Essential Fencing Questions: Does Your Fence Really Need a Gate?

The question of whether you should install a gate or not is a common one. While some might feel that a gate would simply obstruct their day-to-day activities, since they move around a lot and they are just looking for a basic privacy fence, a well-designed, sturdy and easy to use gate can still come in handy from a number of different perspectives:

• Gates allow you to designate entry points, so that guests will know where to head when they visit you. In some cases, gates are easily distinguishable from a distance, so your visitors won’t have to worry that the entrance is concealed somewhere in the fence.
• It’s also a thing of aesthetics. If you live in an area where you have lots of neighbors, and you’re interested to make a good impression, then a respectable gate is a must-have.
• Your gate doesn’t have to be fancy, but it does have to be practical. For anyone living in an area where there are lots of burglaries, having a faithful dog, a sturdy fence and a well-designed gate can help discourage burglars and unwanted intruders from lingering too much in front of the gate, trying to get through it forcibly, or trying to climb it.

picket fence gate

Gates are a thing of beauty, and they’re also a practical asset to your home. If you want the best gates that money can offer, simply call on your local premier residential fencing Denver contractor for a quote.