according to residential fencing Denver contractors, the result should always complement the siding to enhance the curb appeal of the entire property.

Denver Fence Care Guide for Winter – Key Tips You Should Know

Denver fence companies

Denver fence companies

Winter can be dangerous for the state of our home, and your fence makes no exception. Therefore, it is very important to prepare your Denver fence for the cold season and thus avoid many unpleasant situations which are harder to solve during this time of the year.

The first thing you should do is check your fence for any weak spots such as protruding nails, deteriorated pickets, decaying posts, and so on. This way you can make sure that your fence can successfully withstand harsh winter weather.

Busy residential fencing Denver companies suggest that another great idea would be to waterproof your fence with special solutions. This does not allow rain, snow and humidity, in general, to get inside the wood and damage it.

The fence area should also be kept clean, and free from fallen branches, leaves, or debris, which can attract moisture, and therefore can cause your fence to rot. Moreover, it would be a good thing to remove any branches which are hanging low on your fence, because strong winds could cause them to fall on your fence.

Another important thing to remember is to do all these preparations before the first snow, so before any potentially harmful weather even can wreak havoc on your Denver fence.

How Your Garden and Fence Can Impact Your Home’s Curb Appeal

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Most real estate agents stress the great importance of a home’s curb appeal for attracting potential buyers. A garden and a fence can have a very positive impact on a home’s curb appeal. At the same time, improving your house’s curb appeal helps you create a more charming and appealing atmosphere for your family and friends to enjoy.

residential fencing Denver

Curb appeal refers to what exactly makes your home appear to be attractive from the street. In this respect, in order to get a better idea about what you can do to improve your home’s curb appeal, you may need to step outside and observe your house from the road area.

A nice garden can certainly lively up your home’s exterior appearance. The exact degree to which you can cultivate the area around your home is really up to you. You may decide on just a few plants, shrubs or flowers, or on a more extended garden.

Fencing is another important detail for a home’s curb appeal, and you have to make sure your fence is in a good state. Premier residential fencing Denver contractors warn that if repairs are needed, you should make them before the arrival of winter. Staining or repainting your fence is another excellent idea.

Is There A No Maintenance Fence Product?

When you are choosing a new fence, one of the first and most important questions to answer is related to the amount of maintenance that your fence will need in order to last for a long time and fulfill its intended purposes without any trouble.

The easiest to maintain fence material is vinyl. Although it has been around for quite some time, it is still considered one of the most fashionable types of fence materials. Because it has passed many tests, it is highly appreciated by homeowners or entrepreneurs.

Vinyl residential fencing Denver contractors affirm that vinyl is very easy to clean; all you need is a hose. The cleaning operation should be repeated every few months, just to be sure. Moreover, it does not need the annual painting and treatments that wood fences require.

Treated wood fences are also highly resistant and relatively easy to keep in a good shape. It is very important to use pressure treated wood for your fencing system, i.e. wood which was injected with certain chemical substances at the factory, to make sure it does not get damaged by insects, mold, fungi, and so on. Aluminum is another great fence material, which does not rust and therefore requires zero painting.

What Processes Do I Need to Make Sure Are Done When Having A New Fence Installed?

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A professional residential fencing Denver company providing exceptional service usually takes care of issues such as building permits, special authorizations, and so on. In case you are about to have your fence installed, it is important to make sure you get a few things done.

residential fencing Denver

One of the things you need to do before starting your fencing project is to confirm your property lines. You should not rely on guessing where these property lines might be. You should check with your local city council or similar authorities.

Marking out locates is also essential. In other words, you need to indicate the exact location for water sewage pipes, etc. so that the fencing crew does not accidentally damage your utility lines while digging the required holes for fence posts.

Cleaning up your yard is another important stage for preparing your area for fence installation. You should get rid of debris, weeds, rocks, fallen branches or other obstacles which may stand in the way.

Removing decorations is also important. This includes lawn furniture, kids’ play equipment, decorative yard items, and so on. Identifying off-limits areas in your yard is another major step in creating the best conditions for a proper fence installation. Keeping your neighbors informed about your intention to build a fence is very important also.

Characteristics of a Quality Fence

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A property cannot be complete without a proper fence. There are certain criteria which help you determine what makes a good quality fence.

First of all, good quality residential fencing in Denver offers you proper privacy. Wood, brick or metal fences can offer great privacy, so be sure to consider these materials while choosing your fence.

residential fencing in Denver

Security is another variable criterion for homeowners or business owners. In case you have small children and/or pets, the height of a fence is very important. You should definitely choose a tall fence and gate, to ensure the safety and security of your property.

Your maintenance necessities play a major role in your choice of a fence. Despite the fact that a wood fence may seem aesthetically pleasing, they can be hard to maintain, as they can rot, warp, develop algae, mold or fungus. So it is best to be practical about it and find the most convenient type of fence in terms of maintenance.

To ensure the fact that you can enjoy a good quality fence for a long period of time, it is always a good idea to work with a professional team, which can offer you the best advice for your specific situation.

How Easy Is It to Install a New Fence on Your Property?

residential fencing Denver

If you’re looking to install a brand new fence, there are a few very important considerations you need to be aware of. Whether or not it’s a trickier project from the start, the fact about installing a fence is that concerns and pitfalls could arise just about at every point of the process, and the type of fence you want to set up will weigh in a great deal when it comes to the difficulty level of the job.

DIY is great for most activities, and installing a fence is not really an exception to that rule. It can help you save some cash, and if you enjoy working with your hands, it could also provide you with a pleasant pastime. However, installing a fence is not that easy:

  • From the start, you have to find out where you can and can’t put your fence and learn about building codes and restrictions that might only apply to your area.
  • The job itself becomes more demanding when you’re using uncommon types of materials, heavy materials or unique designs.
  • The soil itself can also work against you, especially if it’s too hard, too soft or just too unstable.

residential fencing Denver

To avoid these pitfalls, it’s a good idea to hire a professional residential fencing Denver installation team to do all the work for you. It might be a little more expensive, but in most cases, the added experience and expertise will only lead to a sturdier installation job and a more resilient fence.